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The H501 Active noise-canceling headphones will block the external sound up to 100 percent. Also, this headphone H501 is ideal for those people who need to block the external noises completely. And you will be focusing on your tasks with this headphone peacefully.

Besides that, this headphone by H501 is an affordable option to buy.

On top of that, no one can beat this headphone in terms of price and sound quality. And it is the best option to buy if you have a low budget at the moment. Besides that, you can listen to the podcast with this headphone without any sound distortion.

And the good news? This headphone H501 has excellent battery timing of 50 hours. Yes, 50 hours of battery are enough for a tour. And you don’t need to hassle for charging this headphone.

In addition to this, the H5011 headphone has reliable features. And you will have some buttons on the left side of the headphone for your convenience.

H501 Active Noise Canceling Review

H501 Active Noise Canceling Review

You can use the headphone H501 for a week easily. Also, this headphone H501 will provide you an option to use the AAA batteries. And the H501 headphone has 40mm drivers to deliver great sound. Besides that, this headphone has the certification of Apple MFI.

Plus, the headphone has memory foaming that is much comfortable than others. It is the ideal headphone that you can wear for hours without any fatigue. Also, this H501 headphone has an adjustable headband for enhancing the comfort level.


The H501 has impressive features that include the carrying case and long battery life. Also, this headphone by H501 comes with a warranty period of one year. Plus, the H501 has an inline mic. And you will have the 40mm drivers with this headphone. Also, the sound frequency of the H501 headphone is vast and impressive. You will have a remote control option with the H501 headphone.


The design of H501 active noise canceling headphone has a slim design. Also, you can use the H501 headphone for adjusting the volume. And this headphone is compatible with iOS devices as well.

Audio Quality

And you will have incredible audio. Plus, this H501 headphone is ideal for blocking external noises while you are commuting.

Comfort and Convenience

Moreover, the headphone has a slimmer design. And you will have memory foam padding that makes it more comfortable. Also, this fantastic headphone has an adjustable headband that will make it more comfortable for longer listening sessions.

Battery Life

This H501 headphone has a long battery life of 50 hours. And you can buy this headphone for traveling because it doesn’t need to be changed often. Also, this headphone has an impressive performance overall.

  • Extensive battery life
  • Comfortable ear pads
  • Noise-canceling feature
  • Great performance
  • Affordable price
  • No cons as such

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