Can Headphones Change The Shape of Your Head? [Guide 2022]

Dents are created on the head if we wear headphones for a long time. Are these dents permanent? Can headphones change the shape of your head? If you feel bends in your bones, seek medical assistance to know the cause of bends.

Let us dive into the article to know the actual reasons for bends in the head and why these are so alarming.

Why Are Dents Created On The Head By Headphones?

It is a myth that wearing headphones for a long time can create a bend in your skull, and the shape of your head changes. However, do you think it can happen? Our skull bones are very strong, and they cannot be dented by a few lbs clamping force of headphones.

Why Are Dents Created On The Head By Headphones?

It does not matter how tight your headphones it can never create a dent on your skull and do not change the shape of your head. So do not be anxious about can headphones change the shape of your head.

Why Do People Feel The Shape Of Their Heads Has Changed?

When we wear tight headphones for a very long time at the same place, then a minor dent is created, but that is not in the skill but on our skin which vanishes after a few hours of removing the headphones.

The most common example is glasses. People who wear glasses have dents on their temporal bones, which can be observed easily. These are the bends created on their skin that vanish after time. The same is the case with headphones.

Such dents can be observed on the heads of bald people. Similarly, for people who have hair on their head, you can also observe it on them because their hair starts bending from there; moreover, they start dying and weakening.

Should You Go To The Doctor For A Check-Up?

If you observe that there are dents on your skull, then there must be another reason before it, and the condition can be alarming. So do not waste your time and book your appointment as soon as possible.

Following are diseases in which skull dents are created, but you wonder can headphones change the shape of your head


Bone destructive cancer, which is also known as multiple myeloma, causes bone depression and dentation. So just go to the hospital and seek the help of an oncologist.

Paget’s Disease OF Bone

After regular intervals, old bone tissues are replaced with new ones, but there is a disruption in Paget’s disease. As a result, there is an overgrowth, and the skull starts bending.


Unfortunately, some people become victims of different accidents in which a large number of force acts on their skull, and bones broke down. Car accidents are the most common cause of bone fractures.

Athletes often face such accidents, then their bones break down and point upward, due to which dent is created.

Gorham’s Disease

It is a very rare skeletal condition and is also known as vanishing bone disease and phantom bone disease. In this disease, bones start vanishing because their material is replaced by spongy mass.

As a result, an apparent dent is created in the head, and this issue must be subjected as soon as possible. Minor delay can be the reason for the spread of lethal disease.

Congenital Skull Indentation

Sometimes dent is by birth, which can be due to multiple reasons, such as your position in the mother’s womb can be its reason.

When we are born, there is a small hole in our head, which is for our brains to grow freely, and after the brain’s growth whole is filled. But in some cases, the whole fill earlier, and the brain is still growing, which then pushes the skull towards outside resultantly dents are created.

How To Prevent Dents On The Hair?

Following are the tips you can use to prevent hair dents because they look weird and become the reason for hair breakage.

  1. Do not wear headphones for a long time.
  2. If it is your job to wear it for a long time, then remove it after a regular period so your skin can rest for a while.
  3. If your headband is too tight, then lose it.
  4. Wear a hat on your head because it will act as a shield for your hair. Your cap may bend, but your hair will remain sleek.

How To Fix Bends?

It does not matter how much you take care of dents, but because you have to wear earbuds for a long time, dents are a must. So use these tips for straightening them after working hours so you can enjoy your straight hairs.

1. Spray Water

Take a spray bottle and fill water in it. Now moist them and, with the help of a comb, straighten them. If the bends are stubborn, one spray session will not be enough.

So do it twice or thrice until bends are removed. However, if you do not like to spray water again and again, then an alternative is given below.

2. Styling Gel

If you do not want to use water, then take a styling gel and apply it to the hair. Now, if you will wear headphones, they will remain straight. If dents are already created on your hair, then straighten them with gel.

Final Words

It does not matter how long you wear headphones; they cannot change head shape because skull bones are very robust. Only a strong blow on the head can fracture the bones, which happens during accidents and sports.

However, if there is a bend in your head, it means that you are suffering from diseases like Gorham’s disease, multiple myeloma, Paget’s disease, or cancer, so you must concern with doctors.

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