How To Make Headphones Louder? – 7 Tips and Solution

The volume of the headphones is less, is there any issue with my headphones? How can I solve this issue? How to make headphones louder? Does wax accumulation has decreased the volume of headphones?

How to clean the headphones? All about cleaning the earphones, volume-boosting apps, music apps, amplifiers, and volume control is discussed here. Let us start!

How To Make Headphones Louder?

Sometimes headphones volume is less, so there are many ways by which you can increase the volume of headphones. Here We have discussed 7 tips for making the headphones louder.

1. Clean your Headphones

When we keep wearing headphones for a considerable time, then the ear canal temperature increases as a result large amount of wax and oil produces in-ear, which sticks to the earpads.How to Make Headphones Louder

It starts gathering on the headphones; as a result, less noise reaches our ears. So, clean your headphones regularly. You can use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the headphones.

Soap water is best to clean the hard parts of the headphones, for cleaning the earpads using the toothbrush. Gently rub your brush because earpads have a soft structure.

Before using any remedy, we must read the manual for instructions.

Cleaning of Headphones

Follow these steps for cleaning your headphones.

  • First of all, remove the ear pad carefully because they can tear off. Damp a small piece of cloth in the rubbing alcohol, and now gently rub the earpads with this cloth. Then by damping the cotton with rubbing alcohol, clean the cervices of earpads.
  • Take a piece of cloth and dip it in the soap water. Now rub the damp cloth on the headphones. Then clean the soap water with the help of a dry paper.
  • Let both earpads and headphones completely dry, then join them and use them to check whether volume has increased or not. Do clean your headphones after short intervals.

2. Remove The Volume Limits

Volume at the level of 85 decibels is not harmful to ears. Different mobiles, laptops, and computers have limited the volume up to 85 decibels to prevent ear infections like tinnitus.

You can exceed the volume above this limit, but your device will warn you and ask your permission. Clicks allow increasing the volume of your headphones and enjoying loud music but do not use loud music for a long time.

3. Use Volume Boasting Apps

Different apps are present that increase the volume of headphones, so go download and install them. Volume booster pro is the best app for android phones, and equalize pro volume booster is the best volume boosting app for iPhones.

If you are a window user, then equalizer pro, DFX sound enhancer, and breakaway audio enhancer are the best for boosting volume.

4. Buy An Amplifier

Buy an Amplifier

When our headphones’ volume is less after doing all tips, it means your headphones and mobile amplifiers are weak. So buy a new amplifier for attaching to your headphones.

This will let you listen to more minor details of music with more clarity and better sound quality. If your headphones are on the ear and have over-ear pads, the amplifier will increase the headphones’ volume.

But if you use in-ear headphones, then connecting them to the amplifier will not cause any benefit. So you will have to buy a new louder headphone.

5. Use a Better Music App

Sometimes the volume apps you are using have less volume. Whatever the quality of headphones, the volume will be less with these apps. So try new apps that have a high volume

Here We have mentioned some apps that produce a very loudspeaker

6. Buy New Headphones

After cleaning, removing the limit, using the volume booster app, and connecting it with an amplifier, you wonder how to make headphones louder than the final solution is to buy a new headphone.

Many good headphones are available in the market with louder volume, less clamping force, so comfortable to wear like Sennheiser HD, Beat studio 3, and Dolby dimension headphones.

7. Check The Size of Your Device Controller Center

Sometimes, your volume level is less from the mobile setting, then goes to your mobile phone setting, and now goes to the setting of your volume. Increase the volume if it is less. Now when you wear it, the volume will be louder.

But make sure you don’t use very loud music for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Does The Volume Booster App Work?

Yes, these apps work and produce a significant increase in the headphones’ volume, but their increase is slightly less than the increase produced by the Bluetooth speaker. So buy a Bluetooth speaker if you want high volume.

Is Volume Booster Safe?

It is fine to use the volume booster app for a short time, but if you use it for a long time, it will damage your hardware, and of course, your ears will also be damaged, and different bacteria gather in your ear and cause infectious diseases.

What is 85 Decibels Sound Like?

60 decibels is the sound level human needs to hear, so 85 decibel is a high volume to hear but safe. Listening to music above 85 decibels can severely damage the ears’ intricate structure and damage hearing, so avoid it.

Final Words

We have discussed different methods of increasing the volume of headphones, so there remains no query on how to make headphones loud. First of all, check the volume from your mobile phone, increase it if low. Also, check your volume limit.

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Keep your headphones neat and clean for high volume. Try to use better volume apps, and different boosting apps are available for increasing the volume. Still, if you face any issue in making headphones louder, then buy a new better headphone.

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