How To Measure Headphone Decibels? – 3 Different Methods

Everybody should know how to measure headphone decibels to ensure the safety of their ears. Also, it would be best if you listened to sound at an optimum level that doesn’t damage the ears.

On the other hand, if you keep on listening to music at a high volume, that will severely affect your hearing capability. Here we’ll guide you in 3 different ways to measure headphone decibels effortlessly. Also, you need to know what volume is safe for your ears while listening to music from the phone.

Thus, after knowing the secure volume, you can use any device to hear the sound without any danger.

3 Ways To Measure Headphone Decibels

Besides, if you are used to listening to music at an extremely high level, there are chances that you might lose your hearing sense after a certain age. Also, this guide is helpful for everybody who uses headphones.

Nowadays, every person has a pair of headphones for doing specific tasks. We advise everyone to know how to measure the headphone’s decibels to keep the ears in fine fettle. Below we’ll discuss three ways to measure headphones in decibels.

1. Estimate The Volume Of Your Headphone

Our first method, the measure headphone decibels, is through estimating the volume of headphones. And you can easily estimate the volume by the noises that are surrounding you. Also, you will know how loud is the headphone. Although the estimate might not be 100 percent accurate, you will get a rough idea about headphone decibels.

Besides, there are some headphones that have deafening noise. Let me tell you something, and extremely loud decibels can damage your ears. And listening to music at the peak level is not safe for anyone’s ear. We have added three different methods to estimate the volume of your headphone.

Compare The Sound Level Of Headphones With The Breathing Level

Firstly, you can compare the sound level of your headphone with the breathing sound. And the breathing sound of humans is almost negligible. And you can quickly know that the headphone has a safe volume through this technique. Probably, you will not be able to hear your breathing noise. So if you didn’t hear any breathing sound, it turns out that your headphone has zero decibels. In this case, you are listening to music at the safest possible level.

Compare The Sound Level Of Headphones With The External Noises

Secondly, you can compare the sound level of the headphones with your surroundings. And sitting at home, you must not be hearing any traffic noise. You can test the headphone by going 40 to 50 feet away from the traffic. And if you don’t hear any noise from the traffic vehicles, that means you are listening to music at a very high decibel. No matter which brand headphone you are using, it will affect the health of your ears after long-term usage.

Comparison Of Volume With The Steel Mills

Thirdly, you can compare the headphone decibels with the steel mills. And the steel mills are very loud but if you hear the steel mills while wearing the headphone that is dangerous. Also, you will hear at very high decibels. So if you want to avoid ear issues, consider lowering the sound level.

How To Measure Headphone Decibels

2. Use Instruments To Measure The Headphone Decibels

For measuring the headphone decibels, you can use the instruments as well. Also, you don’t need to spend money on measuring the headphone decibels.

We recommend the beginners measure headphone decibels by downloading the application on your computer. The name of the application is the reader decibel. And it is available in the application store of Microsoft. After downloading the decibel reader application. You can measure the levels of headphone decibel.

Pair The Headphones

You need to pair the headphone with the decibel reader application. And you need to read the instructions of the decibel reader app before using it. Also, there are other sources to download the decibel reader app. Also, iOS users can download the decibel reader app from the app store. Make sure that you download the accurate application. Running the decibel reader application doesn’t require any skills. Besides, it would help if you had a computer with a stable internet connection. Don’t Miss out on Our Last Article How to Charge Bluetooth Headset Without Charger?

3. Measure The Headphone Decibel By The Phone

Moreover, the third method to measure headphone decibels is through the smartphone. As every smartphone has a mic, but it is not as strong as the headphone mic. Also, the quality of the microphone will depend on a certain kind of smartphone. Plus, you can measure the headphone decibels with the smartphone at the peak level of decibels.

Furthermore, if you are an iOS user, then there is a way to measure the headphone decibels through the decibel meter. There is another name of the decibel meter that is known as a sound meter.

Consequently, the decibel meter app will not require a lot of storage on your phone. And you can run the apps smoothly. The smartphone must have a stable internet connection for running the app conveniently.

To Sum Up

After reading the different methods, you will know how important it is to determine the headphone decibels. Also, you can keep healthy ears functional by knowing the appropriate sound level for them. We all like to listen to music at a high sound level, but it is hazardous for our ears.

We have listed the simplest ways to measure the headphone decibels without spending much money. And these basic ways are easy for anyone to measure the headphone decibels. But if you need to measure the headphones with better accuracy, there are some other ways as well.

Suppose, you are eager to measure the headphone decibels then try the above-given methods.

Thank you for Reading.

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