How To Prevent Earbuds From Breaking? 8 Useful Tips

We’ve got some useful tips that will tell how to prevent earbuds from breaking? There are a lot of users complaining about the breakage of earbuds after a short time. But wait! You don’t need to blame the quality of earbuds every time. You must be handling the earbuds carelessly.

It isn’t very pleasant if expensive earbuds break after a few weeks only. We are going to solve your problem, so you don’t have to buy the earbuds again and again. And the best part? You can enhance the lifespan of your earbuds as well.

Let’s head into our tips for preventing the earbuds from breaking.

How To Prevent Earbuds From Breaking In Simple Ways?

Prevent Earbuds From Breaking

1. Do Not Forget To Unplug The Jack

The most common reason for earbuds to break is because they don’t forget to unplug the jack. You have to prevent the faults internally only if you don’t exert pressure on them when you don’t unplug the earbuds, then the cables can get damaged.

When the wires are damaged, the sound will not have excellent quality, or you might not hear any sound. To prevent earbuds from breaking internally, you should keep them in a secure place after using them. We all use earbuds with our smartphones and other devices. But don’t plug them out, which is why they break after a short period.

While plugging out the earbuds, you should pull the jack instead of the cable.

2. Buy A Case For Your Earbuds

You can buy a case for your earbuds because it will protect the earbuds in the best possible way. Your headphones will last much longer, and the cables will not let the earbuds produce a clear sound. You will find several protective cases of earbuds in the market at an affordable price.

With the help of an earbuds case, you will be able to prevent friction between the earbuds. Some of the cases are impact-absorbing, and you will have extra protection from the hard surfaces as well as water intact.

3. Choose The Right Length Of Cable

You have to choose the earbuds with the right cable length. Sometimes too long cables are daunting to keep in an organized way, and you will have difficulty in carrying them. You have to choose the headphone cable length that is comfortable and reliable.

Most of the long cables get stuck with other things and make the sound quality poor. You have to avoid putting stress on the cables and prevent the audio jack from breaking internally.  Do not put more stress on the cable or jack. Buying a case for your headphones will be the best way to prevent them from breaking.

4. Don’t Pull The Cord

You should not pull the cord while it is plugged into any device. Do not waste time while plugging out the cord, but you should pull out the jack. The smartphone jack might be damaged as well if you pull the cord in the wrong way. You might have to replace the jack of headphones if too much force is exerted on them.

Therefore, you’ve to be very careful while plugging and unplugging the cable from your phone or any other device. Surely, this trick will help you prevent the earbuds from breaking, and it will save the jack of your phone.

5. Do Not Sit On Your Earbuds

You should not keep the earbuds on any place where you can accidentally sit over them. Sometimes we keep a lot of things in the same pocket, and the headphones wires get pressurized. You will forget and sit on the headphones, which will break the wires. Thus, you have to avoid sitting on the earbuds to prevent breakage.

If you have a case of earbuds that you can save them in the best way. The earbuds will not get damaged even if they are in your pocket or you sit over them.

6. Do Not Use Them In Water

Electronics get easily damaged with water and moist area. You have to prevent the earbuds from breaking by avoiding them from the water splashes. Even if you have waterproof headphones, do not let them be exposed in the moist area for a long time.

Most earbuds with waterproof technology can handle splashes, but you should not use them under hot water. Even your expensive earbuds will stop working after getting in hot or cold water.

7. Prefer Quality While Buying Earbuds

While buying the headphones, you need to prefer quality over quantity. Chose headphones with better quality, so they last longer and handle the impacts easily. Investing in attractive headphones but with poor quality will not be worth it at all.

The earbuds will last much longer if they have a durable cord and a 3.5 mm jack. You don’t need to replace the earbuds often if they have durable quality.

8. Buy A Shrink Wrap For Making The Earbuds Durable

Buying a shrink wrap will make the earbuds last for a long time. Best of all, a shrink wrap will not cost much, and your earbuds will not be much weighted. You can easily reduce the stress from earbuds by adding a shrink wrap over them. After buying a shrink wrap, you have to place them over the headphone cords.

To Sum Up

That’s all for our guide on how to prevent earbuds from breaking. However, it is careless, which causes the earbuds to break. You have to be careful with the tiny little buds, and it will surely last long. Your earbuds can easily last for more than a year. Don’t forget to buy a case for your earbuds.

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