Sennheiser Headphones One Ear Not Working? – Troubleshoot

You can fix the Sennheiser headphones one ear not working issue by following the methods described here. Moreover, you will have a resetting option, and it will let you repair the headphones easily. For instance, you have to check your phone to make the changes in their settings. Sometimes the headphone settings are mono, due to which you are unable to hear from one side.

Above all, you will have headphones on one side not working with a much deeper connection. For instance, you have to try how to disconnect the wireless headphones and then check other settings. It is also important to check if the wireless headphones are not attached to multiple devices.

Many headphones stop working once you connect them with other devices. It would be easier if you check the wireless Bluetooth connection and click on the name of your headphones.

So let’s get to know about the solutions you can try if the Sennheiser headphones are not working!

Why Are Sennheiser Headphones One Ear Not Working?

We have broken down the solutions that you can try to resolve the issue if the Sennheiser headphones are not working. For instance, you have to track the stereo and mono headphone settings. Further, you have to track if the headphone is settings are mono for one speaker or not.

Sennheiser Headphones One Ear Not Working

You can try to turn off the headphones and turn them on again. Or you can reconnect the Bluetooth headphones and resolve the issue of headphone sides not working. Do not forget to insert the sound cable of the headphones to check if the sound is coming from both sides. The pull-out headphones will depend on the sound cable.

It will be feasible if you reset the wireless headphones. Some wireless headphones require a complete reset, and you have to check the manual model number to resolve this issue.

1. How To Check If The Speaker Issue Is Solved?

How To Check If The Speaker Issue Is Solved

If the Sennheiser headphones are not working, then you have to check the speaker. The headphones will be working well if the condition of the wires is good. For instance, we have made the solution easier by providing these steps.

  • Displacethe headphone batteries and you have to remove the aux as well if it is connected with a wall socket.
  • Remove your speaker from the earpads of the headphone. You can twist the earpads of the over-ear headphones in the counterclockwise direction to open them with a screwdriver. Now you have to separate the headphones speakers from their body.
  • Most probably, screws will be required to open with a screwdriver. You have to check if the wires of headphones connect with their speaker internally or not.
  • Bring the jack of the headphones closer to remove the aux cable. The headphone will have a cut on the cable to leave one end. For instance, you need to fix the jack by replacing the headphone jacks. There will be a great tutorial on the headphone jack to replace with the aux cable.
  • Slice the one end of the cable. You can use a slicing tool to cut the cable around 2cm.
  • Now you have to twist both cable sides and speaker with it as well.
  • It will be best if you plug out the other side of the cable. Now you have to check the media player socket.
  • Even you can turn on the device, and it will tell if the speaker is working fine or not. If the speaker works completely fine, you need to turn it off and remove the jack from its back. It will be good to fix the cover back after placing the speaker and cables back in it.

2. How To Check If The Headphones Socket Port Is Working Or Not?

If the headphones are playing from one side only, you have to check the issues with the speaker. More than that, you need to resolve the technical issues as well. For example, the headphone will have issues with the small electrical circuit boards as well.

However, the headphones which have a mechanical issue will not be working even if you fix the speakers. Thus, you have to check the following points before doing anything else with the headphones:

  1. The headphones will have a loose feel when you try to plug them into the headphone socket.
  2. You will have a silent speaker with the headphone, and it will let your aux fit in the socket.
  3. If the aux is stuck in the headphone jack, then you have to check if the device is completely outside the socket port or not.

If you have any one or two issues with your headphone, then you need to replace the faulty jack. In addition, you can check the method below to resolve the one side not working problem in your headphone.

3. How To Replace The Faulty Speaker Of The Headphone?

You can replace the faulty speaker of your headphone by connecting the cables with the board. Additionally, you can install another speaker and remove the old one.

  1. The open screws will come with an additional headphone base. Plus, you will not have cables going beneath the base.
  2. Now you have removed all the cables that are shown below and remove them with the speaker.
  3. You have to fix the headphone with four cables, and it will let you attach with another speaker. It will be best if you fix the headphone ports back and do the whole process again.

4. Method To Replace Dysfunctional Jack Socket

To replace the headphone jack socket, you need to use the soldering tool. Further, you will have a socket to fix with the board side. You need to check if the socket is having the right connection with the plug.

Besides, the soldering of the new socket should be done in the same manner that you saw the old one. You have to check the placement of the socket in your new to old headphones.

Now you have to fix all the parts of the headphones in a reverse manner how to fixed them.

How To Figure Out The Issue If Only One Side Of The Earbuds Are Working?

Here are very easy 8 simple fix steps for wireless Bluetooth earbuds or AirPods headsets whose one side doesn’t work issue to check and follow to solve the issue:

  1. You can try to enable or disable the Bluetooth settings. In fact, you can do this with your phone to fix it.
  2. Now you have to reconnect the earbuds and remove the old Bluetooth connections. The mobile settings should change, and you have to add it with the headphone again.
  3. You need to check the base of the earbuds and wear both of the earbuds together.
  4. Now you have to use the earbuds for some time and check if the sound is coming in the same manner for five minutes; once the headphones have a silent piece, then you should stop the soundtrack.
  5. Now you have to check the battery of headphones to know if they are functioning rightly or not. You can also charge the headphones simply to check how much battery it has.

Other Things To Check On Your Air pods

  • You need to check if the phone has the right connection with the Bluetooth headphones. Further, you have to see if the issue is the same with the headphones after changing the settings on your phone or not. A soft reset can also solve your issue.
  • Now check the stereo or mono settings of the headphone. The headphone will be showing sound from one end of the settings are mono. For example, you have to check the headphone issues and see if both sides of the airpods speakers work fine or not.
  • You can check the audio files and play different files to check the issue on your headphone. Plus, you can play any video file to see if the speaker of another air pod works or not.

Note: If the above solutions did not work to make the sound come from both sides, then you need to replace the air pods. Further, you can visit an authorized dealer to check the headphone’s condition.

The Conclusion

The headphones have electrical connections that sometimes are tough to understand. You have to notice when the headphones will have fluctuation in their performance. All the troubleshooting steps that we have told you in this guide will surely work.

However, the methods that we told you about here would not work if there is a technical fault upon the arrival of the headphones. You have to repair the headphones from the company or get a new headset.

Thanks for a visit; let us know which method worked for making your Sennheiser headphones work properly.

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