Why Do My Earbuds Keep Breaking? – A Complete Guide

Trying to figure out why do my earbuds keep breaking? Well, there are several causes of earbuds breaking. Besides, we will tell you how you can enhance the lifespan of earbuds.

However, earbuds’ lives are not a few months especially, if you bought from a top-notch brand. There are some measures that you can take in daily routine for securing your headphones from breaking.

So let’s start!Why Do My Earbuds Keep Breaking

Signs: Why Do My Earbuds Keep Breaking

Before we move on to the common causes of earbuds, break, lets’ find out how to check if they are functioning correctly or not.

Below are few signs of earbuds that will help you to distinguish damages or they are about to die.

  • The sound coming from one side of earbuds: Do you hear the sound from one end only? Sometimes the settings are changed, and the one side doesn’t produce sound. However, this is also a common sign which shows that headphone is about to break.
  • The audio keeps on dropping: if the sound keeps on breaking in every soundtrack, then there are chances that your headphone is having any issue with the wires. Moreover, if you want cheap earbuds under 20 dollars we have listed them. if your cord is moving, the sound will break, and it shows that the headphone is about to break.
  • Crackling sound: The crackling sound is a common sign that you can distinguish by playing any track to check if the headphone is fine or not. Sometimes the speakers are worn out, and they will not produce the right audio.

1. Tugging The Earbuds

Do you tug the earbuds after using them with any device? Sometimes we often forget that the wired earbuds are attached to any device and forget them pull out for doing something else hurriedly. Even with one pull, earbuds’ wires can split, and it will not work after a certain time.

When we are pulling the cord of earbuds, they get a lot of stress. But if the headphone wires are stretched more than normal pressure, then it will fracture the wires. Below are the types of metal fatigues and fractures that can occur on the earbuds with tugging or pulling their cord.

Metal Fatigue Or Fractures

Metal fatigue occurs when the headphone has fractures in the hairline, and you will have bent in the copper wires. Additionally, the tiny splits can cause the headphone to damage and stop working eventually. If the metal fatigue enhances, then the earbuds are not even repairable.

On the other side, the stress fractures of the earbuds are common as well. You will have poor sound quality if the earbuds have any fractures in their wires.

2. Store The Earbuds Correctly

It is important to keep the earbuds correctly. You will prevent the wiring from squishing by storing the earbuds correctly. There are some tiny fissures if you don’t store the earbuds correctly.

How To Keep The Earbuds Correctly?

If you want to know how to carry the earbuds properly, then follow these points:

  • Use soft pouches for the earbuds with shockproof material so it doesn’t damage them even if they fell.
  • Choose a separate pocket in your bag for keeping the earbuds, so they are not pressurized by other things.
  • Do not keep the earbuds in a tighter compartment. If there is constant movement in a certain area, the wires of headphones can split up easily.

Winding Up The Cord Of Earbuds Too Tightly

Do you wind up the cord of earbuds too tightly, it will make the wiring weaker. You don’t have to wrap up the wires of earbuds tightly. When the headphone wires are tied too tightly, they will bend and easily split.

Alternative Way Of Wrapping The Cord Of Earbuds

However, if you still want to keep the earbuds wrapped in an elegant and correct way, then you can buy a case for them. Moreover, you can do a roadie wrap and secure the wires of your headset with Velcro.

3. Using The Earbuds Incorrectly

Sometimes we are using the earbuds in the wrong way, which increases the chances of damaging them. The earbuds come with sensitive parts, and they should be used carefully.

Do You Listen to Too Loud Music?

Suppose you use the earbuds regularly in a high volume. There are chances that it can easily crack internally and cause fuzzy sounds. Therefore, you must choose the earbuds with durable wiring if you are buying a wired connection.

Alternative Way Of Listening Music Loudly

The earbuds could be easily secure with the following points, have a guise:

  • There is a dial of volume on the headphone, and keep it minimal when turning it on.
  • Do not keep the headphone at the maximum level 24/7.
  • Use the headphone with some breaks at the mid-level volume.
  • Keep the volume at the normal level to protect your ears as well.

4. Exposing The Earbuds To Moist Area

Moisture can easily damage the earbuds, and you have to keep them in a dry area, whether you are using them or not. If the earbuds are not waterproof, they will automatically absorb the moisture and have poor sound production. Eventually, the earbuds which have absorbed the moisture will break the wires internally.

Other than that, choose the sweatproof coating if you use the earbuds during the workout. Besides, let us tell you if the earbuds are waterproof, they can still be damaged with the hot water quickly.

Measures To Take For Protecting The Earbuds From Moisture

  • You should take off the earbuds when it is raining heavily.
  • Please do not use the earbuds or earbuds, whether they have a wired or wireless connection, after washing your hair.
  • Choose sweatproof and waterproof earbuds.

If you feel that the earbuds are being damaged, then keep them in a bag of rice for a day.

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