Will My Alarm Go Off With Headphones in Android?

You want to sleep by wearing your headphones and have set the alarm. Will my alarm go off with headphones in android, or will I have to find any alternative methods.

Let us study in detail different methods so you can hear your alarm through headphones and different apps that will aid you.

How Can Alarms Go Off With Headphones In Android Devices?

Set the alarm on your mobile and connect it with headphones, and in the morning, you will see that that alarm volume was coming from your mobile instead of from headphones.

It is because android devices can not ring the volume through headphones; they use speakers of mobile. However, if you want to ring your alarm through speakers, then you will have to download third-party apps on your device.

Steps For Downloading The Third-Party App On Your Mobile

Follow these steps if you want that your alarm go off with headphones.

  1. Go to the play store on your mobile.
  2. Search “sound about” from the play store.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Now open the app and open its setting.
  5. Then open the alert behavior; after that, a list of icons will appear from them come wired headset behavior.
  6. Go to the notification to
  7. And set it to the wired headset.

Now the voice will come from the headset instead of the speakers, so make sure the volume level is not beyond the safe limit, and whenever you want to change it go to the app setting and set it to the speakers.

There are many alarm clock apps in the play store, but before downloading any app must check whether it is compatible with your phone or not. For example, the good morning clock app is only for iPhone devices.

However, alarm on, alarm clock for me are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. So you must know will my alarm go off with headphones in android device unless you have downloaded the mobile clock app.

Comfortable Headphones

You can’t sleep by wearing all kinds of headphones because they are not comfortable enough to wear while sleeping. So must choose a headphone that has a very comfortable, fully padded, and stretchable structure.

Forgiving complete comfort to people who want to sleep by wearing the headset, sleephones were designed like headbands, consisting of very breathable and stretchable material. Thus, you can sleep comfortably by wearing them. Even the people who sleep on their arms feel easy in them.

Types of Sleep Phones

There are two types of sleephones; let us discuss them one by one.

Corded Sleephones

They have a wire attached to them, which we have to connect with sound source devices. However, they are wired but are comfortable enough to sleep by wearing them because their wire is long and very thin.

Cordless Sleephones

These are built using modern technology and have Bluetooth drivers inside; thus, you can connect them wirelessly with other devices.  So pair it with your android device, listen to music and sleep by setting alarms without any worry of tangling the wire.

Acousticsheep Sleephone Effortless

It is the most affordable sleephone you can get easily from amazon, having padded and comfortable structure. Moreover, it is medically approved; and made by a physician. You can sleep by wearing it comfortably; its speakers will not disturb you.

Acousticsheep sleephone has wireless connectivity and has a Bluetooth range of about 15-30feet; thus, you can sleep in your full comfort zone. Moreover, it has a long battery life of 10 hours which can be charged within 3 hours.

Best of all, it has a wide compatibility range means you can pair them easily with your mobile, tablet, computer and other devices. You can choose the color and fabric in which you feel comfortable.

Their structure is very relaxing, and the fabric is breathable, which filters out the surrounding noise and is backed by one year of warranty.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Will my alarm go off with headphones in android, including it there are many confusions in people’s minds about alarms. Some of them are discussed below

Will My Alarm Go off if I Am Listening To Music?

Yes, suppose you are listening to music, and in between the time of your alarm has come, then music will stop, and the alarm starts ringing. However, when you snooze or stop it, then the music will start again.

Why Do I Sleep Through My Alarms?

It is a very common problem, and many people claim that they do not hear the volume of the clock while sleeping; it happens when you are not getting enough sleep, and your inner clock is disturbed. Must sleep for 8 hours a day.

Will The Alarm Go off With Airplane Mode?

Yes, your alarm will ring if your phone’s airplane mode is on because airplane mode only inhibits signal transmitting functions like call, internet services. However, other services work normally.

So if you want to sleep with full relaxation and do not want any call and message notifications to disturb you, turn on the airplane mode and sleep.

Does The Alarm Go off When The Phone is On sSilent?

When the phones are on silent mode, you will not hear any noise from your mobile except for your alarm. Thus you can sleep with full satisfaction that no notification can awake you. You will only wake up with the ringtone of your alarm.

Final Words

Alarms ring through the speakers even you have paired your devices with earphones, but by downloading different kinds of alarms, clocks apps and then pairing them with your phone alarms go off with headphones.

So buy the comfortable sleephones, pair them with a clock app and sleep like a child. If you have any other queries about alarms, then feel free to ask.

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