How To Use Apple Headphones on Xbox One To Talk?

As a gamer, you must be wondering that how to use apple headphones on xbox one to talk to other players. Well, in our guide, we are going to share some of the simplest methods that you can follow for connecting the apple or headphones of the other brands with xbox one.

Not only that, we will tell you about the functioning of the headphones that you should know about before buying them for Xbox.

Moreover, you will be able to use the headphones with the Xbox that has one stereo set adapter. But what to do if you have Bluetooth apple earbuds? Also, you can use the apple headphones adapter for connecting with the controller. So Read on!

How To Use Apple Headphones on Xbox One To Talk

Methods on How To Use Apple Headphones on Xbox One To Talk?

You have to follow these steps for connecting the apple headphones to Xbox one to talk.

  1. Firstly, you have to plug the earpods in the controller, whether you have a stereo adapter. Or you can choose the built-in headphone jack for connecting the headphones with Xbox.
  2. Now you have to double-tap on the option of the Xbox button, and it will provide an option of going to settings.
  3. It is crucial that you disable the mic options from the headset.
  4. You have to turn on the mic monitoring settings.

That was simple! You are all set to use the apple headphones with the Xbox one to talk. Moreover, your headphones might not work instantly. But you will have the sound after a few seconds. It would be best if you choose the headphone that has a 3.5 mm jack.

Headphone With Mic For Xbox One Controller

Apart from that, the headphone with a mic can cause a static sound sometimes. You have to ensure that there is no strange movement in the sound. In addition, you have to hear carefully from the left and right ear sleeve of the headphone that it is producing the right sound or not.

Additionally, you need to purchase headphones with a 3.5 mm jack; otherwise, you cannot use them with the Xbox one. For instance, there are two kinds of headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. You have to consider buying between a headphone with CITA and OMTP technology. The CITA stands for the cellar telecommunications industry, while the OMTP stands for the open mobile terminal platform.

The headphones with the CITA technology will work with the Xbox one. For instance, the headphone with the OMTP doesn’t work with the Xbox due to the technology. You can also buy apple adapters for Xbox. For instance, you will have electronic stores with several headphones that have the CTA technology.

Can You Use Regular Headphones With Mic For Xbox One Controller?

Many people ask this question that can you use regular headphones with a mic for Xbox one. So the answer is yes, you can use any headphones with the Xbox one, but it should have the 3.5 mm jack and CITA technology as well.

How To Attach Your Xbox One Controller With A 3.5mm Cable?

You have to ensure that the headphones you are going to connect with the Xbox have CITA compatibility. Moreover, you will have the headphone jack adapters in the market or buy a converter with the controller. Moreover, you have to connect the wire in the circular part of the Xbox controller that will be at the bottom.

How To Connect The Headphone With Xbox One Stereo Headphone Adapter?

You have to connect the headphone with Xbox one stereo headphone adapter by the same method that we have told you above for connecting the headphones.

For instance, you have to use the plugin in the headphone with the rectangular side at the bottom of the controller. Now you have to attach a headphone audio jack straight into the headphones adapter.

Some Essential Things To Note With Your 3.5 Mm Headphones

There are some essential points that you have to keep in mind while buying headphones that have a 3.5mm jack.

Firstly, you have to choose the headphones that have a 3.5mm jack output, and you can connect them with an RCA adapter cable. You can purchase the adapter cable online easily.

Secondly, the Xbox one stereo headphone is ideal for gaming, and it comes with chat audio and music audio as well. You can directly connect it with the stereo headphone adapter.

There are some gaming headphones that come with the two 3.5 mm jack cables, and you will have one for game sound and the other one is for chatting.

Apart from that, the headphone adapter comes with incredible functioning. But make sure that you have the headphones that have compatibility with CITA. You will not have the best quality performance with a headphone that doesn’t have CITA technology.

You can easily pair the apple headphones with a controller Xbox one. But we are telling you before that you cannot use the BlueTooth headphones with the Xbox one controller. Now you will be wondering that what is the reason that Xbox one doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones?

Why Cannot I Use The Xbox One With Bluetooth Headphones?

You cannot connect the Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox controller because it doesn’t support the BlueTooth connection. You will have a specific frequency requirement for using headphones with the Xbox one controller. The headphones with Bluetooth functioning are not compatible with Xbox because of the different format.

You will have an interruption while playing with the headphones that have a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, the connection will not provide the right sound quality, and you will have interruption because the headphones are connected with several other devices. So it is best to have the headphones with wires to use with the Xbox one controller.

If the headphone comes with the 100 ms connection is fine but lower than that will create a lot of disturbance while using the headphones. Also, you will have the weaker connections if the headphone doesn’t have quick sound transmission feature.

Other than that, the headphones with a faster pace that have 100 ms will create good talk time while using the Xbox one controller. You will have the most competitive play, but the cost of headphones will be higher as well.

Another reason that the Xbox One controller doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones is due to security issues. For instance, the Microsoft company didn’t create headphones with a Bluetooth connection compatible with the Xbox because of the cyber-attacks.

Last but not least, the headphones with wired connections are compatible with the Xbox, so the users do not have trouble while pairing the headphone. You will not be able to put much burden on the budget because most people come with headphones that have wired technology.

Indeed, it is great for several Xbox users because they will have the wired headphones already.

How Long Does A Controller of Xbox One Last?

The controller of Xbox one should last at least more than 30 hours on a single charge. You will be able to connect the headphones with the controller easily. Moreover, the adapter comes with a micro USB cable connection, and you can easily recharge them with the battery pack. Furthermore, the adapter comes with one USB cable, and you can charge it easily for more than 4 hours.

How To Charge The Xbox One Controller?

You can charge the Xbox one controller with the charging kit. You will have a battery life of 30 hours with the headphones, and they come with the simplest charging option. For instance, you will have headphones with the direct charging option.

You can connect the headphones directly to the console, and you will have the simplest connection with the controller to charge it with the kit. You can purchase the charging kit with the controller from amazon. Moreover, you can purchase two controllers if the old ones did not work.

For charging the Xbox controller, you have to connect the micro USB cord with the power source, and you will need a wall outlet. Now you have to disconnect the batteries with the controller and add them to the charging kit. For instance, you will have the LR6 destination for charging the headphone controllers.

To Sum Up

Now you know how to use headphones on Xbox one controller and what kind of headphones will work with the Xbox one. Apart from that, you will have the apple headphone adapter for Xbox one to use with the controller.

Hopefully, now your confusion is cleared about the Xbox one controller connector. You need to choose the right headphones now only if there is any other question, then you can comment below. Thanks for the read!

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