How To Clean Beats Headphone? And Why It Is Necessary?

How To Clean Beats HeadphoneThe headphones consist of padding that can easily absorb dirt, dust, and grease, so if you are thinking about how to clean beats headphone, then you have to go through this guide till the end.

Even your headphones won’t be staying in the same bright and new condition if you don’t clean them. Plus, the headphones with dirt, smell, and sweat won’t last for a long time. You will have an awful odour as well. But nobody wants to lose their expensive pair of headphones. Right?  

Apart from that, the headphone users who think that beats won’t be absorbing dirt are wrong. You will have a small amount of dirt and debris on the headphones, no matter how carefully you keep them. Plus, the headphones require proper cleaning after a few weeks. It would help if you cleaned the headphones to keep them in the right shape.

How To Clean Beats Headphones Without Professional Assistance?

Don’t know how to clean the headphones? Well, you will have the minimal things required to clean them and no assistance. Ensure to turn off the beats headphones before you start the cleaning process.

Why Is Cleaning Necessary For Your Headphones?

Take our your beats headphones and examine which part needs to be cleaned. You will be surprised to know how much dirt can be present in the headphones. After listening to music with the headphones for several years, they have grease, dust, clogged, earwax inside them. Plus, there will be a lot of dirt trapped inside the earcups that can affect your listening experience as well.

Why Is Cleaning Necessary For Your Headphones?

In fact, we always focus on taking a shower after working out and washing sweaty clothes. However, none of us thinks to clean the headphones. You might not know that the headphones having dirt will be causing a lot of smell and bacteria inside the headphones. Also, you can have a swear ear infection. Yikes! Nobody wants to get that.


Now your suspense is over because we will reveal how you can remove the dirt, grime, and everything else from the headphones that are making them dirty.

Excited to make the headphones look new again? You should not be in a rush. There is a lot of dirt present inside the headphones if you have not cleaned them for a few months. You need some tools from your home as well.

The tools include rubbing alcohol, soap, some water, a small piece of cloth, and cotton buds.

How To Clean Headphones?

You can clean the headphones easily by using the things mentioned above. Also, you will find the headphones with mostly two kinds of padding. The leather and foam earpads are very delicate, and they can tear with the slightest mistake. Therefore, you have to choose the right method for cleaning them.

Remove Ear Pads

One of the simplest techniques to clean the on and over-ear headphones is by removing the ear padding. You have to remove the ear pads and take a small piece of cloth and soak them in water. By using that cloth, you have to clean the external parts of the headphones carefully. Also, you can use the towels to wipe the dry area and let them air dry for some time.

Remove beat Ear Pads

How To Clean the Earpads?

You can clean the earpads easily by dampening them with a small piece of cloth. You have to rub a tiny amount of alcohol on the earpads and rub hand sanitiser on them. Also, you have to wipe the additional parts of the earpads to make them clean. Further, you have to soak the headphones with the bud of alcohol, and you have to clean the small areas.

Pat Some Rubbing Alcohol

You have to pat some amount of alcohol on the headphone mesh surface. Also, you can use a hand sanitizer and rub it softly on both sides. Additionally, the headphones will be killing the bacteria, and you will not have any bacteria left over them. In fact, you have to rub the alcohol gently and let them dislodge the grime, and prevent the dirt which is stuck on it.

Air Dry the Ear Pads

You have to let the ear pads air dry. For instance, paper towels will let you detach dirt and debris easily.

The Sweat Stink

One of the major parts of our guide is how to prevent sweat stink. For instance, you have to consider it as important as removing the dirt. For instance, you will have the sweat smell more intense if you don’t treat it at the right time.

The headphones will be producing a foul smell, and you won’t be able to use the headphones for a long time. So you have to get some gel packets of the silica. Now you have to choose the tiny beads packets to control the heat and humidity level inside them.

Also, you have to let the tiny beads absorb the moisture from the headphones. Moreover, you can prevent the awful smell in this way. You will have the gel beads to prevent the earcups from storing the sweat smell.

Other than that, you can replace the earpads to prevent a foul smell. However, there won’t be any hassle to remove the smell, and you have to buy the right size of earpads for your headphones. You can either buy the original ones. You will also get a copy of the headphones by choosing third-party replacements.

Keep Your Ears Clean

Apart from cleaning the headphones, you can keep your ears clean as well to prevent a foul smell. It is natural to have ear wax to protect the ears. Nevertheless, the headphones should not have a lot of oil or wax because they can affect your hearing. Therefore, you have to clean the ears by using the debrox.

What Makes The Headphones Become Dirty?

You know the condition of the original beats headphones is superb. You will love the comfortable fitting of your headphones, and they will provide the best coverage for your ears. Though it is crucial to clean the headphones because you will be using them while exercising, commuting, and at several other places.

Apart from that, you will be keeping the headphones in the dusty areas on the benches of the gyms and other outdoor places. You might not see the dust and debris on the headphones, but it is very important to prevent germs from the headphone. Also, the headphones of girls are intact with makeup and dirt from hands mostly.

When you are not wearing the headphones, the particles get even close. There are chances that the headphones get dirtier by the foods or drinks by accidental spillage. Further, you have to brush up the bottom of your headphone and check if the cushions have a film leftover or not. You will have the beats headphones prone to absorb dirt and dust in several ways.

However, the most convenient way to keep the headphones offbeat is with a cover. You can buy the cover of headphones to make them secure from dirt as well. Indeed, you will have the best choice to prevent the debris from going inside the headphone’s cushions when they aren’t in use by purchasing a case.


Why Do My Headphones Smell Awful?

The headphones that are exposed to the pollutants will smell bad. For instance, you will have the smell of dust, sweat, makeup, and other dirt particles. Also, you have to clean the headphones to keep them away from being knackered. The headphones will not be pleasant at all to use if they are smelly.

Can Sweat Damage Headphones?

The sweat will be only damaging the headphones if they aren’t sweat-proof. Moreover, you have to prevent the headphone from being completely exposed to moisture and maintain the wiring to be a wreck from the inner side.

How To Prevent The Headphones To Cause Foul Smell?

You can prevent the headphones from causing a foul smell by wiping the earpads with a towel that is clean. Also, you have to damp rag the earpads with a small amount of dishwashing detergent. Another hack to clean the headphones is by keeping them under sunlight and reduce their odour.

The Conclusion

No doubt, all the owners of the beats will love their headphones. You have to take care of the headphones, so they last for a long time and show their true value. Furthermore, the headphones that are clean will produce better sound, and there won’t be any bacteria infecting your ears.

This guide will surely help you to keep the headphones clean. In addition, you will be easily able to clean the dirt from your headphones that were stuck on for several months. Moreover, you got to know how important it is to clean the headphones and your ears too.

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