Can I Use Regular Headphones With Xbox One? – Simple Guide

Do you wish to have the experience of Xbox One and know the answer to the question can I use regular headphones with Xbox One. Then certainly, you are at the right place for your mission and to enjoy the effective gaming task.

Moreover, it will be very useful for you to have the experience of using the regular headphones with Xbox One before spending a lot of money on your costly gaming set. So, in place of buying an expensive gaming set, you should know all tips.

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Can I Use Regular headphones With Xbox One?

If you face some problems in enjoying the working of your headphones with your Xbox one, you will have to change the settings. Here we will discuss a few reasons for not working your headphones effectively. Moreover, you will find some easy techniques to set these problems.

Controller Upgrade

You are facing so many problems with your regular headphones. Plus, you have tried a lot to work device with the present Xbox One controller. Moreover, after going through much effort by plugging the headphones into the Xbox still fail; you should update the controller settings.

Regular Headphones With Xbox One

For setting purposes, you can take help by the choices of controller updates. These updates are available on going to the settings of your device. If you succeed in looking for one, you should instantly upgrade the controller. It will help you in solving your problem.

We hope that you don’t need to go anywhere to take help. Can you use regular headphones on Xbox One?

Sound/Gossip Mixer Settings

Indeed, a few times, the sound or the gossip mixer settings in not playing a suitable and positive role for the function of headphones. In case of such a situation, you will have to reach the setting of your device to notice the volume settings. It will be best and useful to arrange the chat mixer settings once again.

Substitute Headphones

If you have the alternative and an extra pair of headphones, you can use them by rejecting the first pair. You should keep in your mind that there are so many regular headphones that are not connected nicely with Xbox One controller. In such a situation, the choice is very helpful for you.

So we suggest availing of a chance of the other available headphones. You may get a positive result from the substitute device.

iPhone Ear Headphones

Some people who use the iPhone also face the same issue of headphones connection with the Xbox One controller. They also can solve the issue by going through the same process as we discussed above in the case of regular headphones.

Without getting worried, you will have to act upon the four points. These are the access settings, disable the headset Mic choice, place the mic searching settings, and put them turn on. After completing the settings, only one time, the earbuds of your iPhone will be able to work nicely.

After acting upon the four tips, certainly, you can easily fix the prevailing problem. However, if your device remains fail even after going through the above directions, you will require some additional and external aid.

For the people who utilize the Xbox One controller relating to the first generation, we advise them not to worry. They can solve the same problem of connection. Of course, the Controllers are available without a headphones jack. You will require some extra parts to attach with a pair of headphones.

The Role Of A Stereo Headset Adapter

Best of all, there is also a choice of stereo headset adapter to connect the headphones with your Xbox One controller. The adapter plays a very effective and unique role in the connection. The stereo headset adapter gets a connection to the base of the controller once it is attached, everything is ok.

More than that, the adapter provides you with a great number of characteristics. These are very useful to help you in receiving a wonderful experience with regular headphones too. On the other side, if your headphones do not have the facility of volume control, you may control it by the switches of an adapter.

Additionally, if you desire to adjust the game and chat mixing, it will also help you. Mixing of games and gossip is very simple and easy through the push of the button. You will see a mute button that is available on the adapter.

Availability Of The Adapter

Indeed, Microsoft comes with an official adapter. Nowadays, these official adapters are not available at all. So, you will have to search for the second-hand item which is suitable for the purpose. However, if you wish to get the adapter’s full benefit, you will require the best device.

Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller

If you are in search of a smooth and effective chat and game sound experience, then you can use the beach headset audio controller plus. It will play a key role in getting your motto. Best of all, you can also use the adapter with regular headphones because it is very helpful in this connection.

The Use Of Mic

To enjoy the practical and stunning gaming experience, you can avail the facility of using the Mic. Additionally, if you wish to exchange words with others while playing a game, you will require the main device. On the other hand, if you have to take Xbox One official gear, you will not get worried.

However, if you cannot afford to spend much money on official gear, you can avail of some other great substitutes.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have done our best to solve your problem about can I use regular headphones with Xbox One in a very simple and easy way. Furthermore, we have given you so many choices just for your benefit. You do not need to be anxious to have costly official gear.

Instead of spending so much money on expensive devices, you can spend a little on quality substitutes to use regular headphones with Xbox One. To have extra information, you may consult us through the comments section below. Thanks!

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