How To Remove Insulation From Headphone Wires? – Solutions

In our guide, we will tell you two simple tricks on how to remove insulation from headphone wires. Moreover, it doesn’t require any professional assistance.

You have to take care of the headphone’s wires to not shrink while removing the insulation. If you haven’t removed the insulation from the headphone wires before, then you need to be patient in this process and move rather little by little.

So let’s start!

How To Remove Insulation From Headphone Wires At Home?

How To Remove Insulation From Headphone Wires

You can remove the insulation from the headphone wires, easily melting solder onto the headphone wires. Also, you can use the micro torch to burn off all the insulated areas with the utmost ease. In fact, you need to add the micro torch on the top of the wires.

Now you have to burn off the wires until they are good enough to mold. Besides, the headphones with small and thin wires will require some heating to remove the insulation.

Note: Sometimes, the heat on the wiring can cause harness, and it will be shrinking the wires. The shrunk wires will not work, so avoid it. Furthermore, you have to avoid the chemical agent is too much quantity on the insulated area.

Other than that, you can try the razor blade to prevent the insulation, but it will require soft and steady abilities.

These were the simple tricks for those who ask how to remove wire insulation.

How To Rewire The Headphones?

How To Rewire The Headphones

You can rewire the headphones if the cables are detachable. Also, the whole process will not take longer than 30 minutes. Besides, you need a few tools for this process.

For instance, you have to choose the cables only if they are not frayed. You have to bend the headphone wires and then start rewiring. Moreover, you can try this method for reattaching the headphone jack as well.

How Can I Detangle The Headphone Wires?

You can detangle the headphone wires in a simple method. For instance, you have to grab the headphone wires in between your thumb and index finger. Now you have to keep on moving from the base of the headphone and till the end. You have to repeat the whole process again at least 2 to 3 times, and it will let you untwist all the wires of your headphone.

Are The Exposed Headphone Wires Toxic?

The exposed wires of the headphone are not harmful at all. You will have wires that have very low volts. You will have the voltage of the headphone wires as per the headphone’s impedance. Nonetheless, the headphone wires do not cause electrocution at all. You will not feel any current even if you touch the headphone wires accidentally.

Most of the wires that are exposed are not hazardous at all when you are touching them. Plus, the headphone cannot be safe completely. You will have the headphone with wires that are easily prone to create a short circuit. You can have a short circuit when there is already some amount of insulation present in the headphones.

Even the short circuits occur when there is a lot of charge flowing in the unintended wire. You will also face overheating, and it can damage the source of audio production from the headphones. However, the exposed wires can also cause electric sparks.

No matter how much voltage your headphones have, you will have electric sparks to start occurring. The static discharges can also cause flammable vapors in the air.

How Can I Fix The Headphone Wires That Are Starting To Fray Out?

The headphone cables that are near to its plug will always fray out. However, when the headphone wires start to fray, you should repair them. Also, the headphone wires that fray will be getting exposed quite often, and it will surely cause yanking. To prevent tugging, and yanking you have to follow the steps added below!

  1. You have to wrap the cables with electrical tape.
  2. Use the heat shrink tubing.
  3. Mold sugru around the headphone’s wires.
  4. You can use the cable servers.

Now we are going to discuss the methods in detail to fix the fray-out cables.

  • Wrap It With Electrical Tape

You will easily find the electrical tape at home. You can easily use the electrical tape and repair the wire completely as well. Follow these steps that will surely help you out!


  1. Firstly, the preparation of the wire is really important. You have to ensure that the headphone wires are clean and there are not oil traces in them. Also, the headphone wires will let you have the complete sticking of oil along the wires. You will have the most secure connection. Plus, you can add a clean cloth to the wiring and pour a small amount of alcohol on it. Now you can wipe the area and wait until it dries out completely.
  2. You can pre-cut the electrical tapes in any size, and then you can wrap them around the wire. The wrapping of the wire is an important method.
  3. Now you have to wrap the electrical tape around the wire tightly, and it will let you protect the wires from tugging and fraying. You will have the best insulation as well.
  • Use Heat-Shrink Tubing

The heat shrinking of the tube will be another great way to fix the tubing, and you will have the best heat shrinking mechanism. You can easily use the tubing for repairing, insulating, and reinforcing.


Below are the steps that you can use to prevent the heat shrinking of the tubing.

  1. Firstly, you have to check the material and use tubings that are not prone to shrinking. You have to check the materials like polyolefin, PVCs, or FEP.
  2. The wires made of polyolefin are most recommend because they are highly durable and having resistance against high temperatures.
  3. It is imperious that you choose the right size of the wiring. Moreover, you have to check the cable size of the headphone. In addition, you have to choose the secure fitting and pick the material that has the perfect amount of composition. You will check the contact between the tubings, and there should be more than ½ or 1/6 original diameter to check the heating.
  4. Besides, the popular shrinking ratios include 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1. Further, you have to check the right balance between flexibility and durability.
  5. Now you have to clean the wires and check if there is any excess debris or grease on the headphones left. You can take a small piece of cloth and add some amount of isopropyl to it as well. Keep the expanse clean and let it dry for some time.
  6. Further, you have to insert the tubing inside the headphone cards to prevent the fraying of the wires. Now you have to wrap around the tape from the shrunk wires. You have to check if the headphone wires are compact enough to inset inside the tube or not.
  7. Now you have to apply some amount of heat around that particular area. In addition, you have to use the heat shrinking tube or a lighter. You should know the right method to apply heat around the tubing.
  • Mould Sugru Around It

This method is easy, but it will take 24 hours to be done completely.


  1. Firstly, you need to clean the wires and remove the excessive dust and oil. Also, you have to take a piece of cloth and add a small amount of alcohol to it.
    Additionally, you need to wipe around that area and store it for some time until it dries out completely.
  2. The mouldable glues are very soft, and they will be sticking around the fingers too. You have to mold the glue for 30 minutes until it settles down.
  3. Now you have to leave the glue for 24 hours and check if the material is stick on it or not.
  • Use Cable Savers

You can use the cable savers. For instance, this trick mainly prevents the exposed wires of your headphone with the best backing.


You can use the cable servers by the following three steps:

  1. Firstly, choose the size of the saver cable and check which size will be perfect for your headphone.
  2. Now wrap the cable server around the headphones.
  3. You have to adjust the wrapping saver cable till the end. At this moment’s end, we mean that you have to wrap the cables until the cord’s plug is secure.
  4. The cables will work with the round cables nor with the flat.

That’s all for today! You saw how to remove the insulation from headphones and fix the fray-out wires at home in a few steps.

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