8 Different Types of Headphones – [You Should Know]

There are different types of headphones, and each of them has different specialties. That’s why it is so challenging to choose one from such a vast list. Here we have discussed all types of headphones, their pros, cons to help you in finding the best one for yourself.

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Types of Headphones

What Are The Types of Headphones?

Following are the types of headphones

1. Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-Back Headphones

Headphones which backside is covered and there is no way for sound to leak are known as closed-back headphones. They are designed to keep you engaged fully and to isolate you from your surroundings.

They do not let the sound go outside, so we hear loud, clear sounds and fully concentrate on our work.

If you are in a crowded place where there is noise, and it is hard to concentrate on the work, go for closed-back headphones. Likewise, if you are in an area with pin-drop silence and you do not want anyone else to listen to any sound, use them.

Furthermore, if you are discussing something very secret with someone and do not want anybody else to listen to it, buy closed-back headphones and keep your privacy.

Isolation from the environment will affect you badly. Suppose you are walking on a busy road and cannot hear anything except music; you can get hit by a vehicle and badly damaged.

Similarly, if you are at a place where you have to respond to people, you cannot use these headphones there.

  • Have the solid and sturdy structure
  • Cancel outside noise and isolate yours from surrounding.
  • Prevent the leakage of sound.
  • You become unaware of your surroundings, which can be dangerous
  • Increase wax production in the ear
  • Audio feels like a burden on the ears

2. Open-Back Headphones

Open-Back Headphones

These headphones have their back open, making their mesh visible, and sound travels to the outside. Moreover, this mesh is the source of ventilation due to which ear temperature remains normal, and there is no wax production.

Best of all, it does not create a burden-like effect but makes you enjoy the music to the fullest by delivering natural sound.

It would help if you used them while walking or playing games in the house because you will remain aware of your family members’ voices. Similarly, these are best to take with you on a walk to a nearby park as they do not block the sound of vehicles’ horns; thus, you will never be a victim of a road accident.

As their back is open, they take up the sounds from the environment; thus, do not use them for recording videos because the sound will not be clear.

  • Sound travels from the back mesh and spreads in the whole room, due to which natural sound produces and feels very good to the ear.
  • They do not separate you from the environment and let the sound from surroundings reach you to so you can react.
  • There is no excess production of wax.
  • Give ventilation to the ear.
  • You do not have any privacy in public because sound leaks, and anybody sitting next to you hear everything.
  • You cannot take them to the library due to sound leakage; it will produce noise in the library.
  • If you want to take your time and spend it by isolating yourself from this world, you cannot do this by wearing open-back headphones.
  • Sound leaks from their backside
  • It cannot be used for recording videos.

3. On-Ear Headphones


Their size is bigger than other headphones because they are on your ears entirely. Moreover, block all surrounding noise and keep us engage fully in its sound. Best of all, they have a wide range of designs and prices.

Although some models cost very high, most of them have an elite design, unique features, and reasonable prices.

They have high clamping force but are very comfortable to wear; that’s why considered best for wearing at places you have to move continuously. For example during gym, running and working in a restaurant.

Best for use in noisy and crowded places due to their sound-canceling features.

They protect you from noise in crowded places, but you get injured due to unawareness of surrounding voices. Moreover, due to excess sweat production, it is not advisable to wear them during extensive workouts.

  • They are very lightweight and have a comfortable structure; thus, you can wear them even for hours.
  • They have a solid but soft hold of the head thus never slide from the head when we lean our head against something.
  • Wide range of designs
  • Reasonable prices
  • When we wear them for a long time, our ears are pressed and start aching.
  • Their earcups are loaded with foam, due to which a lot of sweat produces which is absorbed in them. This sweat produces a weird smell and reduces the sound level.
  • Due to noise-canceling not safe to use.

4. Over-Ear Headphones


They have the largest size of all headphones, completely cover the ear cartilage, and have a very comfortable structure. Moreover, you need not worry about your ear health because open-back headphones are available that let the ears breathe.

These are best to be used in crowded places because of their noise blocking and isolating characters. If you have closed back over headphones, you can wear them in public places without creating noise other and have your privacy.

  • Comfortable structure
  • High-quality sound
  • Not portable

5. In-Ear Headphones


They direct the sound into our ears as they go deep into ear canals, and sound waves have to travel a very short distance to reach the eardrums. Their size is very small, and the style is also worth mentioning.

In short, they are a portable version of on-ear headphones. Their sound quality is also very high, and they deliver clear sound. Moreover, they are best at noise canceling.

They are so small that they can be hidden easily anywhere, so if you are in class and want to listen to anything, wear them and cover them under your hair or cap. These are best for people who have to wear headsets for a long time as they are lightweight; you can wear them for hours without feeling pain.

Because they go deep in our ear so result in excessive production of wax, and it often attaches with them, so clean them regularly. Moreover, never use them for a long time with volume above safe level because they cause permanent hearing loss.

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • They can be hidden easily
  • Affordable
  • sometimes cause ear canal irritation
  • we often misplace them due to small size

6. Earbuds


The difference between earbuds and in-ear headphones is that earbuds are on the verge of the ear canal, but in-ear headphones are a bit deep into the ear canal. They have a highly comfortable structure and eye-catchy design.

Best of all, you do not have to worry about wires; connect it over Bluetooth and enjoy music. They deliver high-quality sound and filter surrounding noise hence keep you aware of the surroundings.

These are best for wearing while doing intensive work because they have no mesh; thus, there will be no sweat production; furthermore, you will freely do your workout.

Similarly, if you are at a place for spy purposes, go for them as they are easy to hide and do not leak noise.

7. Wired Headphones

Wired Headphones

They have a long cable attached to them, which has a jack at the ends for connecting it with different devices; headphones with a 3,5mm jack are used for developing a connection with mobile, laptop, computer, and TV.

While 6.3mm jack is used to connect them with amplifiers, and it is mainly used by professionals.

8. Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

They do not have any wire with them; thus easy to use, that’s why they are widely used and are the favorite of people. Although different technologies are used for pairing wireless devices, Bluetooth is the most commonly used.

Facts To Consider Before Buying a Headphones

It is never easy to choose headphones from a large variety, so the easiest method of making a decision is to ask yourself these specific questions, do an analysis and make a decision.

  1. Which is a more critical design or comfort level?
  2. Where do I want to use them?
  3. What is my budget?
  4. What features do I want?

Final Verdict

All types of headphones have their plus and negative points, and you can’t use any of them for all purposes. So choose the one which you think is most appropriate for your place and fulfills your all needs.

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