Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears? – Reasons and Solutions

Are you wondering why do headphones hurt my ears? Possibly, there will be several reasons that we’ll discuss in our guide but let’s discuss the categories of headphones before that.

There are three categories of headphones that include the following:

1. Over-ear Headphones

2. On-ear Headphones

3. In-ear Headphones

You can guess by the name of headphones that what type of design they’ll have. Suppose you want a headphone that fits inside the ears, then buy in-ear headphones. Besides, the best sound quality of headphones doesn’t depend on the type of headphones.

So you can choose any headphones that you prefer to listen to music with. It is highly recommended to buy headphones from a good brand to avoid ear pain. You will not have any problem while listening to music with Bose or other popular brand headphones.

Reasons On Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears

We’ll mention some reasons due to which your ears will hurt while listening to music with headphones. Read on to fit the causes of headphones hurting the ears and its solutions.

Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears

Buy The Right Size Of Headphone

The first and most common reason for headphones hurting the ears is due to the size. The wrong side of the headphone will make you uncomfortable and hurt the ears. It is crucial to check the size of the headphone before you buy it.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid ear problems later, then check the width of the headphones. Everyone has different head shapes, so you need to choose the size accordingly. Some people have small ears than others, and some might have bigger sizes.

The headphones cushioning should be right, and it should not be uncomforting the cartilage of the ear. Consequently, if you are buying an in-ear headphone, then buy a replacement packet of the earbuds.

Most of the headphone manufacturers have mentioned the size and shape of the headphone on the packaging. So you can check it before buying it. Most people share the headphones and earbuds, but the fitting might not be similar for everyone.

Listening Sound For a Long Time

Do you listen to music for hours in headphones? Or if you listen to music at high volume, that will cause pain in the ears.

Besides that, you need to keep the volume on the medium level to reduce ear fatigue. Moreover, you need to keep the headphone at a side after an hour. Listening to music for a longer time with headphones will hurt the ears.

We highly recommend taking a break while listening to music for some time. Listening to music with heavy headphones will make the head hurt as well. So opt a headphone that doesn’t weigh much.

Do You Wear Glasses With Headphones?

Usually, those people have pain in the ears who wear headphones with glasses. You will feel uncomfortable after wearing headphones and glasses at the same time. Also, those people who have weak eyesight and wear lenses will face this issue too. You will have pain in the ears with the headphones. also, read the Difference Between Headset And headphones? you will know more.

You need to buy glasses with thinner arms. Additionally, you will have pain with the thicker arms glasses more often. However, the glasses will be the main issue with headphones. Contact lenses will rarely cause pain in the ears.

Clamping Force Of The On-Ear Headphones

The clamping for the one-ear headphones matters a lot to keep the ears comfortable. The headphones should not have tight-fitting because it will make your ears hurt. Other than that, the loose clamp force of the headphone will be uncomfortable too.

Mostly, the headphones with tighter clamping force will make the ears hurt. Thus, you need to buy a headphone with a comfortable clamping force. If the temporal bone of the ear is pressed hard, it will start hurting.

If you feel that the new headphones have too tight clamping force, stretch them slightly. Your headphone will eventually get loose after you use it for some time.

Poor or Damaged Cushioning

The headphones that have less or damaged cushioning will make the ears hurt. In fact, you will not feel comfortable while listening to music with the damaged cushioned headphones. So if the headphone cushioning starts peeling off, you need to buy a new one.

Mostly, the headphone cushioning gets damaged with the sweat. Besides that, you should buy a headphone that has replaceable padding. The headphones will be worth buying if they come with extra padding. Also, look for sweatproof headphones, so they don’t have to wear or tear any sooner.

Wearing Headphones In Winter Season (On-Ear And Over-Ear Headphones)

In the winter season, our body becomes sensitive. Besides that, you need to have over-ear headphones for the winter season because they will cover the ears properly. Also, your ears will have normal blood circulation if they aren’t feeling cold.

Everyone with cold ears will have pain after listening to music with headphones. Thus, you need to buy an earmuff headphone, so the ears remain comfortable no matter how long you listen to music.

In addition to this, the headphones should be comfortable, and the earmuff material should be the softest. You will love listening to music with headphones that have softer padding.


After knowing the several reasons why headphones hurt my ears, you’ll be looking for the solutions. Right? We have figured out some easy solutions, have a look below:

  • Buy the headphones with the right size, and the fitting should be comfortable. Never forget to check the size and clamping force of the headphone before buying it.
  • Do not listen to headphones for many hours. It is good to give a break to the ears.
  • The volume shouldn’t be too high. Turn the volume to a medium level, so the ears don’t hurt.
  • Cushioning of the headphones should be excessive and in the best condition. Replace the headphones if they have damaged cushioning.
  • If you feel cold in winter, then buy earmuff headphones with covers.

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