Best Gaming Headset For Xbox 360 Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide

You must be currently looking for the best gaming headset for Xbox 360 because the older one stopped working. However, it is hard to find a headset now for the Xbox 360 due to old specs.

Most of the manufacturers have stopped making the headsets with the 2.5mm jack. Now the majority of the headphones are coming with the wireless or 3.5mm jack.

And pretty soon, you will find difficulty finding the Xbox one headphones because the X series is gaining popularity rapidly. But we are here to unravel your delinquency by providing the best gaming headsets that are compatible with the Xbox 360 without any console.

Our guide headsets are quite affordable, yet they provide high-end features like noise-canceling, leatherette padding, boom mic, dual drivers, etc. Indeed, you will have a phenomenal gaming experience with any of the headsets in our review.

Without any delay, let move onto our in-depth headset reviews!

The Best Gaming Headset For Xbox 360 in 2021

Product NameImagesRatingsPrice
Sades Sa818 Gaming HeadsetSades Sa818 Gaming Headset4.6 Check Price
Sades Gaming Headset For Xbox 360Sades Gaming Headset ForXbox 3604.5 Check Price
Sades SA 920 Wired Stereo Gaming HeadsetSades SA 920 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset4.4 Check Price
Gioteck HCC Mono Headset For Xbox 360Gioteck HCC Mono Headset ForXbox 3604.5 Check Price
Official Headset Of Microsoft For Xbox 360Official Headset Of Microsoft For Xbox 3604.4 Check Price


1. Sades Sa818 Gaming Headset – Best Over-Ear Headphones

This gaming headset by sades has an incredible design, and it has wide compatibility. For instance, you can use this headset with the Xbox, Ps4, laptops, tablets, and several other devices. You will be comfortable using the headphone because it has a skin-friendly material.

Sades Sa818 Gaming Headset

Not only that, you will have an adapter with the Xbox headset to use with the Xbox one. The quality of the mic is fantastic, and it has a long flexible boom mic. You will have a portable headset that is convenient to wear for longer gaming sessions.

Furthermore, this headphone has a long braided cable, and you can easily unwind the cable. It will provide the gamer with a longer cable, and it doesn’t detangle. No doubt, it provides all the specs, which urged us to keep it on the top of our list of best gaming headsets for Xbox 360.


In terms of frame, the headset comes is quite bulky and chunkier. As well, you will have a telescopic head beam and comfortable earmuffs. The headphone might make the ears warm because of the thicker padding.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of sades headphones is amazing because of the large drivers and noise cancellation feature. In fact, it has an omnidirectional mic, and you will be delivering the sound on the other end clearly.

Comfort And Convenience

This Xbox 360 wired headset is quite comfortable to wear for longer gaming sessions. However, the headphones are bulky, but they have enough padding to keep the ears and head comfortably.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Noise-canceling
  • Long cable
  • Great quality
  • Bulky

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2. Sades Gaming Headset For Xbox 360 – Best Bass Surround Sound

Next up, we have the true surround sound headphones by sades, and these headphones have a unique yet beautiful design. Besides, you will have ultra-low distortion sound headphones. You will love watching movies, chatting, and gaming with these headphones.

Best Gaming Headset For Xbox 360

Besides, these headphones have real-in time talking headphones have anti-static technology. You will enjoy gaming with these crystal clear sound quality headphones.  Ideally, these headphones are made for providing comfort to the user’s ear while gaming.

These sades headphones are compatible with the Xbox one, ps3, ps4, mac, smartphones, laptops, Mac, and other devices. You will get different jacks with these headphones. You don’t need to buy the cord separately with these headphones.


The design of the headphone is enormous, yet you will have a comfortable fitting. As well, it comes with inline audio controls. Besides, you can adjust the volume with the inline controls.

Audio Quality

These headphones have the true surround sound effect and 50mm, drivers. You will have headphones that are engineered to provide the most balanced sound effect. Besides, you will have an adjustable microphone. In fact, these headphones have a noise-canceling feature to block the external sound completely.

Comfort And Convenience

These headphones have leatherette earcups, and you will have an ergonomic fitting. Moreover, you will have a padded headband to keep the head comfortable, and it doesn’t cause fatigue.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Surround sound effect
  • Dual 50mm speakers
  • The mic doesn’t have the best quality.

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3. Sades SA 920 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset – Best Stereo Gaming Over-Ear Headset

Next up, we have another incredible headset for Xbox 360 by sades. These headphones come with durable construction, and you will have a 3.5mm connector as well as 2.5mm.

Sades SA 920 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset

Furthermore, you can use these headphones with the computer, mac, phones, and several other devices. Moreover, these headphones have acoustic precision and will provide enhanced sensitivity.

Besides, the headset comes with a high flux neodymium iron drive unit. Best of all, the headphones will enhance the gaming experience by providing the crispest tones. However, the padding can make the ears warm. You can take off the headset after 1 hour of gaming or chatting.


The headset comes with a durable structure, and it has metal finishing. Best of all, it has an anti-winding braided line, and you will get enough padding on the headband and earcups.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of gaming headphones is superb. You will have a headset that is having large 40mm drivers. Besides, it has a 40mm high flux neodymium iron boron drive unit. In fact, you will have an enhanced sensitivity unit.

Comfort And Convenience

The headphones are exceptionally comfortable to wear because of protein earmuffs. Additionally, the headphones have precision engineering headphones, and they have ANC mic with convenient inline controls. All these features of sades make it the best gaming headset for Xbox 360.

  • Comfortable headphone
  • Durable structure
  • Large drivers
  • The mic doesn’t last long

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4. Gioteck HCC Mono Headset For Xbox 360 – Best Inline Controls

Next up, we have the gioteck headphones with the inline mic controls. As well, these headphones are quite comfortable to wear and provides tangle-free connections.

Gioteck HCC Mono Headset ForXbox 360

As well, the headphones come with a 2.5mm jack, and it doesn’t require any console for working. And the best part? The mic will deliver a clear sound on the other end.

With this headset of mono design, you will have a comfortable gaming experience. Even you will have a padded headband, and it will not put much pressure on the head of the wearer.


These headphones have a mono driver and boom mic. Furthermore, it is a lightweight headphone with a tangle-free cord mechanism of a 2.5mm jack. As well, the headphones are compatible with the Xbox one, but you have to buy an adapter with them.

Audio Quality

This headset comes with noise cancelling technology, and it will provide clear/crisp tones. Best of all, it has an analog mic muting switch, and volume controls as well.

Comfort And Convenience

In terms of comfort, the headphones are exceptionally comfortable to wear, and they have lightweight construction. Additionally, the headphones don’t require any console for Xbox 360. Moreover, it has a 0.8 m cable.

  • Tangle-free cable
  • Mono driver
  • Boom mic
  • Noise cancelling
  • It doesn’t have wide compatibility.

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5. Official Headset Of Microsoft For Xbox 360 – Most Clear And Crisp Communication

we have mono headphones with a boom mic. These headphones will provide a comfortable gaming experience.

For instance, these headphones have a lightweight design, and you will get a 2.5mm jack with them. The headband is adjustable, but some users said that it would get loose after some time.

Official Headset Of Microsoft For Xbox 360

Also, you will have an optimal sound quality and inline controls. With these headphones, you will AND feature, and it has a noise-canceling mic.


These mono headphones are very delicate and lightweight. It comes with a boom microphone and adjustable fitting.

Audio Quality

These headphones have noise-canceling mic, and they will deliver great voice commands. In fact, you will have clear voice communication. Besides, it has the boom mic and noise cancelation feature.

Comfort And Convenience

The headphones are comfortable and very lightweight, so you can carry them conveniently anywhere. However, the material is not much durable, and you have to take care of it.

  • Inline volume control
  • Noise canceling mic
  • Crips and clear sound
  • No padding on the headband

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Frequently Asked Question’s

Should I Buy Headphones With The Stereo Sound Or 7.1?

We recommend buying the headphones with the stereo sound because they have better value. Even you will be able to use the headphones with the stereo sound at various locations. Most of the headphones with 7.1 will not provide the best listening experience unless you have a complete setup.

Which Are The Ideal Headphones To Use With Xbox 360?

All the headphones in our list have the 2.5mm jack that you can use with the Xbox 360. Even you will have voice communications with the Xbox 360. You can directly plug in the headset with a 2.5 mm jack in the Xbox for the best results.

Can Xbox 360 Produce The Game Sounds In The Headset?

Yes, the Xbox 360 will let you produce the sound in the headset if you have the right adapter. Moreover, you can hear the partner while playing with Xbox 360. Besides, you can’t hear the audio with the Xbox 360 if you have connected it with the TV.

How Can I Use A Mic On Xbox 360?

Firstly, you have to choose the add voice command and then press on the record now option. You have to press on the button of A, and now you can start recording anything. Moreover, you can press the button on the microphone for ten seconds and then check if it is recording or not. Now again, you have to press the A button when the recording is done.

Why Do All The Pros Use The Headphones With The 7.1 Surround Sound?

Most pro gamers use the 7.1 surround sound because they know the difference between the headphone’s audio quality. Besides, gamers also prefer buying headphones with 2.0 stereo sound.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for our review on the Xbox 360 headphones. However, if you like to multitask while gaming, you have to prefer buying headphones with a boom mic with noise cancellation.

As well, the headphone should be comfortable to wear, and most importantly, the sound quality should be phenomenal.

We specifically chose those headphones which are convenient to wear for a long time. You have seen the headphones, and most of them will provide the stereo sound quality and provide crisp tones to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

Therefore, it is crucial to buy headphones providing all the needed features without investing hundreds of bucks. We guarantee that you will have reliable specs at a budget-friendly price. To narrow down your choice and pick any of the headphones which suit your style

Good luck!

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