Best Headband Headphones Reviews 2021 – Top Picks

The best headband headphones can help you to sleep peacefully, even in noisy environments. Out of hundreds of headband headphones, we have picked those which are affordable yet offering great quality features.

As well, you will have the most enjoyable music listening experience with any of the headband headphones from our list. Do you know listening to soothing music can lower the heart rate and help the person sleep quickly by making the overall body relaxed?

We have the over-ear sleeping headphones because they are most comfortable for all kinds of sleepers. You will have wired and wireless sleeping bands to choose from in a wide price range. Moreover, we have added the important specs with pros and cons so the first-time buyers can distinguish between the options easily.

Without any delay, let’s hop onto the reviews of the headband headphones 2021!

Top Picks On The Best Headband Headphones

Product NameImagesRatingsPrice
WINONLY Headphones With Bluetooth HeadbandWINONLY Headphones With Bluetooth Headband4.6 Check Price
Hanpure Sleep Headphones BluetoothHanpure Sleep Headphones Bluetooth4.5 Check Price
Tufusiur 3D Mask Bluetooth 5.0 HeadphonesTufusiur 3D Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones4.6 Check Price
Sleepphones Acousticsheep HeadphonesSleepphonesAcousticsheep Headphones4.5 Check Price
Acousticsheep Corded New Sleepphones WirelessAcousticsheep Corded New Sleepphones Wireless4.6 Check Price


1. WINONLY Headphones With Bluetooth Headband – Built-In Speakers

These headphones have a multi-headphone system. You will have the 3 in 1 sports headband that you can use as a sleep mask and sleeping headphones. Besides, these headphones have a built-in microphone, and you will have the best companion while doing the workout.

WINONLY Headphones With Bluetooth Headband

Additionally, the headphones will not mess up your hair. You will have a comfortable fitting, and it will let you sleep on any side. Best of all, you will have a longer service time. Also, they have 10 hours of playing time.

You have to charge the headphones for 2.5 hours. It comes with volume control options, and you will have the best hands-free calling system. The Bluetooth connection will be making the user experience even more convenient at night.


It has the softest and breathable headband material. Moreover, it has an incredibly soft material, and you will have a breathable lining. As well, the headphone fabric is hypoallergenic. Besides, the headphones have washable material, and you can easily clean them.

Sound Quality

These headphones have stereo sound quality and speakers of 0.25 inches. You will have the hifi sound, and it has the latest Bluetooth connection. As well, you will have the compatibility of the headphone with iOS and Android devices.

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Long warranty
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Some users said that they could hear the louder noise from the background.

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2. Hanpure Sleep Headphones Bluetooth – Best Ultra-Soft Headband Headphones

Next up, we have the hanpure headband sleep headphones you can wear for sports, sleeping, and listening to music. This headphone band has wireless technology, and you will be enjoying the music with good sound.

Hanpure Sleep Headphones Bluetooth

And that’s not all; these headphones have Bluetooth convenient pairing and compatibility with Android and iOS devices. As well, you will have easy-to-read technical support, and it has is excellent for traveling and gym.
Best of all, this headband headphone has an extended warranty period, and you will have good quality headphones. As well, it has a comfortable material so you will not be disturbed while sleeping.


This headband headphone has the breathable and washable material of the mesh lining. You will have the universal headband, and it has hypoallergenic material. Besides, this headband has incredibly comfortable and soft material.

Sound Quality

This headband has thin speakers, and you will have the device control module. For instance, you will have sleep headphones that have premium audio quality as well. It has a 10 hours playtime and Bluetooth connection of the 5.0 version.

  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Warranty of a long time
  • Thin speakers
  • Short battery life

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3. Tufusiur 3D Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones – Best Latest 3D Eye Mask

Next, we have the latest 3D eye mask with zero pressure on the eyes. You will have an adjustable strap, and it has extra deep ear cups. Not only that, you will have a lightweight headband with an adjustable design.

Tufusiur 3D Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

As well, these headbands have a 100 percent blackout light. You will have the personalized face fit headband, and it has the best speaker that will fit over your ears and produce great audio.

Additionally, the headphone comes with the molded adjustable eyecups. It has a USB charging cable and carrying pouch. In fact, it has the best quality 3D eye covers.


This headband has a stylish shape and durable material. More than that, it has a cotton velour strap and skin-friendly material. Plus, the headband will give you a cozy feel, and you can wear it while doing any workout or for sleeping.

Sound Quality

This headband has an advanced Bluetooth timing of 10 hours, and the charging time is 60 minutes. Besides, these headphones have a hi-fi stereo sound, and you will have a stronger signal transmission as well. All these features make it the best headband headphones 2021.

  • Stylish design
  • 3D eye covers
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • Convenient to wear
  • Not much breathable material

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4. Sleepphones Acoustic Sheep Headphones – Top Audio Quality Headphones

Next, we have the award-winning headband headphones by sleep phones. It comes with the USA warranty, and you will have the red dot design award. Plus, it comes with a warranty period of one year. Besides, you will have a natural sleep with this headband, and it recommended by doctors.
SleepphonesAcousticsheep Headphones

Furthermore, the headband is available in several sizes and comfortable fleece material. As well, these headphone headband has helped several people to have a peaceful sleep.

Best of all, the headband is lightweight, and it has ultra-thin material. You’ll not feel any pressure on your ears. Moreover, it has a built-in volume, and you can conveniently pause or play without taking off the headband.


This headband has comfortable flat speakers, and you will have the best way of listening to audiobooks, meditation sounds, or music in bed. You will have the lightweight band, and it is great for all sleepers.

Sound Quality

The audio quality of headphones has long-lasting battery life. However, the users said that the Bluetooth signal connection is not strong. It has a crystal clear sound quality, and you will have a playing time of 10 hours with the USB charging cable.

  • Fleece comfortable material
  • Lightweight fabric material
  • Long battery life
  • Ultra-thin headphone headband
  • The Bluetooth connection is not much strong.

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5. Acousticsheep Corded New Sleepphones Wireless – Best Ultra-Thin Flat Headphone

Lastly, we have another headband headphones with hypoallergenic material. As well, these headphones have machine-washable fabric material. Besides, the headphones have double-layer foam padding.

Acousticsheep Corded New Sleepphones Wireless

And the best part? You will have luxurious material, and the headband is completely washable. You can take out the speakers. Additionally, this headband has fleece material that will provide comfortable sleep.

Apart from that, the headband headphones have several size options, and you can wear them during workouts or sleep.


The headband has a high-quality, comfortable material, and it is convenient to wear while sleeping. Plus, the headphones have fleece material and a braided cord of 48 inches. You will have 3.5. mm, jack which is compatible with several adapters. Surely, it is worth including in our list of the best headband headphones.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the headband is amazing, and you will have a comfortable listening experience. Plus, you will have a peaceful sleeping experience. All in all, this headband will surely assist in sleeping if you are suffering from insomnia.

  • Washable machine fabric
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking
  • 3.5mm plug
  • Wiring is not having the best quality.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

What Is The Average Price Of The Best Headband Headphones?

The headband headphones are available in a wide price range. You will find the headphones as low as 35 dollars in our review. However, the expensive headband headphones come with a $200 price as well. Besides that, the high-tech headphones for sleeping come with better specs. However, you will find the simple clip-on sleeping headband headphones with a low price tag.

How Do The Headphones Headband Feel?

The headband headphones will provide a comfortable feel if you have the right material over them. Most of the over-ear headband headphones are most comfortable to wear while sleeping. Besides, the headphones with an in-ear design for sleeping might put some pressure on the ear canal. Other than that, the headphones with the clip-in design are bulkier.

How Much Is The Weight Of Headband Headphone?

The weight of headphones will vary from one model to another. However, the over-ear headphones can be half-pound heavier than the others. You will find the headphones with a very lightweight design as well. The headphones come with even as low as six ounces or even less than that.

What Should Be The Sleep Position With The Headband Headphones?

The headband headphones should be worn by those users who sleep on their back. Other than that, the headphones users who sleep on the sides should use the mask models. However, we don’t recommend choosing the in-ear headband headphones because they are uncomfortable, and you will have discomfort while sleeping with them.

Are The Headband Headphones Wired Or Wireless?

The headband headphones come with wired and wireless technology. You can choose the headphones with the wireless speaker for the most convenient listening experience.

What Should Be The Cord Length Of Wired Headband Headphones?

You have to choose the cord length of the headphones as per space in your room. Also, you have to consider the convenience while choosing the headphones for yourself.

How Many Sizes Are Available In The Headband Headphones?

There are several sizes available in the headband headphones. In fact, you will find some of the headphones in one size only. However, you can check the size before making the final decision.

What Will Be The Warranty Time With The Headband Headphones?

The warranty time of a headphone headband will depend on the company you are buying them from. Best of all, some of the headband sleeping headphones will provide a lifetime warranty. On average, the headphones will have a coverage minimum of one year.

Wrapping Up

The headband headphones are beneficial for those whose partners snore loud. If you have trouble sleeping with the slightest inconvenience of noise, you have to choose the right sleeping headphones for yourself. With the headphones, you will be sleeping most peacefully.

The headband headphones work similarly to the other headphones that are using for gaming or work. You have to connect them with any device. Now you have to decide whether you need wired or wireless headphones. You will be playing music, meditation sounds, or audiobooks with the headband headphones conveniently at night. Do you know that the headband headphones also provide their own applications that you can use for listening to certain music for improving your sleep quality?

Surely, decent headphones for sleeping with comfortable material will be worth buying. So which headband headphones are you going to buy from our list? Comment below. Thanks for the read!

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