Best Headphones For Daith Piercing Reviews – [2022 Guide]

The best headphones for Daith piercing. Many people with fresh daith piercing struggle to find the best headphones that don’t cause ear pain.

Nevertheless, now you don’t need to search anymore because we have five incredible options with a lightweight design, compact shape, ergonomic fitting, and more.

In fact, we chose the in-ear wireless headphones so that they don’t cause any inconvenience with the Daith piercing.

Without any further ado, have a look at the best headphones for Daith piercing.

Top Best Headphones For Daith Piercing in 2022

Product NameProduct ImageRatingsPrice
Eon Concepts Wireless HeadphoneEon Concepts Wireless Headphone4.2 Check Price
ZWS Tech Bluetooth HeadphonesZWS Tech Bluetooth Headphones4.0 Check Price
Zarsonn USB C EarphonesZarsonn USB C Earphones4.2 Check Price
Bang And Olufsen Bio play E8 3rdBang And Olufsen Bioplay E8 3rd Gen Headphones4.2 Check Price
Skullcandy Push True Wireless EarbudsSkullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds4.4 Check Price

1. Eon Concepts Wireless Headphone – Best Overall

Our top pick is the Eon concepts of wireless headphones that have an ergonomic design. Additionally, this headphone has a stylish look, and it has a different design than others. Besides, the Eon wireless headphones will pair with other audio devices easily.

Eon Concepts Wireless Headphone

Moreover, the eon concepts headphone is convenient to connect, and they will connect once both of the earbuds are on.

Best of all, the eon concepts headphones are compatible with all Android as well as iOS devices. Furthermore, the Eon headphones will provide you a feature to attend to calls.

What’s more? The eon headphones have comfortable ear tips and hooks. The eon comfortable audio device has impressive construction, and they have surround sound.

Apart from the sound quality of the eon headphone, you will have durable quality. These earbuds will last for a long time, and it has additional ear tips that you can buy separately.

Other than that, the eon headphone will come with two extra ear hooks. You can adjust the ear tips so they don’t fall out of the ears.

Other Key Features

And that’s not all, the eon headphones have a wireless connection, and eon has rich bass. These earbuds have a strong wireless connection. It will not disconnect even if the phone is 17 feet away.

What’s else? The eon concepts Bluetooth headphone has a long battery life of 12 hours. This audio device will last for 4 hours, and it has the quickest charging option. With these eon earbuds, you will have 4 hours of playtime.

However, if the piercing is not new, you shouldn’t wear earbuds for more than 1 hour. Take some breaks in between, and you must buy wireless headphones. This eon concept earbuds will connect automatically once you take them out of the case.

Besides, these eon headphone company is offering money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, if there is any defect in the earbuds, you can replace them.

Lastly, the eon headphone offers impressive sound quality and magnetic tips. These earbuds have the best connectivity range and comfortable ear tips.

  • Magnetic headphone
  • Comfortable
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • No cons to mention

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2. ZWS Tech Bluetooth Headphones – Best Seller

Next, we have the best-seller, ZWS Tech Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones of ZWS has a rechargeable battery and long playtime. With the ZWS headphone, you will have a standby time of 360 hours.

ZWS Tech Bluetooth Headphones

Best of all, the ZWS headphones will last for 11 hours, and they will quickly charge in 2 hours only. In addition, this ZWS headphone is comfortable, and it has sweat-resistant material.

Furthermore, these headphones are ideal for jogging, running, as well as other sports activities. The ZWS headphone will not fall out of the ear.

Besides, these headphones of ZWS will provide a wide Bluetooth connection range.

Do you know ZWS has a Bluetooth connection range of 33 feet, hard to find in any other audio device?

With the ZWS headphone, you can attend to calls. Apart from that, this headphone will provide a magnetic design that lessens the chances of losing ZWS.

Other Key Features

Above all, the ZWS headphone is convenient to carry, and it has a wire that will hang around the neck.

Overall, the ZWS headphone is comfortable and lightweight. This headphone of ZWS has silicone ear tips that make them the best headphones for Daith piercing.

Lastly, the neckband design of ZWS is ideal for gym workouts and cardio sessions.

  • Comfortable fitting
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Sweatproof and durable
  • No cons

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3. Zarsonn USB C Earphones – Most Comfortable

Next, we have the most comfortable earphones by zarsonn. These earphones have a superior sound quality, and it has stereo sound. Moreover, it has the hi-fidelity adapters that will make the listening experience even more pleasurable.

Zarsonn USB C Earphones

Other than that, the zarsonn earphones have a dynamic range, and it has an audio chip that supports DAC decoding.

Besides, zarsonn has a dynamic range, and your ears will have a comfortable listening experience.

And that’s not all; the zarsonn earphones have a passive noise cancelation feature. Even if you are sitting in a noisy environment, the zarsonn will block all the background noises.

With these earphones, you will have a convenient fitting. In fact, these earphones will provide a convenient hands-free calling option.

Other Key Features

So if you just had a Daith piercing, then zarsonn is the best option to buy. These earbuds have a comfortable fitting and ergonomic ear tips.

For instance, you can use the zarsonn earbuds while cycling, driving, and jogging. These earbuds are ideal for working out because they don’t fall out of the ears.

Additionally, with the Daith piercing earbuds, you will have wide compatibility. These earbuds of zarsonn are compatible with many android devices. However, the zarsonn is not compatible with all iOS smartphones.

  • Comfortable design
  • Wide connectivity range
  • Noise cancelation feature
  • Not compatible with all iOS devices

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4. Bang And Olufsen Bio play E8 3rd Gen Headphones – Longest Battery Life

Next, we have long battery life headphones that are ideal for those who listen to music for a long time. In fact, the bang and Olufsen headphones have a long battery of 23 hours. However, the playtime of bang and Olufsen is 7 hours.

Bang And Olufsen Bioplay E8 3rd Gen Headphones

Other than that, the bang and Olufsen headphones have a special wireless connection. Best of all, these headphones of bang and Olufsen come with a carrying case. The carrying case of bang and Olufsen is not having a simple case but a leather case.

On the other side, Olufsen headphones have signature sound quality. You will have superior sound with impressive bass. And that’s not all; bang and Olufsen come with a transparent mode.

Further, the bang and Olufsen headphones are conveniently compatible with all android and iOS devices.

Besides, it comes with a Bluetooth connection of 5.1, and you will have incredible battery life.

Other Key Features

We like the bang and Olufsen headphones because it doesn’t drain the battery quickly.

Using these earbuds, you will have a secure Bluetooth connection and supreme sound quality. More than that, you will have a compact shape of a headphone that doesn’t disturb the Daith piercing.

Overall, the bang and Olufsen earphones are better than their prior models. This 3rd generation headphone is compatible with all smartphones that have 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity.

Lastly, you need to press the earphones for 5 seconds while pairing it with any device. The band and Olufsen is one of the best headphones for Daith piercing with comfortable fitting.

  • Signature sound quality
  • Compact shape
  • Long playtime of 35 hours
  • No cons

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5. Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds – Most Portable

Lastly, we have the most portable headphones by Skullcandy. This audio device is ideal for those people who have sensitive ears after piercing.

Moreover, Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds are lightweight, and it provides the best fitting.

With the Skullcandy headphone, you can work with more pleasure and listen to songs for a long time. The Skullcandy has an ergonomic design, and it will fit perfectly on all ears.

On the other side, you will have 12 hours of playtime with the skull candy earbuds. Besides, the talk-time of the Skullcandy earbuds is 3 hours. With the Skullcandy earbuds, you will have intuitive controls, and it is compatible with iOS as well as android phones.

What’s more, it has a wide connection, and Skullcandy comes with a portable carrying case. You can carry the skull candy earbuds conveniently in their case while traveling.

Other Key Features

What’s special about the skull candy earbuds? It has a simple controlling option, and you can attend calls with them. These earbuds will help you to play tracks with a one-touch controlling feature.

On the other side, you can reject the calls and change the music track as well. Indeed, the Skullcandy headphone is the best headphones for daith piercing because it has impressive features.

Best of all, Skullcandy’s headphones have excellent reviews from its customers. With these headphones, you will have punchier bass and superior sound quality.

All in all, the Skullcandy earbuds have crystal clear sound and no distortion. Lastly, Skullcandy is the most durable and comfortable earbuds to buy.

  • Durable quality
  • Punchier bass
  • Comfortable ear tips
  • Bit pricey

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Frequently Asked Question’s

Are All The Headphones Suitable For Wearing With Daith Piercing?

No all types of headphones are not suitable for daith piercing. We recommend buying wireless headphones to have a comfortable listening experience. Moreover, the wired headphones might cause inconvenience or stuck up with the piercing.

Which Are The Most Comfortable Headphones To Wear With Daith Piercing?

One of the most comfortable headphones to wear with daith piercing is Zarsonn USB C Earphones. These headphones have a comfortable design, and you can wear them for a longer time. Apart from the comfort level, you will have impressive sound quality with the zarsonn headphones.

Which Are The Best Headphones To Wear On Daith Piercing?

Some of the best headphones to wear on daith piercing are the following:

  • Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds – Most Portable
  • Bang And Olufsen Bio play E8 3rd Gen Headphones – Longest Battery Life
  • Zarsonn USB C Earphones – Most Comfortable
  • ZWS Tech Bluetooth Headphones – Best Seller
  • Eon Concepts Wireless Headphone – Best Overall

Should I Wear Earbuds Or Headphones With Daith Piercing?

Earbuds are comfortable to wear with daith piercing. Besides that, you will not have fatigue with the earbuds. Best of all, earbuds are convenient to wear even if the daith piercing is new. Moreover, you need to buy lightweight and comfortable earbuds that don’t hurt your daith piercing.

Does Headphones Causes Pain With Daith Piercing?

Yes, headphones that aren’t portable will cause pain in the Daith piercing. Besides, you should wear headphones once the piercing area is completely healed. In fact, you need to wait for a few weeks, so the wound of piercing is healed completely, and then wear headphones.

To Sum Up

All in all, we have piled up the most comfortable headphones for daith piercing that will not cause pain. Moreover, the best headphones for daith piercing have a compact shape and lightweight material in our review.

And that’s not all; the headphones for daith piercing in our list have the latest features. Moreover, the sound quality of headphones is superior as well as portable. Other than that, we picked out the in-ear design as it is more comfortable than over-ear audio headphones for piercing.

Lastly, the headphones for daith piercing that we have in our review have a wide price range. Therefore, you will surely find one headphone that fits in your budget.

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