Best Headphones For Sim Racing Reviews 2022 – [Top Picks]

Gaming headphones are available in a wide price range by several brands now. However, it is not easy to pick out one headphone that consists of all the features and fits in your budget. Subsequently, you can consider the list of the best headphones for sim racing from our review.

Sim racing is a popular game that includes real-world variables, including fuel refilling, suspension settings, tire wear and repairing, and much more. If you are a fan of this game, you need to choose a headphone with great sound quality. No doubt, the graphics, and audio of the sim racing are incredible, and you need to choose the right gear for having a quality gaming period.

All the headsets in our review have their good and ruthless sides. We are going to review them with all their features in detail for your ease. So without any delay, let’s dig into it!

Top Picks of Best Headphones For Sim Racing [Gamer’s Recommended]

Phillips Audio Fidelio X2 HR Over-Ear Headphones Phillips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Headphones4.8 Check Price
Audio Technica ATHM 50 XBTAudio Technica ATHM 50 XBT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones4.6 Check Price
Philips Audio Hifi Precision Audio Speakers Philips Audio Hifi Precision Audio Speakers4.8 Check Price
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Headphones4.5 Check Price
Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones4.5 Check Price

1. Phillips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Headphones – Best Choice Overall

Our top pick on the best headphones for sim racing is from the Philips brand. This headphone has hi-res audio certification, and you will have a wide frequency response too. Best of all, it has the engineered double-layer shells and speaker platers with the pre-titled.

Phillips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Headphones

Product Specifications

  • 3D mesh material
  • Adjustable headband
  • 50 mm drivers
  • Breathable finishing on the ear cups
  • Great clamping force
  • Great sound and punchier bass
  • Exceptional audio reproduction

Best of all, it has 50mm neodymium drivers and a diaphragm with LMC. You will have an acoustic open-back headphone, and it has a 3.5mm connector.

As well, this headphone has the deluxe memory foam padding and breathable finishing for keeping the ears cool. And the best part? It has a 3D mesh material with a leather headband that is completely adjustable.


This headphone has great quality, but it is made from plastic material. However, it has a headband with a metal material. You will have an adjustable headband, and it has soft padding on the earcups. Also, it comes with the clamping force that will provide the most accurate fitting. And the best part? You will not have any pressure on the head after wearing it for a long time.

Audio Quality

This headset comes with the Fidelio X2HR and impressively balanced sound. You will have ample bass, and it has a punchier sound than other headphones. Also, you will have an impressive midrange. It comes with impressive sound quality.

Other Features

This headphone has an open-back design, and you will have a great audio reproduction. As well, this headphone has great accuracy for the racing sounds, and you will have impressive spatial awareness as well.

  • Impressively balanced sound
  • Great audio reproduction
  • Comfortable
  • Bit heavy

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2. Audio Technica ATHM 50 XBT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Best Large Drivers

Next up, we have audio Technica headphones that have a wireless connection. Likewise, you will have acclaimed sonic performance, and you will get incredible touch controls. Not only that, it has a voice assist sensitivity with 99 decibels.

Audio Technica ATHM 50 XBT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Product Specifications

  • Built-in mic
  • Amazing controls
  • Impressive sound stage
  • Great studio monitors
  • Prodigious clamping force
  • High treble
  • Impressive passive noise isolation
  • Balanced signature sound

Besides, this headphone comes with a built-in mic and button controls. You will have an easy handling system for music playback, and you can adjust the volume without taking off the headphone.

And that’s not all; you will have large 45mm drivers with the most amazing sound clarity. As well, you will have a USB charging cable and a carrying pouch with it.


This headphone from the audio Technica comes with an impressive design, and you will have the best kind of studio monitor. In addition, this headphone has a dense metal frame. Moreover, you will have a headphone that doesn’t break easily. This headphone comes with thicker padding on the earcups for comforting the ears.

Audio Quality

As well, it has an impressive sound stage, and you will have the most excellent low-end sound with the punchier bass. Additionally, this headphone has a midrange that will be great for listening to the audio of gaming easily. It comes with a higher treble and balanced sound overall.

Other Features

This headphone from the audio Technica comes with impressive passive isolation. Besides, you will have a great soundstage, and it has a closed-back design. Furthermore, you will have a balanced sound signature quality, which makes it the best headphone for gaming.

  • Higher treble
  • Striking design
  • Impressive passive isolation
  • Expensive

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3. Philips Audio Hifi Precision Audio Speakers – Best Stereo Over-Ear Headphones

We have other headphones from Philips that has 50mm, neodymium drivers. Furthermore, you will have a great spectrum of sound, and it comes with a long cable of 1.5m. Besides, the headphone has comfortable dual-layer padding.

Philips Audio Hifi Precision Audio Speakers

Product Specifications

  • Wide frequency range
  • Great impedance level
  • Most natural sounding
  • Highly lightweight headphones
  • Exceptional clamping force
  • Punchier bass
  • Durable plastic material

Not only that, you will have a headphone connection with the neodymium magnetic type. In fact, it has an impedance level of 32 ohms.

Also, it has a sensitivity level of 101 decibels and a speaker diameter of 50mm with 12 to 35 k hertz frequency.


This headphone of Philips has an incredible over-ear open-back design. Besides, you will have affordable headphones but with the most durable construction. This headphone has durable plastic material, and it will withstand the abuse.

Audio Quality

Best of all, you will have a headphone with punchier bass, and you will have most natural sounding. Also, it has a great treble and midrange. Not only that, it has precise audio, and you will have unique sounds which will make the gaming experience better.

Other Features

This headphone is lightweight and highly comfortable. You will have supple earpads, and it has great clamping force. You can wear the headphone for a long time without any inconvenience.

  • Highly comfortable
  • Punchier bass
  • Most natural sounding
  • Not so breathable earpads

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4. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Headphones – Best Detachable Cable Headphones

This impressive headset from Beyerdynamic comes with an open studio reference, and you should buy this headphone mastering, gaming, and listening to music. This headphone is made in Germany, and you will have 45mm, tesla drivers.

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Headphones

Product Specifications

  • Mini XLR connectors
  • Detachable cable
  • Nominal sound pressure level
  • Balance sound
  • Punchier bass
  • Aesthetic design
  • Positional sound

As well, this headphone has mini XLR connectors with a detachable cable. And the best part? It has replaceable earpads, and you will have comfortable headphones for long hours of use.

And that’s not all, you will have the nominal sound pressure level, which is 102 dB, and you will have 2 earpads with well-balanced sound characteristics. This headphone comes with a 3m cable, and you will have a premium hard case and wired connectivity.


This stunning headset from the Beyerdynamic comes with an aesthetic design. Best of all, you will have the most superior quality. This headphone has high-end material, and it is not heavy at all. Besides, the headphone might be tighter, but you will have the most comfortable earpads.

Audio Quality

This headphone of Beyerdynamic is offering the most balanced audio, and it has punchy bass as well. You will have the best midrange and most accurate sound. As well, you will have a wide frequency range and great treble. Indeed, this headphone will serve you for many years, and you will have the wired connectivity, which makes the sound even more impressive to hear.

Other Features

This headphone is offering premium quality, and you will have a great backplate that will provide the most impressive positional audio.

  • Balanced sound quality
  • Most aesthetic design
  • Wired connectivity
  • Very expensive

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5. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Best Alexa Voice Control

This headphone from bose comes with incredible three levels of noise cancellation. Moreover, you will have the best listening experience. In fact, you will have a headphone that has a built-in Alexa, and you will have simple controls.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Product Specifications

  • Minimalistic design
  • The active noise cancellation feature
  • Plastic construction
  • Wide compatibility
  • Balanced audio
  • Personalized sound
  • Cancels the sound up to the great extent
  • Durable headphone

And the best part? It comes with noise rejecting technology, and you will have a balanced audio performance. You will have a headphone with hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, and it will provide the option of personalized settings.

In addition, you will have an innovative audio version, and you will have wide compatibility with the phone, tablets, and other gaming devices.


This headphone has a minimalistic design, and it has plastic construction. As well, you will have a headphone that is quite flexible and durable overall. You will have a metal headband and a durable frame for making it last longer.

Audio Quality

This headphone of bose is quite impressive and worth buying. Besides, you will have the most prominent sound and higher bass with a good midrange. Best of all, you will have an accurate sound, and it will give the most pleasant listening experience.

Other Features

This headphone is quite versatile, and you will have an active noise cancellation feature for providing the most immersive gaming experience. And that’s not all; you will have a versatile headset with excellent sound reproduction.

  • Durable plastic built
  • Well balanced sound stage
  • Flexible and durable headphone
  • No padding on the headband

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Buying Guide of Best Headphones

Many people ask what should look like in the wireless headphones that are perfect for sim racing. So here we are going to describe to you all the essential features. Let’s start!

Best Headphones For Sim Racing

Designed For Gaming 

The headphones that are designed for gaming will be perfect for sim racing too. You have to choose headphones that have exceptional audio quality. As well, the headphones should have a cost-effective price. The headphones in our guide will offer the best value for the price.

The headphone should be able to play the music and let you attend the calls too. For instance, the headphones should be ideally designed for gaming to provide an exceptional gaming experience.

And the best thing, the audio aspect of the headphone should never be overlooked. You have to focus on the headphone’s sound as you want to hear all the sounds easily. Besides, the headphones should be able to produce the most exceptional sound so you can beat the enemies. The headphones for gaming lets you hear all the minimal sounds with crisper clarity.

The headphones made to enhance the TV sound system and other devices’ audio should have exceptional sound drivers. The headphones that are made for connecting with the other gaming devices should have the most high-quality sound.

Comfort Factor

The headphones come in different sizes, and you have to consider them carefully. The headphones should have the right shape as per your comfort. Moreover, you will have earbud-style options and over-ear headphone-style headphones in the market. Nevertheless, you have to choose the headphones that fit perfectly on your ear, and over-ear headphones are the best choice.

On the other side, you have to choose the sim racing headphones that will fit over the ear and block the external noise. For instance, the over-ear racing headphones will provide the utmost comfort. If you find a headphone with too tight clamping force, then it will not be pleasant to use. The comfort of headphones depends on the cushioning that is present inside the headphone’s ear cups.

The earbuds are not much comfortable to wear for a long time. You will have sore ears with headphones that have in-ear style. You will not have the best results with headphones that do not fit in your ears for several hours. Therefore, the comfort level of the headphone is fundamental.

Build Quality

Another thing that you have to highly consider is the built quality. The headphones should have durable construction, so they last for a long time. The headphones should come with high-quality material.

The gaming headphones are worn for several hours a day, and you have to choose the headset that can last for a year almost. The poor-quality headphones will not last for a much longer time.

The small knocks or bumps on the headphones will make them prone to breakage. Thus, you have to consider headphones that do not have poor construction. Because the poor quality headphones will eventually break, and you have to buy another headset after a few weeks.

The solid-quality headphones will be lasting for a long time. You have to also consider the size and weight of them. The headphones that are heavy will not offer the best comfort. Even your head will start hurting, and you would not be able to use them for a long duration.

Also, the headset for gaming should have padding on the headband, so the clamping force does not put much pressure on the head.

Wireless vs. Wired: Which Is Better?

The wireless or wired headphones always make the users confused. Therefore, you have to choose the headphones as per your usage.

The headphones with the wired will let you stay at one place and use them while sticking with one device. On the contrary, you will have wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology and a wide range. You will not struggle with the cord, and it will let you move freely.

And the best thing? You will have headphones with Bluetooth technology as the most reliable option. There will be no wires, and you will have the freedom to use them or attach them to the device. The headphone with the Bluetooth technology is surely better for sim racing. However, the only flaw that you will be facing with the wireless headphones is the battery life.

The battery lifespan of the BT headphones is essential to have a look. Thus, you have to look at the headphones that offer at least a battery life of 15 hours or more. You have to choose the headphone that does not die once you start enjoying your gaming session.

Though the charging time should be considered. The headphones of good brands will have a short time of charging, and you will have the best hindering racing experience to boost up the power.

Compatibility & Customization

The compatibility of the headphone is another crucial aspect to gaze upon. You have to choose a headset that is compatible with your gaming device. For example, some gaming consoles require specific types of headphones only. So ensure which kind of headphone is compatible with your device.

No doubt, the headphones that are made to use with the computer will not be an issue at all. You will have a jack of 3.5 mm. Or, if the headphones have a 2.5 mm jack, then you can use the adapter with it.

The pc will never cause a compatibility issue. Instead of regretting later, you should pick out the headphones that are having compatibility with your device. Also, check the description of the headphone by the manufacturer.

Another thing that will provide a fantastic functional experience is customization. You have to choose the headset that offers simple inline controls. For instance, the headphone should have a simple volume controlling feature. Additionally, you can choose the headset that offers noise canceling levels.

Apart from that, there are some headphones that offer treble, high bass, and other switches. You will be able to customize the headphones easily that provides a suitable customization feature.

Too Many Options

But it is not good to have a headphone that comes with too many options. You have to choose a headphone that provides the right buttons for gaming. Too many buttons will confuse the user. You will not have to enjoy usage time, and it will be trouble to find the right button.

So if you do not want a headphone that offers a plethora of features, you will have to cut down on the price. The headphones will be having a higher price tag if the overall price increases. Consider a headphone that provides the right functioning yet simplistic controls.

Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation headphones

Serious gamers should prefer headphones with noise cancellation. The noise cancellation will increase the price tag. However, the headphones that have the ANC feature will be consuming more battery than the regular headphones.

The headphones with noise cancellation will provide the comfiest gaming experience. You will be able to hear every gaming sound. Also, the headphone will keep the user free of distractions, and you will be playing peacefully in the noisy environment.

A Good Mic

A good mic is essential to have in a gaming headphone. You have to choose the headphone that let you communicate with the other gamers. The headphone’s mic should have good quality, and you will be able to use the headphones’ mic to attend the calls.

For instance, you will have the best live experience with the headphones that have a mic. You can make new friends. As well, you will have the easiest way to communicate with others. The other gaming partner can you aware of the enemy instantly.

However, the headphones that are made for racing usually do not have a mic. Also, you can skip this feature if you want a headset for listening to the sounds only. In fact, introverts who do not like to make friends while gaming should not consider headphones. On the other side, you do not have to worry about the headphones mic because the mics are available separately as well.

Apart from that, you can choose the headphones as per your gaming style. The headphones that come for playing the low latency games will not come with a microphone. You can select the headphones with the cheaper price tag if it does not offer the boom mic. The headphones with the corded mic will require you to use the mic while bringing it close to your mouth.

Though the low latency headphones will be informing you late about the stuff happening in the game, for instance, you will have the cheaper headphones with a noticeable delay in the sound delivery and receiving. Unfortunately, you will have much lagging and poor gaming experience with the low latency headphones.


The last feature is the price tag of headphones. You will have the best option to purchase the headphones from the sale period. Or you can choose affordably priced headphones. The excellent brand’s headphones will have a higher price tag, but you will find a wide variety of headphones to choose from.

The headphones at an affordable price will still offer you good specs. For instance, you will have some cheaper options as well. However, do not compromise on the sound quality, comfort, longevity, and other needed features. The headphones with the premium features like ANC will have a higher price tag. Do not go with a very low price tag because the quality of headphones will become deficient at that point.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Is A Gaming Headset With 7.1 Surround Sound Worth Buying?

The gaming headsets usually have to surround sound or stereo sound quality. However, you can prefer headphones with the 7.1 surround sound for the best gaming audio quality. You will find the surround sound headphones expensive than the other kinds of headphones, but they are completely worth it.

Why Is Comfort Necessary To Consider While Buying Headphones?

The comfort of headphones is a crucial feature to consider because you will be wearing them for a long time. Moreover, the headphones should be comfortable yet lightweight, so it doesn’t cause headache or neck strain. Another essential feature to look at is the construction of the headphones. Do not buy very lightweight headphones because they won’t be durable enough to last long.

What Is The Most Important Feature To Consider While Buying Headphones For Gaming?

No doubt, sound quality is the most important feature to look at while buying headphones. You need to look at the features of headphones so they can provide the best gaming experience. For instance, you have to consider the drivers of headphones. The bass and treble of headphones should be prominent, and it will define the overall audio quality of the headphones. With the fuller sound, you will have addictive gaming sessions.

Should I Buy Headphones With Open Or Closed-Back Design?

You can choose the open-back headphones for the sim racing because they will provide a more immersive gaming experience. As well, you need to choose headphones that don’t leak sound and disturb others. Apart from that, if you want headphones that can provide complete noise cancellation, then choose the closed-back design.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s it for our review of the best headphones for sim racing. You have seen the five stunning options from the top-notch headphone brands. As well, you need to choose to consider your comfort level while buying headphones between the wired and wireless options. Besides, the headphones for sim racing should have the clearest audio quality, so you hear all the sounds and have a blissful gaming experience.

So which headset are you going to buy? You can comment below. Thank you for the read

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