The Best Headphones for Sports Workout 2022 Picks

Music is an important part of sports. From memorable Super Bowl halftime shows to setting the mood during training sessions, music is a great motivator.

It can also help athletes focus before a big game. For example, LeBron James can often be seen with a pair of Beats by Dre on his head before a game, doubtless looking to improve his concentration pre-game. Has it worked? The Lakers are currently behind plenty of their rivals with basketball oddsmakers Ladbrokes, so perhaps he needs to turn the volume up on those motivational beats. He’s not the only one to block out distractions pre-game though; soccer star Neymar is often seen with his own pair of headphones before matches to help get him into the game. His Paris St Germain side are hunting Champions League glory this season, and they’ll need their Brazilian star focused and ready.

Of course, amateur athletes might not need to worry about being distracted by a stadium full of fans, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from a good playlist during a workout. Runners World gives us plenty of reasons why runners might benefit from listening to music, but it can also help during weight training sessions or while on a cardio machine. If you plan to take your headphones out on a run or to the gym, you’ll want one that is sturdy enough that they won’t break on you, but there are plenty of other factors to consider.

If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, here are some of our top recommendations.

The Best Headphones for Sports

Bose SoundSport Wireless

If you like ear-in headphones while working out, then the Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones are one of the best on the market. They are comfortable, provide excellent sound quality, and have an impressive range so you don’t have to have your phone in your pocket the whole time at the gym. They have a wire connecting the two buds, which can get in the way while working out but also makes it less likely that you’ll lose one of the earbuds. The downside, however, comes in the price tag. These are among the most expensive entry-level headphones out there, but if you really need to have the best possible sound quality, this is your best bet.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro

The JBL Reflect Flow has been a mainstay among athletes for years now, but the Pro version of that headphone adds plenty of features that may be the difference for athletes. They are some of the best noise-canceling earbuds you can buy, which makes them great for the gym but probably not the best for runners on the road. The sound quality is also an improvement over the base model, though, again, you’ll be paying more for the jump in quality. The Reflect Flow Pro is also a separate pair of earbuds without the wire connecting them, making them a bit more lightweight when working out than other models.

Panasonic RZ-S500W

This is one of the more affordable wireless headphones on the market. The RZ-S500W has great battery life, making it perfect for long runs when you’re training for a marathon or for multiple gym sessions. These headphones also have excellent touch controls, allowing you to change music or podcasts without pulling your phone out. They charge exceptionally fast, with a quick 15-minute boost offering over 70 minutes of use. The downside is that the earbuds themselves don’t always provide the snuggest fit. Although they come with several different sizes of tips to choose from, it can take some experimenting to find the one that is perfect for your ear. We found ourselves pushing them back into our ears several times while out on runs. However, for the price, the sound quality is great, making this one of the best options for athletes on a budget.

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