Bose SoundSport Wireless Review 2022 – [Best Sports Earbuds]

In our bose soundsport wireless review, you will get all the details about these earbuds. Also, you will know why these earbuds are great for the sports enthusiasts. No doubt, these earbuds are comfortable, and you can wear them to the gym as well. Due to its stability, they will not fall from the ears while moving.

However, bose is an American company that is making audio equipment since 1964. And they have high-end prices because of its fantastic sound quality. So you cannot compare the quality of sound produced by bose with any other headphone brand.

The bose earbuds are breathable enough, and you will have a great stereo sound experience as well. It has well-balanced bass, and the in-ear design will make you listen to music for a long time. Also, bose sound sport has excellent quality. And these are the best portable earbuds that will come with a cute carrying case.

Feature of the Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphone 2022

The bose soundsport headphones have several features. And this wireless product has a high-price. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the essential things that you need to know.

Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds

  • Style

This headphone has a sleek design. Also, you can buy this headphone in any color as per your choice. This brand is offering a wide variety of colors. Plus, the premium look of this headphone will attract others.

Moreover, this headphone has an average weight, but they aren’t much lightweight. Also, these headphones will stay in place once you put them in your ears. Usually, this headphone is wireless, and people often buy it for use at the gym or while running.

  • Comfort

Now, if we talk about the comfort of the bose soundsport wireless review, it is quite comfortable. You can wear this headphone for several hours, and your ear will not hurt. Some of the in-ear headphones go inside the ear canal, and that causes pain in your ears.

Besides that, this headphone has stayed here + ear tips that accommodate the ear canal. Some of the earbuds distort while your walk or run, but you won’t face this issue with this headphone. And the bose ensures that the customer gets fully satisfied with their products. So the in-ear design will never distort the audio even when you are working out with these headphones.

  • Breathability

The next feature of this headphone is the incredible breathability that will keep your ears free of moisture. No doubt, the entire headphones make the ears bit warmer but will help to maintain the right balance. And the warmth created by these headphones is neglect able. Plus, this headphone will not make the ears hotter as other headphones do.

  • Price

The Bose has pricey products, and this headphone has a high price as well. You will have the bose sound sport in 150 pounds. But these headphones will provide amazing features that you can’t find in any other headphone. The price of this headphone is not budget-friendly because it has terrific sound quality.

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality of this headphone is incredibly impressive. It has a solid bass and stereo sound quality. Also, this headphone will deliver a crisp, clear sound in every environment. But this headphone doesn’t have the aptX support system.

Besides that, as these headphones are fabulous for sports and the gym, you will hear the best sound while working out.

  • Battery Life

The battery life of sound sport is not the best. But you can hear music with this headphone for three days. And after a week, you will need to rest these earphones and let them charge through a USB cable.

If you are disappointed by the bose soundsport wireless battery life, don’t worry. This headphone gets charged quickly. It has a port on the left side that will allow you to charge the headphone. It will be charged fully in less time than other headphones on the market.

  • Control

Another thing you need to know about the bose soundsport wireless review is the controlling system. It is easy to use and has a mic for listening to the call. Also, you can control the music with this headphone. Plus, this headphone has a volume control option. And the feedback of the bose sound sport is excellent.

Bose SoundSport in-ear Headphones Review

Besides that, this bose sound sport true wireless headphone is not compatible with OS devices, doesn’t have any additional controls, and it will not offer the talk-through feature. Other than that, you will have large buttons to control the music. And the buttons of this headphone respond quickly. if you are a music lover so don’t miss to check our latest smule headphones post.

  • Portability

Next, comes the portability of this headphone. It comes with a carrying case that you can carry anywhere with you. No doubt, this headphone is a bit larger than other headphones, but that is not a flaw. It can comfortably fit in the pocket and bag.

  • Case

The case of this headphone is like a pouch. And the material of the case is quite soft and small. This carrying case will help you to secure the headphone from scratch. Also, these headphone cases will increase durability. But the case of bose soundsport isn’t waterproof. And it will protect the headphone from heavy weight. The dimensions of this headphone are given below.

  • Length is 3.54inches
  • Width is 3.54 inches
  • Height is 1.38inches
  • Build Quality

The quality of this headphone is incredible. These headphones have sturdy plastic that will not break easily. Also, it has a decent audio cable that is durable as well. Besides that, this headphone is sweat proof. But do not put weight on this headphone as it makes break the earbuds.


Other than that, this in-ear headphone has a rubber coating to make them last longer. But we suggest the bose to make waterproof headphones as the sound sports headphone may not work correctly if the moisture gets inside it.

  • Stability

The stability of in-ear headphones matters a lot.  Nobody wants a headphone that falls from the ear every other minute. But in terms of stability, this headphone is quite stable. And you can wear them while doing an intense workout. Besides, it has stayed here + ear tips to mold into the shape of your ear.

  • Noise Isolation

The noise isolation feature of this headphone is just average. Due to the semi-open design, this headphone will not block the external noises properly. Moreover, this headphone will not give a clear, crisp sound quality if you are in traffic or crowd. It will only block the low noises.

Additionally, this headphone has a standard noise-canceling feature that will help you to block the chattering of other people. So you can buy this headphone while you are reading or doing any task on the laptop.

No doubt, the bose soundsport wireless review will cover the ear canal that will block some of the external noises. Also, you will be able to observe the other things if you wear the bose sound sport outside.

Specialty Of The Bose Sound Sport

These headphones are ideal for the sports enthusiast, and commuters as this headphone will never fall from the ear even when you are running on the treadmill. Also, this headphone has several colors available. Best of all, you can wear these headphones comfortably in the gym due to wireless technology. Also, the bose soundsport headphones are sweatproof. Other than that, soundsport earbuds have some flaws that we will discuss below.

Bose SoundSport Wireless

Pros And Cons Of The Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbud

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the bose sound sport wireless headphones.


  • Bose soundsport have a snug-fitting and excellent sound quality
  • Portable and comes with a carrying case
  • Noise-isolating headphone
  • Comfortable to wear for several hours
  • Breathable earbuds
  • Ideal headphones for commuting and sports
  • Less sound leakage than other earbuds
  • Great bass and quick charging with a USB cable


  • It has a high-end price
  • The durability of the earbud can be improved
  • Battery timing is short

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The Conclusion

Finally, after reading the bose soundsport wireless review, you will be able to know all about these headphones. So if you are looking for a headphone that you can use in the gym or while traveling, then it is the best option to buy. Best of all, these headphones are wireless, so you don’t need to hassle with the wires while working out.

More than that, the Bose headphones are portable and come in carrying cases that you can take anywhere. This compact headphone has a semi-open fitting to make the wearer more observant while commuting.

All in all, these bose sound sport true wireless headphones have excellent sound quality as well as fitting. And the bose soundsport will never slip from your ear even when running. The only major flaw this headphone has is the battery timing. Besides that, this headphone is offering great specs for its price.

We hope that you find purpose soundsport wireless review accommodating,

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