Best Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

The Mpow company is known for offering great specs in their headphones but at an affordable price. So if you are muddled to choose from several mpow headphones, then our guide will surely assist. We have created a list of the best mpow Bluetooth headphones that will not put a burden on your pocket.

Best of all, you will get wireless connectivity with the headphones but stunning audio. In fact, you will get the headphones with the active Noise-canceling feature to make the sound crystal clear. Above all, mpow offers the most durable quality headphones that have wide compatibility with phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 devices, etc.

Even you will have stylish designs and lightweight structures to carry the headphones easily. Some of the devices will have foldable structures even. You can effortlessly carry the headphones while traveling, and they come with a 1-year warranty. Let’s hop straight onto our top picks!

List of The Best Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Product NameImagesRatingPrice
Mpow H12 IPO Bluetooth Headphones Mpow H12 IPO Bluetooth Headphones4.8 Check Price
Mpow H21 Bluetooth Headphones Mpow H21 Bluetooth Headphones4.7 Check Price
Mpow 059 Headphones Mpow 059 Headphones4.7 Check Price
Mpow X3 BT Headphones Mpow X3 BT Headphones4.5 Check Price
Mpow M30 Noise Canceling Headphones Mpow M30 Noise Canceling Headphones4.5 Check Price

1. Mpow H12 IPO Bluetooth Headphones – Best Battery Life

Mpow H12 IPO Bluetooth Headphones

This headphone of mpow is unbeatable. That’s why we have kept it on the top. You will not have a hefty price, but the features might make you stunned. These headphones will be offering you a great balanced sound, good fitting, ergonomic ear cups, and much more.

Furthermore, you will have the great bass to enhance the listening experience of high notes. Best of all, you can listen to calls with these Bluetooth headphones. Apart from that, you will have a crystal clear sound quality with these headphones.

You are going to have fantastic noise cancelation. But wait! Do you know it is going to provide you the large sound drivers of 40mm? Plus, the sound drivers will be providing you the hi-fi audio.

Mpow H12 IPO Bluetooth Headphones Input

It will also provide you the active Noise-canceling feature, and the ambient noises can be blocked out completely from your background. Due to the ANC feature, the headphone is quite popular. For instance, it will cancel the Noise or airplane cabin, air conditioner, and more. Get these impressive headphones to enjoy listening to music, calls, podcasts, and much more for a long time.

Besides that, these mpow Noise-canceling requires a USB type c charging connection. This headphone will ultimately be charged in two hours. On the other side, you will get a 5.0 Bluetooth connection and foam protein cushions to comfort the ears.

  • ANC feature
  • Lightweight
  • Long playtime
  • Deep bass
  • Not good design

2. Mpow H21 Bluetooth Headphones – Best High-Quality Sound

Mpow 059 Headphones

Another budget-friendly headphones by mpow include the H21 headphones. These headphones are offering good specs, but it is not better than our top pick. You will get the best sound quality and fantastic fitting.

Besides, the headphone has premium quality with adjustable headband to comfort the user. More than that, it has the large drivers of 40 mm that will be delivering the booming audio. Best of all, you will have good mixing and spectacular bass.

And that’s not all; you will have the Noise canceling hybrid technology with the headphone. It can block the sound up to 32 dB. On the other side, it comes with high-quality sound, and you can listen to calls or podcasts with utmost clarity.

These headphones will be the best option for long listening sessions, and you do not need to charge them every other day. It will take 3 hours to charge completely.

Thankfully, you will be having high-quality sound, legendary long battery life, and super comfortable fitting. So what else do you need at a low price? Order now.

  • Super comfy to wear
  • Hybrid Noise-canceling technology
  • 65 hours battery
  • Good wireless connection
  • High price tag
  • Good design

3. Mpow 059 Headphones – Best For Casual Listening

Mpow 059 Headphones

These are the pricey headphones of mpow, and it comes with the superior earcups. You will not feel much weight on your head or pressure on the ears with them. Plus, it has leather padding on the earcups to keep the user comfortable for a long duration.

Apart from that, the headphones have a good amount of bass with a muffled sound. Besides, you will have headphones to listen to sound with fantastic clarity. And that’s not all; it comes with enjoyable audio features and long battery life.

This headphone will be offering 60 hours of usage time whether you are using it to listen to calls or music. Furthermore, it has a Bluetooth connection of 5.0, and you will get rock-solid sound. On the other side, it has playback buttons and a surprisingly good comfort level.

And the good news? It will come with a USB micro charging cable. Also, it is offering great value at such a low price. We highly recommend these headphones to casual listeners.

All in all, the headphone has plastic construction, and you will have clicky playback buttons with it. However, you can compromise on the inline controls to have other great features at an affordable price.

  • Good sound
  • Low price
  • Great fitting
  • Long listening time
  • Cheap plastic material

4. Mpow X3 BT Headphones – Get Better And Cheaper

Mpow X3 BT Headphones

Next up, we have the mpow earbuds that will be best for those who need a portable device for listening to calls, music, and more. You will get the headphones with an amazing uninspired design, and it has other spectacular features to offer.

Not only that, you will have a sound quality that is superb too. On the other side, the headphone offers the good sound quality, and the audio is quite balanced as well.

Likewise, you will enjoy listening to the shows, podcasts, and much more with it. Apart from this, you will have the low-frequency sound and active Noise-canceling feature.

And that is not all! These mpow headphones have a battery of 27 hours with the USB type C charging cable, and you will have the capacitive touch areas. In fact, it comes with the simplest playback controls.

Overall, you will get the best playback controls and good sound quality. Also, it is offering the best value, so you do not need to concern about its specs while purchasing it. Besides, it will require a USB c charging cable to easily charge and lasts for more than 20 hours. Get these best mpow earbuds 2021 if you want the outstanding case and wireless portable headphones.

  • Design is quite compact
  • Amazing playback controls
  • Well balanced sound
  • USB type C cable
  • Charging is not wireless

5. Mpow M30 Noise Canceling Headphones – Best Ergonomic Design Headphones

Mpow M30 Noise Canceling Headphones

If you need true wireless headphones, then purchasing the mpow x3 headphones. These headphones are indeed worth buying, and you will get highly impressive headphones. Not only that, it provides you spectacular features at the reasonable price tag.

And the best thing? It offers the Noise canceling feature and outstanding audio quality. You will love the well-balanced sound of these headphones, and they will provide you fantastic audio. On the other side, it will let you enjoy the audio the most.

You will love their durability because these headphones have a 25 hours long battery life and come with a charging case. Surely, these are the best mpow headphones for calls due to their portability.

And that’s not all; you will have a stunning wireless experience of listening to music and calls with these headphones. In fact, it comes within several color options.

All in all, these headphones will offer decent sound, ergonomic fitting, excellent comfort, and several other spectacular color options.

  • Good color options
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent comfort level
  • Decent sound quality
  • It does not offer Noise-canceling features.

Buying Guide – Things To Know About The Best Mpow Headphones

Before we tell you about the major considerations while choosing the mpow headphones, let’s discuss the popularity of mpow headphones. The headphones of mpow are innovative, and there a several models at an affordable price.

In fact, you will be stunned to have all the advanced features in the headphones, and they will provide you an amazing revolutionary design. All the other companies of headphones will never offer you the headphones at such an affordable price tag.

Buying Guide – Things To Know About The Best Mpow Headphones

The company is accommodating the needs of almost all headphone users. Even you will get the best sound quality and superb resources as well.

On the other side, you will have the best workmanship design with the mpow headphones. Therefore, you will never be disappointed with the headphones of mpow. Let’s delve into the buying guide now.

What Are The 3 Types Of Headphones?

There are three types of mpow headphones. You will have each of the headphone types with its advantages and disadvantages.


If you need the tinniest headphones, then you should go with the in-ear headphones. These headphones will be offering all the features but not the most fantastic bass. For instance, you will have convenient call listening and music playing time with these headphones.

Plus, it will provide you better noise isolation because the sound will go directly into your ear canal. And that’s not all; you will have convenient usage with the in-ear headphones.


The on-ear headphones will be comfortable because they will not be contouring the ears and will not make them warm. You will have headphones that will be staying above the ears so you can hear outside noises. The on-ear headphones will not provide the complete Noise-canceling feature.


Lastly, the over-ear headphones of mpow are the best choice for those who need to have the best bass. These headphones will offer complete coverage to your ears, and you will love the fitting, and it will contour the ears to block all the ambient noises.

So now it is over to you which type of headphones you will prefer and what will be your preference. These are the three types of earbuds that every company will offer.

Noise Isolation VS. Active Noise Cancellation

The headphones with noise isolation and active noise cancelation are not the same. For instance, the headphones will have the perfect noise cancellation feature and the best sound quality. You will have good bass with headphones, whether it has the noise isolation or noise cancellation feature.

The headphones with noise isolation will be dampening the external sounds while the Noise-canceling will be blocking the external sounds completely.

Open Vs. Closed Back

Open-Back Headphones Vs Closed-Back Headphones

Another aspect to ponder while choosing the mpow headphones is the open-backed or closed-back design. You have to consider the ear cups of the headphones in this case. The open back headphones will let the external Noise inside, but the closed back headphone will not let the external sound come in at any cost.

Even the closed back headphones will be perfect for those who need to cut back the external noises completely and listen to the sound with 100 percent clarity. For instance, these headphones will be the best choice for those who use the headphones in a noisy environment. On the other side, the open back headphones are good for home and studio use.

Apart from that, you will have phenomenal natural sound quality with the closed back headphones. Best of all, you will get the headphones with spectacular comfort, and they will not warm up the ears at all.

That’s all for our buying guide. Now you can pick out any headphones from our list to enjoy your tracks, calls, and much more.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What Makes The Mpow Headphones Good To Use?

Yes, the mpow headphones are good to use because they have a durable structure and unique features to offer. Moreover, you will have a headphone of plastic material, and it will be dense enough to absorb the shock. In fact, the headphone comes with the waterproof construction of IPX8 rating, and you will have the most stable fitting with the headphones.

For How Much Time Does Mpow Headphone Last?

The mpow headphones will last for at least 12 hours, and they take 4 hours to charge fully. Besides, it comes with the best power saving mode to save the battery if you are not using the Noise canceling feature. You can go with the mpow 059 headphones.

Are The Headphones Of Mpow Durable Enough?

Yes, the headphone will be durable enough, and it has the strong material. Plus, you will have a headphone with the most good looks if you are buying the mpow H5 headphone.

How To Check If My Headphones Are On Charging Or Not?

You can check the headphones if they are on charging or not by the red light. If the headphones are not charging, then you will not have any red light on them. It will be good to recharge the headphones when the battery is not entirely finished.

Which Are The Best Mpow Bluetooth Headphones To Buy In 2022?

The best mpow Bluetooth headphones to buy in 2022 are mentioned in our guide. You will have wireless connectivity with all of these headphones. Not only that, you will love to listen to calls with them, and the price tag is affordable.

The Conclusion

Finding the best mpow headphones will not be much easier because you have to dig into their features to make the right purchase. Well, now you will not hassle to make the right decision because we have elaborated it enough. You know what features to look at. Also, we have shown the headphones of mpow that have the best value to offer.

If you need our suggestion, then you can go with the mpow H12 IPO headphones. These headphones will offer a Bluetooth connection but amazing sound quality still. Plus, it will be providing you an amazing fitting and comfort.

And the best part? This headphone is not pricey at all. You will have a headphone that lasts for more than 30 hours with the active Noise canceling feature. Though its aesthetics are not the best you will surely meet your requirements with it.

Good luck! Thanks for visiting and reading the guide till the last.

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