Can You Use Earbuds As A Mic On Xbox One? – Ultimate Guide

Can you use earbuds as a mic on Xbox one? You will get the answer to your question is yes. Indeed, Xbox One is a great blessing to enjoy the gaming experience on your device. However, in the presence of earbuds working as a Mic on Xbox one is an additional enjoyment.

Best of all, it will be very fruitful and effective for you to enjoy the gaming experience if you go to spend on some unique and high-quality pair of earplugs. Furthermore, nowadays, the games are very famous due to modern and alluring musical tones and wonderful design.

On the other side, you will always remain to fail to get full pleasure from your gaming fun if you have no excellent and unique pair of earphones. To add your taste to using an earpiece as a mic on Xbox one, we will give here various earbuds. Let us dive here.

Can You Use Earbuds As A Mic On Xbox One?

Yes, indeed, you can use earbuds as a mic. For this purpose, the first step you will have is to make the connection of your earpieces into Xbox One controller. By doing this, you will see a left panel of your Xbox One opening on your screen.

Use Earbuds As A Mic On Xbox One

After acting upon the above points, you will reach the gear icon to see the settings menu. After that, you should go to the slider for the Mic, noticing carefully to make it silent. Here are some matchless and suitable earplugs that you can use on Xbox One.

Turtle Beach Battle Earbuds

Turtle Beach Battle Earbuds

These earbuds are one of the most unique and excellent items that are very useful in enjoying the gaming and audio experience. Moreover, these are effective brands from the Xbox One and PS4 matchless and unique earpieces and headphones.

These buds come with excellent material, good mids, and durable bass. Additionally, they take very matchless and effective, high-quality 10 mm speakers. Best of all, the item is available in the very lightweight. As a result, you can use these earpieces for an extended period.

More than that, you can use these earplugs in a very simple and easy way. In addition to this, these buds come with a multi-functional controller. You can very nicely and simply compromise with microphone and volume.

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

You can take this variety as another best and effective earbuds. Indeed, you will get a very positive result while using this brand as a mic on Xbox one. These buds are available in a very beautiful shape and attractive design. Due to the use of aluminum, these are very durable.

As far as these earbud’s sound quality is concerned, they come with thundering bass, which is very impressive and perfect to use as a mic on Xbox one. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the best audio quality while playing the game on the Xbox.

Best of all, It comes with 10 mm drivers. As a result, you can have more and additional audio experience on the earplugs. Of course, you can take it as a decent microphone to hear the game sound.

Audio Technical ATH-CKR55BTBK

Audio Technical ATH-CKR55BTBK

It is the best earbud to use as a mic on Xbox one. You can use it as a total performer. Except for the impressive and stunning built, these are also reliable for audio role and performance. It comes with 10 mm drivers that are very effective in providing excellent sound.

Best of all, these are available in wireless form. As a result, you will be able to get a very good result. You will not face any issues with navigation when playing. However, you should keep the point in your mind that you will have to fix a Bluetooth adapter while using it on the Xbox One.

These earbuds are very famous among those who do like the wire. Best of all, you can afford this item very easily due to the low price. These matchless earbuds are available for under fifty dollars which is not a very tight price.



Indeed, it is another wonderful variety of earphones. You can use these earphones as a mic on Xbox one to get your favorite results of audio. Best of all, these earplugs are available in various colors, including red, blue, and black. You can buy your favorite color item.

Moreover, these earbuds come with various-sized changeable earbud tips. As a result, you can replace your device with a new one very easily. Additionally, they come with a cloth pouch. You can take them wherever you wish.

So far as the audio performance of sony earpieces is concerned, they have 12mm, drivers. The bass of this item is very useful. Consequently, you can experience the games on your Xbox one nicely due to loud music. Plus, these provide you with a little bit of noise isolation.

Bluefire Wired Gaming Earbuds

Bluefire Wired Gaming Earbuds

No doubt, these wired earbuds with a suitable cable length of seven feet. Due to the extra length of cable, you can move your Xbox One wherever you wish while playing the game. It has a special design of providing complete isolation.

You can use these earpieces for many hours without boredom because they are very lightweight and comfortable. Best of all, you can enjoy the games on your Xbox One for a long session. Its microphone is very good and can rotate up to 120 degrees.

The drivers of these earbuds play a very positive part in providing a very sweet and clear sound. Moreover, this variety of earphones gives complete isolation and a very nice sound shock. Best of all, these are changeable and have the facility of medium, large and small silicon for perfect fitness.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have given a wide range of details to answer whether you can use earbuds as a mic on Xbox One. Indeed, you will enjoy the gaming experience on your Xbox one very effectively by following our given information about the earphones.

We have also discussed some unique variety of earbuds that will provide you with some extra sound and isolation results for additional enjoyment. For more information, write in the comments section. Thanks!

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