Best Dj Headphones Under 50 Reviews 2022 – Expert’s Guide

All DJs prefer to choose the headphones that can assist them in making the best soundtracks. However, it is not convenient for everyone to buy a high-priced headset. Further, you will have the best connection with music if the headphones offer the right specs. But now you can get the best Dj headphones under 50.

Out of several fantastic headphones, we chose those headphones which offer good sound drivers, utmost comfort, portability, punchy bass, and more. For the buyer’s ease, the manufacturers are making the headphones in an economical price range.

Below, we have gathered some perfect headsets for mixing, mastering, touring, or any other purpose. Check out the list!

Best Dj Headphones Under 50

The Best Dj Headphones Under $50 [Tested Picks]

Product NameImageOur ScorePrice
Audio Technica ATH M20 XAudio Technica ATH M20 X Professional Headphones For Studio And Dj90% Check Price
Pioneer HDJ 500 R Headphones Pioneer HDJ 500 R Headphones88% Check Price
Koss UR20 Over-EarKoss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones86% Check Price
Panasonic Full Size Lightweight Headphones Panasonic Full Size Lightweight Headphones86% Check Price
Samson Technologies SR 850Samson Technologies SR 850 Semi Open Back Headphones85% Check Price
Bopmen T3 Wired Over-Ear Headphone Bopmen T3 Wired Over-Ear Headphone80% Check Price

1. Audio Technica ATH M20 X Professional Headphones For Studio And Dj – Best Choice Overall

Audio Technica ATH M20 X Professional Headphones


  • Advanced build quality
  • 40 mm drivers
  • Circumaural design for contouring the ears
  • Excellent sound isolation
  • Connectivity technology is wired
  • Convenient signal side cable
  • Great for studio tracking and mixing

If you are familiar with the headphones company, then audio Technica must be in your mind. These headphones will provide you amazing specs.

Also, it will provide advanced build quality and amazing engineering for mixing and tracking. Moreover, you will have 40 mm drivers. Indeed, this headphone is ideal for those who want to watch movies, podcasts, or any other show.

Due to the large sound drivers, the headphone will be providing the best audio quality. As well, it comes with copper-clad aluminum wire coils. Plus, you will have the best-enhanced frequency performance with this headset.

And that’s not all; it is highly convenient for the DJs because it has a single-sided cable. You will have a fantastic studio tracking option, and it has wired connectivity technology. Indeed, it is worth including in the list. Get these now before they run of stock.

  • Large sound drivers
  • Amazing circumaural design
  • Low-frequency tracks
  • Wired connectivity technology
  • Bit bulky

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2. Pioneer HDJ 500 R Headphones – Best Interchangeable Cords

Pioneer HDJ 500 R Headphones


  • Great flexibility
  • Clear audio production
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Stylish design
  • Interchangeable cords
  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Rotating arm structure

The best DJ headphones of the pioneer come with the most stylish appearance. You will have amazing build quality, and it has incredible sound quality too. It comes with crystal clear audio, and you will love the audio reproduction of the headset.

As well, you will have large sound drivers, and it has the best audio reproduction. In addition, it comes with the mid-range of frequency that is perfect for remixing.

And the good news? It comes with incredible flexible performance. The headset comes with a rotating arm structure, and you can move the earpiece up to 60 degrees.

Not only that, it comes with 3m interchangeable cords. Further, you will have a headset available in three colors: red, white, and black.

  • Incredible flexible performance
  • 3m interchangeable cords
  • Amazing sound quality
  • It makes the ears warm

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3. Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones – Best Flexible Sting Headband

Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones


  • Wide frequency response
  • Flexible headband
  • Hi-fidelity headphone
  • Single sided listening
  • 8 foot cord
  • Great treble
  • Amazing clarity of audio
  • Headphone jack connector

Next up, we have a headset from koss. This headset has a frequency range of 18 to 24 k hertz. Moreover, it comes with 16 ohms impedance levels. In fact, you will have high fidelity stereo magnets, and it has the mylar element.

As well, you will have incredible treble, and it has quite a deep bass. Moreover, you will have a flexible headband, and you will have a single-sided cable with an amazing durable structure.

And the best thing? It comes with a cord of 8 feet, and you will have an amazing portable structure with it. Not only that, it comes with stereo plugs, and it is great for everyday use. The over-ear headphones are lightweight, and it has a flexible headband

It comes with an 8-foot cord and 3.5 mm plug, and it works with several devices, including the pc, laptop, amplifiers, and more.

  • The frequency range of 18 to 24 k hertz
  • 3.5 mm plug
  • Single sided cable
  • Less padded headband

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4. Panasonic Full Size Lightweight Headphones – Best Long Cord Headphones

Panasonic Full Size Lightweight Headphones


  • 30 mm drivers
  • Plush padded earcups
  • Extra-long cord of 6.5 feet
  • Sleek headphone
  • Wired connectivity technology
  • Classic style headphones
  • Softly surrounded the ears

This Panasonic over-ear headphone is having a classic design and more amazing frequency range. Further, you can tune the low-frequency tracks with this headset.

Moreover, you will have an amazing circumaural design with this headset, and it will offer the most fantastic sound isolation. Apart from that, you will have plush padding on the earpads, and it will minimize the ambient noise

Best of all, you will have a 30 mm driver, and it will easily handling the1000 Mw power input that comes with the best audio quality. As well, you will have an outstanding listening time with the headphone in loud environments.

All in all, it is a quickly adjustable headphone with a comfortable structure. You will have the best option to confirm the head and have a perfect fitting.

  • Powerful bass
  • Great 30 mm drivers
  • High treble and clear vocals
  • No padding on the headband

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5. Samson Technologies SR 850 Semi-Open Back Headphones – Best Velour Cushioning

Samson Technologies SR 850 Semi-Open Back Headphones


  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Extra-long cord
  • 50mm driver
  • Amazing dynamic range
  • Designed for mixing, tracking, and mastering
  • Great for a long listening session
  • Best over-ear form factor
  • Optimal fitting

If you need semi open back headphones, then choose the Samson headphones for mixing, mastering, and tracking. It will provide amazing large drivers with the earth magnets. As well, it comes with an extended frequency range.

As well, it comes with a circumaural over-ear design and excellent velour cushioning. Besides that, it has exceptional comfort and a great fitting long-time listening session. Also, you will get one stereo adapter with this headset of ¼ inches.

On the other side, the headphones will be providing the linear frequency response. It comes with an accurate sound response. It is providing the most accurate answer of frequency

And the best thing? You will have high-frequency headphones with 50 mm neodymium drivers. Plus, it comes with fantastic audio and a good ambient noise reduction feature. You will love the mastering experience with this headset.

All in all, this headphone of Samson is surely worth buying for all the DJs due to the large sound drivers. Plus, you will love the warm bass response, and it will provide the clearest treble and sound quality.

  • Good ambient noise reduction feature
  • Accurate sound response
  • 50 mm neodymium drivers
  • High-frequency headphone
  • Thin headband padding

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6. Bopmen T3 Wired Over-Ear Headphone – Best Tangle Free Cord

Bopmen T3 Wired Over-Ear Headphone


  • Wide frequency range
  • Round earmuffs design
  • Tangle-free 1.2 m cord
  • Long-lasting headset
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Steel hidden headband

This bopmen headphone for DJ’s is highly economical. You will have a comprehensive frequency response that is 20 to 20000 hertz. Besides, you will have total bass-heavy music with an amazing frequency range and incredible audio to enjoy the vocal of melodies.

And the best thing? It comes with round earmuffs that are designed with the most pressure-relieving cushions. In addition, it comes with ultra-thick earmuffs and a seamless sewing seal around the earcups. You will have the most amazing acoustic bass for the ears. This headset is compatible with the phone, pc, laptop, tablet, and several other devices that have a jack of 3.5mm.

There will be no interference from the outside noises. As well, it comes with a sturdy plastic and incredible steel headband. In fact, you will have a remarkable long-lasting structure of the headset. This headband comes with the most easy-to-adjust headband and leather material ear cups.

And that’s not all, and it comes with the hook-free tangle cable and the nylon braided cord. Apart from that, you will have the most durable cable, and it will not tangle at all. It comes with a headset that lets you skip the tracks and change the settings with the inline controls easily.

  • Good sound quality
  • 1.2 m braided nylon cord
  • Perfect fitting
  • No so comfortable for long term use

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Buying Guide

Following are things that you must consider for buying the best headphones for DJ under 50.

Bass and Loudness

Around DJs, there is very noise of speakers, fans and people so the sound level must be high and it must be clear. Similarly, its bass must be deep; thus, he will listen to lower notes clearly and loudly. So must consider how the bass of headphones is and what is its sound level before buying it.

Comfort Level

DJs have to wear them for a very long time, and if they have a stiff structure and heavyweight, they will not be comfortable, and there will be severe pain in their temporal bone and ears. So before buying, try them by waring, and if you are buying online, check its clamping force and weight.

They must be lightweight, fully padded above all; they should not be so tight that we feel something is pressing our ears.


Headphones should be lightweight and small in size so you can carry them with you everywhere. You may think it will not be a problem to take them, but when luggage is very much, they feel like a burden moreover, you cannot wear big headphones for a long time.


At concerts and in other crowded places, people often get crazy and gather around DJ. In such a rush, his headphone often falls. Moreover, they have to carry it from one place to other and can damage during transport.

So before purchasing, make sure it is made of solid and scratch-resistant material and can bear the jerks. In short, it must be durable.

Pivoting Cups

To make the show better and to develop the interest of more people DJ do different stunts. Sometimes they communicate with their audience. So it is recommended to them to buy headphones with pivoting cups. As a result, they do not have to remove the headphones entirely.

By using a pivoting cup, they remove them from one ear and have a little chit-chat with their audience, as well as maintain their focus on work.


Around DJs, there is the noise of other instruments and the audience, which disturbs him. So always buy closed black headphones which can cancel the outside noise entirely. Thus DJ will not be distracted, and he will be able to hear the song lyrics clearly.

Although open-back headphones provide full ventilation, not perfect for DJs because they will not block the surrounding noise.


The most important thing is your budget, and the number of specs your headphones will have depends on our budget; if you have enough budget, then you must go for extras and unique features. However, if you do not have enough money, there is no need to pay for features you will not use.

To know the primary purpose of buying them and analyze the environment in which you will use them, then buy those headphones which fulfill your all needs. It will not cost you very much.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Which Are The Best Dj Headphones Under 50 To Buy?

The best DJ headphones under 50 to buy now include the following:

  • Samson Technologies SR 850 Semi-Open Back Headphones – Best Velour Cushioning
  • Audio Technica ATH M20 X Professional Headphones For Studio And Dj – Best Choice Overall
  • Pioneer HDJ 500 R Headphones – Best Interchangeable Cords
  • Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones – Best Flexible Sting Headband
  • Panasonic Full Size Lightweight Headphones – Best Long Cord Headphones
  • Bopmen T3 Wired Over-Ear Headphone – Best Tangle Free Cord

What Type Of Headphones Should I Use For Djing?

The best type of headphones that you should use for DJing can be any type. However, you have to consider the sound quality, comfort, and other important features. You can view any regular headphones to use for djing, but it should have good bass action.

Why Is Comfort Important While Choosing The DJ Headphones?

You should consider headphones that are comfortable for use while mixing and mastering. Also, the headphones will be good enough to use for a longer time if they are comfortable. The headphones with a heavy structure and uncomfortable construction will not be good to use for a long time, making the ears sore. Therefore, comfort is essential.

What Makes A Headphone Sturdy?

A headphones structure makes it sturdy. The headphones which have durable material will have plastic or steel headband. Also, they will be reliable enough and handling the abuse efficiently. The headphones for DJs should be highly durable because there is a lot of movement happening around.

What Type Of Headphones DJ’s Prefer?

Most of the DJs prefer to use closed-back headphones, so the sound does not leak at all. Plus, you have to buy headphones that can let you focus on mixing and mastering. Dj needs to hear the beats properly. It will be best to produce the soundtracks when there is no interference from the ambient noises.

Why Should You Buy The Best Dj Headphones Under 50?

You should know by the best DJ headphones at an affordable price because the companies are producing affordably priced headsets. However, you will not have the top-notch features of the bose and beats headphones. But the headphones that we have added in our best DJ headphones under 50 are worth buying.

To Sum Up

All in all, the headphones that you saw here are highly affordable. Not only that, you will get more features at such a low price. In fact, the features will be undoubtedly impressive, and you will love to mix and master the soundtracks with any of the headphones from our guide.

As well, the headphones will be comfortable and convenient to wear for a long time. All the budget-friendly headphones are offering great audio drivers, and you will love the fitting as well. The headphones that we chose will be fitting over any head size perfectly.

Apart from that, you can choose the audio Technica headphone if you are facing trouble choosing one among the list. It will provide the best bass response. You will have an incredible style of headphones, and they will offer the best value for sure. PS, check out these lists if you’re also in the market for a receiver or turntable to go with your headphones!

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