Can Earbuds Survive The Washing Machine? – The Best Guide

Can earbuds survive the washing machine? Have you put your earbuds into the machine ignorantly? Have you dropped your earbuds unintentionally in the water? Are you worried about your earbuds not coming into the working position again? You should not get worried.

No doubt, it is a natural thing to forget your earbuds, air pods, or so many other wireless devices in your pocket. It is unique, and one of the worst things about the earbuds is that everyone does not remember to see his pocket before dropping the earbuds into the water.

Here we will discuss some important tips and steps, going through which you will be able to restore your earbuds’ position after getting wet. To see know more about earbuds can survive the washing machine, let us dive here.

Can Earbuds Survive The Washing Machine?

Indeed, you can survive your earbuds if you will the following steps in your mind.

Can Earbud Survive The Washing Machine

What Should Be Done If You Get Your Earbuds Wet?

The most important key thing to keep in mind after getting your earbuds wet is that you should get worried. Then, you should not try to work on your earbuds and do not make them dry with a hairdryer to operate them. But these things are not enough for you.

You need some more important things to solve the issue of your valuable wet earbuds.

Four Points You Should Keep In Your Mind

You should do the following four things immediately.

1. You Should Not Operate The Earbuds

It is very important to note that you should not use your earbuds like the usual device after they are wet as there is an electronic circuit inside the earbuds. They also include speakers for sound.

Therefore, this circuit can become short on having some power when they are wet. As a result, they will certainly get fully damaged.

2. Never Try Hairdryer

You should never use the hair dryer to make your earbuds dry as its hot air is very harmful to any electronic devices, mainly for your earbuds. Furthermore, a hairdryer may cause the plastic body and wire of your item and change the device’s structure.

More than that, a hairdryer can damage your earbuds more than the water. So, we advise you always to avoid trying the hair dryer to make your device dry.

3. Does Not Utilize A Microwave Or An Oven

You know that the earbuds are of plastics. So they can meet if you will use oven or microwave item of your kitchen to dry them. Moreover, they will destroy the shape of your device and can damage you more negatively.

4. You Should Not Waste Your Time

After coming to know that your earbuds have become wet, you should do something immediately without wasting your time. In case of waiting for a long time, your device may lose a working position forever.

What should you do? What are the actions to follow? Simply go on to act the Sven steps within no time.

Steps To Solve The Problem Of Wet Earbuds

Here are seven steps for washing earbuds.

Step 1:- Remove The Rubber Foam Or Silicone Tip Sleeves

You should remove all attachable parts of the device like silicone tips and sleeves or foam from your item. Then put all the parts on a very soft towel for some time to dry.

Best of all, you must pay attention to the special parts as the drivers. Furthermore, you should notice your device’s parts that play a key part in working the earbuds correctly.

Step 2:- Separate The Parts Of Your Earbuds

This is the most important step about how to fix water-damaged earbuds. You should instantly disassemble all the parts of your device to effectively and completely look into their internal parts.

Best of all, most earphones are screw-free. As a result, you can very easily separate all the parts of the device within no time. Furthermore, you can sue simply a screwdriver or a knife to open the parts.

Step 3:- Utilize De-Ionized Water

Undoubtedly, distilled water is beneficial for your earbuds, as it is non-conducting and free of electronics. As a result, it will cause no negative effects on your device. The process is very simple. You will have to place your item in the distilled water glass and shake it for a long period.

Eventually, this water will clear all the damaging things from your device nicely.

Step 4:- Shake The Earbuds Nicely

After removing the earbuds from the water, you should shake them, including all their parts, nicely. Keep on shaking all the parts of your device until they become dry and free from droplets of water. Repeat this process of drying water again and again.

Step 5:- Place Your Earbuds In From Of Fast Airflow

Here you will have to go through the air blowing process for your earbuds. For this purpose, you can hold your earbuds in your hands and begin to air blow from your mouth many times. However, you can also use an air blower for this purpose. But, you will have to keep your device at some distance from the air blower.

Step 6:- Use A Very Soft Towel To Clean

Now use the very dry towel to dry the internal parts of your earbuds nicely so that all water drops and extra moisturize may get disappeared from the parts. You apply the same process on the parts of the drivers.

Step 7:- Utilize A Bag Of Rice

It is a very important step as compared to all the above steps. Keep your headphones in rice for nearly 48 hours to get completely dry. You should take a rice bag from your kitchen, and the rice must be uncooked. Place all the parts, including the drivers, for a required period.

Best of all, rice can suck all the remaining water from the inner parts of your device.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have given deep steps and detail on can earbuds survives the washing machine. Indeed, you will be able to save your device from the water by acting upon our given very easy and simple steps.

To have more information about your earbuds’ survival, you can attend us through the comment area. Thanks for reading.

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