Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working? – [Simple Solutions]

One of the most common questions that Jabra earbud users ask is why my Jabra elite 65t left earbud not working? There are a lot of reasons for this issue, but we’ll solve it. Indeed, Jabra is a popular headphone company and has gained the trust of several people by delivering the best quality to the customers.

Though every headphone user has to face some issue; if you do not hear any sound from the left earbud, it means you have not done the settings of the earbuds correctly. Sometimes when you receive the earbuds, they come with the custom mono settings, due to which one side of the headphone won’t be working.

Let’s find out how to solve Jabra elite earbud connected but no sound from the left side easily!

Why Is My Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working?

There are a lot of remedies that you can follow to make the left earbud work. You don’t need to waste any more time!

Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

Jabra Elite 65 T Trouble Shooting Steps:

You have to keep the charging case of the earbuds with you if they are not working. Plus, you will see two magnets on the case of earbuds. After withdrawing the rubber cover, you can check if the magnets are placed perfectly or not.

After fixing the magnets, you can easily charge the left earbud and then try to use it.

Other Solutions

You can reset the Jabra elite earbuds to solve the issue of the left earbud not working.

Step No.1

Firstly, you have to disconnect the earbuds from the devices that you paired them with. Now you have to go to the second step.

Step No.2

Now you have to reset the earbuds by clicking on the option of a multifunction button. For instance, you have to tap on the button of earbuds until the green light turns on. You will see a purple light flashing if the earbuds are paired.

Step No.3

Now you have to attach the earbuds with other devices that you use most frequently with them and check if the left earbud is working.

By doing the above task, your earbuds will reset. Next, you will have to attach the earbud with any device before using it for your purpose.


There are some tips that you need to keep in mind, so the earbuds work correctly. We are going to tell why is the left earbud not working.

1. Low Charging Of The Left Earbud

There are chances that you forgot to charge the left earbud. Moreover, you will need to check if the earbud’s charging case is working properly or not. You have to check if the earbuds are charging after you place them in the charging case or not.

2. You Have To Restart The Left Earbud

Next, you need to check if the left earbuds after restarting them or not. You have to press the button of earbuds, and then it will restart after a few seconds. Also, check if the earbuds are working perfectly from both sides after you restart or reset them. The headphones will be working simply from both sides after you keep them turned on.

Do not forget to check the settings of earbuds before you use both earbuds if the earbuds have the mono option settings that you will hear from the right earbud only.

3. Check If The Magnets Are Placed Properly

You have to check if the earbuds charging case has the right condition of the magnets. For instance, you have to check if the magnets are adjusted and charging the headphone or not. Plus, check if the placement of the magnets is proper, and they are working fine on both ends.

4. Clean The Earbuds After Using Them

After using the earbuds for a longer duration, you have to clean them. The earbuds will have a lot of dust and debris inside them, which can be the cause of no sound. Therefore, you can use the right method for cleaning the Jabra earbuds without charging them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Turn On The One Earbud Of Jabra Elite 65t?

You can take out the earbuds from the charging case of Jabra elite 65 t. Now you have to turn on the option of a multifunction button and check if the light is showing green or red color.

Does The Left Earbud Work With The Mono Option?

No, if you want to use the mono option, then you have to use the right option only. For instance, you need to set the headphones on the mono option for using the right earbuds only. You can also check the audio jack controller of the headphone.

How To Check The Battery Life Of Jabra Elite 65 T?

To check the battery life of Jabra elite 65 T, you can have to tap on the lid of earbuds and then remove the charging case. Also, you have to check if the LED light of the earbuds is showing which color light. If the light is of green color, it doesn’t need charging, but red shows low charging. You need to check the status of the battery as well.

What Makes The Jabra Elite Earbuds Comfortable Than The Others?

The Jabra elite earbuds are quite more comfortable than the other earbuds in the market due to several reasons. You will have many comfy ear tips, and they will not fall out of the ears. As well, the earbuds will provide soothing sound and great additional features.

To Sum Up

These are the following solutions that you can use to fix the Jabra elite earbud not working. You will have the simplest options to follow, and most of the time, you have to change the settings or just reset the headphones to make them work properly.

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