What is The Difference Between Headset And Headphone?

Do you want to know, what is the difference between headset and headphone? In our guide, we’ll discuss both devices in detail. Countless people do not know the difference between these devices. Here we’ll solve your confusion. Read on!

So What Is The Difference Between Headset And Headphone?

Audio devices are becoming popular in the market because of their modern features. Besides, gamers prefer having headsets instead of earphones. Moreover, every person needs headphones nowadays to listen to podcasts, music, calls, and much more.

Constantly the headphones manufacturers are introducing their products with the best features to attract consumers. In addition, the color, shape, and design of the headphones and headsets are fascinating to many people. There is a wide variety of headphones and headsets in the market.

You might be confused to choose one among the hundreds of options out there. Below we’ll describe the three main categories of headphones as well as headsets. Consequently, you can decide which device is suitable for you to buy.

Apart from the differences between the headphones and headsets, there are some similarities as well. You will have around-ear or on-ear headphones and headsets with speakers to make the listening experience convenient and easier.

Best of all, you don’t need to disturb others while listening to music. In fact, headphones and headsets are made for several purposes. Without any further ado, let’s discuss the difference between headphones and headsets is.


Headsets have all the features of headphones because they come with speakers and a headband. Besides, you will have one or sometimes two earpieces with the headsets. The major difference between the headset and headphones is the built-in microphone.

 Difference Between Headset And Headphone

Other than that, modern headphones now come with a mic as well. However, the best part of the headphone is that they have an invisible mic and built-in microphone. On the other side, the headphones will have a microphone that is not invisible.

The headsets come with the microphones that everyone uses at the call centers. In addition to this, the mic is directed towards that mouth. Likewise, you will have better talk-time with the headsets that have a big and visible mic.

Furthermore, the call centers employees have to receive calls at a similar time most of the time. Thus, it is frustrating to hear background noises. So the headsets have a background noise cancelation feature.

You won’t hear any noise from the background to have a clear sound and listening experience.

Best of all, the headsets have helped people listen to music or calls without any disturbance. Also, you won’t need to repeat again and again while talking to someone on the call. The headsets come with a noise-canceling mic, so the voice is delivered clearly at the other end.

On the other hand, the headsets have mono or stereo sound quality. You will have an option to choose between the sound quality. Both types of headsets with mono and stereo sound come with two earpieces, a mic, and a headband.

Who Uses Headsets?

For instance, you will have an option to wear headsets while going to the gym. Some of the headsets come with wireless technology. Consequently, you will be easily moving around while wearing any headset.

The trainers wear the headsets at the gym, call center instructors, and other purposes to train people. Lastly, the headsets are convenient for all customer care representatives to talk to customers privately.


As we stated above, all audio devices are types of headphones. However, the demand for headphones has been increased tremendously. Furthermore, the headphones have full-size, and they are larger than headsets.

What Is The Difference Between Headset And Headphone

On the other side, the headphones come with a bigger shape, design, and very comfortable wear. All the headphones don’t have excessive cushioning to comfort the ears, but most of the over-ear headphones do have.

And the good news? The headphones are available in several places, and you can buy them in different colors and shapes. Furthermore, the material of the headphone is plastic with a metal combination.

On the other hand, the headphones have a single headband, and some have a mic.

The headphones have a microphone cord and an audio cable. Usually, the headphones have one earpiece. You will have two large audio drivers to have a powerful sound.

Who Uses Headphones?

The headphones have a wider design, and many people use them. For instance, DJs can use headphones, and all the professional musicians, mixers, and everyday listeners use headphones. Commonly, headphones are used for work, home, gym, and more.

In fact, the headphones are available in a wide price range, and they will easily fit in everyone’s budget. Interestingly, the headphones are cheaper than headsets, but they come with more features.

Lastly, the headphones have wired or wireless technology. In addition, modern headphones come with detachable cables, and they have rechargeable batteries. Also, the headphones support Bluetooth connectivity.

Types Of Headphones

There are three types of headphones:

1. On-Ear Headphones

The on-ear headphones have the largest size of the headphones. You will not have complete coverage of ears with the on-ear headphones. In fact, on-ear headphones aren’t common among many people. The on-ear headphones aren’t comfortable as compared to other types of headphones.

2. Over-Ear Headphones

The second type of headphone is the over-ear headphones. It is the most comfortable and most selling type of headphones. All the over-ear headphones will block the external noises, and you will have an active noise cancelation feature.

For instance, you can buy over-ear headphones for working and commuting at the noisiest places.

3. Open-Back Headphones (Semi And Closed-Back)

The open-back headphones will cover the front side of the ears only. Additionally, open-back headphones have two other types that are semi and closed-back headphones.

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