How To Hide Earbuds? Complete Guide – 8 Best Techniques

How can we use earbuds at places where they are not allowed? Is it easy to hide earbuds? Can we use our hair and clothes for camouflaging earbuds? How to hide earbuds by hair and costume?

What kind of clothes should we wear for concealing earbuds? How much should be the level of volume, and what should be the posture of our body? I have discussed all these queries and techniques you can use to put your earbuds out of sight.

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How To Hide Earbuds? – Easy Ways & Techniques

Most students use earbuds in their classrooms by hiding them from professors. Also, people who do spying have to camouflage their earbuds so that no one can expose them and their earbuds. Read the given below techniques for learning how to hide earbuds by using hair, costume, cap, and what should be the posture of your body.

1. Use Unobtrusive and Wireless Earbuds

How to Hide Earbuds

Choose your earbuds carefully if you want to use them by hiding them from other people. So buy the color which matches your hair color. If you have red hair, then select red earbuds or dark brown.

If you try to hide your white earbuds with your black hair, you will fail because such contrasting colors will not merge thus can be identified even from a large distance.

Similarly, buy wireless earbuds, pair them with the source device by Bluetooth and then hide your earbuds with hair or cap. But if your earbuds are wired, it is a bit difficult to keep both wires out of sight.

In this case, you will have to wear such clothes that color match with your wired earbuds, so thus no one can see them. If you are color blind, seek help from your friend or other family people to help you choose the color of earbuds and clothes.

2. Hide Your Earbuds With Hair

Hide Your Earbuds With Hair

First of all, buy those earbuds that color matches your chair color, and then make hairstyles that cover your ears. You can keep your hair untie or keep a little partition in front of the ear.

Boys also have different hairstyles and haircuts, so choose the hairstyle in which there is long hair at your temple bone region so you can stash your earbuds.

3. Hide Your Earbuds With Hat

Hide Your Earbuds With Hat

If your hair is small and you think anybody can quickly point out your earbuds, try some accessories like a hairband covering all your ears.

Similarly, a hat will also work the same, your ears will be insides the cap, and no one can see through the cap; hence your earbuds will remain hidden.

4. Keep The Volume Low

When you listen to music at a high volume even though you have worn earbuds, the noise will still come out. Persons who are nearby can easily detect the voice coming from your earbuds.

So to prevent your earbuds from exposing, keep the volume low, so no noisy voices came out of earbuds, but there are quietness and calm near you.

5. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

If you will very busy in listening to your music, the people surrounding you can quickly identify that you are busy and doing something else. Please make sure you pay attention to your surroundings, listen to people what they are saying, and respond to them.

If you are in the classroom, pay a bit of attention to your teacher too. So if she calls you for some task or asks any question from you, you can quickly answer your teacher and clear her suspicion that you are not doing anything else but listening to her.

6. Wear Ample Clothes

If you want to hide wired earbuds, it is impossible to conceal them by wearing tight clothes because then their wires will be discreet, and anyone can see them.

So wear ample and loose clothes because when you pass wires of earbuds through them, no one can identify them. Always pass the wires from your backside and then plug them in your ears from behind.

Wear a hoodie or high color shirts for camouflaging your neck regions but if you do not want to wear such clothes, then cover your neck with hair.

7. Maintain Your Normal Posture

If you are in a meeting, then behave yourself, sit properly, be present-minded, and have different expressions on your face instead of paying all your attention to your earbuds.

When we listen to music, we start dancing, moving our legs, and singing with the singer, and people around us can see that we are enjoying melodic music.

So if you want to listen to music but do not want to expose it, keep control of your nerves. Do not move, do not vibrate your leg, and do not sing the lyrics with the singer. Sit with typical postures. This will help you a lot in hiding your earbuds.

8. Buy Invisible Earbuds

Buy Invisible Earbuds

If you want to play more securely, avoid using large earbuds but use earbuds having the petite size and are invisible. Once you have inserted them in your ear on one can find them.

COOMAX mini hidden spy headphones are one of the best and affordable invisible headphones. These are compatible with both iPhones and android and have one button for attending ad rejecting calls.

Final Words

You can camouflage your earbuds with many techniques, and the easiest way is to hide them with your hair if it is short, and then wear loose clothes and hoddies. Also, pass the wires of earbuds through your shirts.

Keep the volume of music low so that no other one can listen to music and you can pay attention to your surrounding also. Most importantly, maintain your body’s posture; do not start dancing and singing with the music.

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