Jabra Elite Sport Vs Bragi Dash 2022 – A Detailed Comparison

Are you struggling to choose between the Jabra elite sport vs Bragi dash headphones? you will know about the features of these in-ear headphones in detail. Not only that, you can make the perfect decision after knowing the reviews of the customers about these headphones.

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Reviews of Jabra Elite Sport Vs Bragi Dash

You must have overheard about the Jabra elite headphones, so we’ll discuss them first.

Jabra Elite Sport In-Ear Headphones

These are the true wireless earbuds that have superior sound quality. You can conveniently attend calls and listen to music with these in-ear headphones comfortably. With these Jabra headphones, you will have two microphones with them and filter the background noise.

Jabra Elite Sport In-Ear Headphones

To ensure the best sound quality, you will have headphones with great drivers. Not only that, these in-ear headphones have the most secure fitting, and you will have the 3 size foam tips. You will have the heart rate sensor with these tiny buds.

And that’s not all, these headphones have a long playtime, and you will have long battery life. Though it is not the longest battery life, it will last 4.5 hours of call time. The continuous battery life of these headphones is 13.5 hours.

So if you want headphones that can track your fitness, then these are the best choice. You will have precision heart rate tracking. The app of Jabra will help you to predict how many steps you took while running.

A piece of good news for the swimmers? These Jabra headphones have waterproof technology. You should not doubt the durability of these headphones because it has the IP67 rating. Moreover, you will have a warranty period of 3 years with these Jabra headphones.

Advantages Of Jabra Elite

  • The good sides of the Jabra headphones include waterproof technology. Furthermore, these headphones have a built-in heart rate tracker, and you will have great sound quality.
  • Not only that, the Jabra headphones will provide long battery life, and you will have a wireless charging case with these headphones.
  • Indeed, these headphones work perfectly whether you use one of them or both at the same time. It comes with stereo sound quality, and it is compatible with the third part of fitness tracking apps. You will have a step counter with in-ear headphones.
  • These tiny buds have stunning features that you will not expect to have with them. With these buds, you will have high-quality sound, and the drivers in them are exceptional too.
  • The tip of the earbuds is flexible, and you will easily adjust them in your ears. Once it is inside the ear, the headphones will not fall out on their own.
  • The athletes who like to listen to music with earbuds should prefer buying these headphones. It will provide pleasure and monitor a few activities too.

Disadvantages Of Jabra Elite

  • These headphones are a bit bulky for persons who have small ears. You will have expensive headphones.
  • Some people would expect these Jabra headphones to have better sound quality.
  • If the headphones don’t fit you properly, you will not have the best sound delivery in your ears and lose the bass.

The Bottom Line

All in all, these true-tone wireless headphones have incredible battery life, and you will have a great fitting if your ears aren’t much small. But these headphones will provide exceptional sound quality, and the wireless experience will be great. The Bluetooth connection will be strong than other wireless in-ear buds.

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Bragi Dash In-Ear Headphones

Now, we will discuss the Bragi dash headphones that have 1000 songs storage. With these in-ear headphones, you will have a storage of 4GB, and it will provide the software that allows you to download the songs. Best of all, these headphones have sensor technology, which makes them similar to the Jabra headphones.

Bragi Dash In-Ear Headphones

Moreover, these headphones will provide live feedback about your activities. Not only that, it has updatable software. The headphone will record the heart rate, strokes, duration, and cadence. With these in-ear amazing headphones, you will have the compatibility of the Bragi app.

Best of all, the in-ear buds have a noise cancellation feature. Thus, you can wear them whether you are in traffic or rush. The headphones will deliver the best sound quality, and it has the initiating audio transparency. With these amazing headphones, you will have waterproof technology, and they will let you use them while swimming.

Additionally, these headphones have an onboard space of 1000 songs. You will be easily hearing the world that is around you while turning off the noise cancelation feature. It is not an ordinary headphone with waterproof technology. You can use these headphones in water for up to 1 meter.

In terms of design, it has the perfect fit design, and you will have the secure yet most comfortable fitting. And the best part? These headphones have sweatproof technology; you can use them while doing intense workout activities.

You will have a great seal with the tips of these headphones, and it has a large silicone tip, and you will have great bass. Ensure that you wear the headphone properly for listening to the music with the full bass.

Advantages Of Bragi Dash

  • There are several benefits of buying these Bragi headphones. You can easily make calls with these headphones, and it has noise reduction technology.
  • With these headphones, you will have the least background noise while listening to calls or music.
  • The fitting of the headphone is great for small and large ears.
  • It has the audio transparency feature and great bass.
  • You will surely like the headphone’s convenient connection, and these headphones have noise-isolating technology too.
  • The headphones come with incredible sound quality, and you will have decent noise blockage while listening to the calls with these in-ear headphones.

Disadvantages Of Bragi Dash

  • These Bragi headphones do not have the longest battery life, and it will last for 3 hours.
  • The fitness tracking features are not reliable.
  • You will have some difficulties while opening the application of Bragi.

The Bottom Line

All in all, these headphones of Bragi have great audio, and you will have reliable headphones that you can use in water. The smart features make them better than other high-tech headphones on the market.

Now you can easily compare the features decide between the Jabra elite vs Bragi dash.

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Customer Reviews for Jabra Elite Vs Bragi Dash


  • In terms of sound quality, customers said they are quite satisfied with both headphones and can wear them underwater.
  • Furthermore, they claim that headphones have great bass and clear tones. You will have the noise-canceling feature with them as well.
  • Another excellent review that the customers gave was the ear sealing feature. This headphone has deep bass, and it will completely block the external noises. Furthermore, Jabra and Bragi headphones provide the ideal high and mid-tones.
  • These headphones do not have the best-balanced sound, but you will have the great features to have a pleasurable listening experience with any of these in-ear headphones.

Size And Weight

  • The customers said that these headphones have a similar fitting and you will have a convenient shape. These headphones will not fall out of your ears.
  • It will manage to fit with all kinds and ears and stay in the same position as you like to wear them.
  • Best of all, these headphones with the in-ear design look very sleek.
  • Though some of the users said that it is not for the small ears because the design is a bit bulky for them.


  • The customers said that these headphones have great features overall. Except for the Bluetooth of the headphones, you will have stunning features. These headphones with the in-ear type have the adapt sound, and you will have a similar feeling like wearing the Samsung galaxy s6 headphones.
  • More than that, these headphones have more than 4.5 stars by the customers, and it has the application for the version of 2.0. With the application, you will have several other incredible features.
  • The sound frequency is great, and you will have a wide frequency range. Also, the customers said that is the improvements that the prior headphones from both popular companies.

Wrapping Up

All in all, these headphones of Jabra and Bragi have great quality and exceptional sound quality. Though the only major flaw that these headphones have a poor Bluetooth connection.

If you need headphones with longer battery life, then choose Jabra. The Bragi headphones are good for those who need the storage of music and reliable tracking features of the activities.

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