Best Wireless Headphones For Small Heads in 2022 Reviews

Are you one of those people who are struggling to find the best wireless headphones for small heads? We will sort out your issue here by providing a list of headphones that are ideal for small heads. However, all the headphones do not have a universal fitting.

Besides, you will be getting the most versatile specs with the headphones on our list. As well, we have shortlisted those headphones that are comfortable to wear for a long time. Surely, you will find the headsets in our review with the most worth features.

So without any ado, let’s move onto the list of the best headphones with wireless technology.

List Of The Best Wireless Headphones For Small Heads

Headphone NameImageOur ScorePrice
Edifier W800 BT Bluetooth Headphones Edifier W800 BT Bluetooth Headphones98% Check Price
Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Headphones Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Headphones96% Check Price
Soundbound Wireless Over Ear Headphones Soundbound Wireless Over Ear Headphones95% Check Price
Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 70096% Check Price
Taotronics Hybrid ANC Headphones Taotronics Hybrid ANC Headphones93% Check Price

1. Edifier W800 BT Bluetooth Headphones – Best Bluetooth Headphones For Small Heads

The next headset that we have for the smaller heads comes with a long battery life of 50 hours. Besides, you will have Bluetooth technology as well as a wired connection too. More than that, it will provide the most convenient connection with other devices.

Edifier W800 BT Bluetooth Headphones

Due to the wired technology and Bluetooth connection, you can use the headphones for a long time. Also, it comes with a lightweight frame, and it will not make the head hurt after listening to the tracks with it for a long time.

As well, this headphone comes with the control volume and resume playback features. Plus, this on-ear design of the headphone will be comfortable for several kinds of users.


This classic headphone from the edifier has the cleanest looks and comfortable style. The users will be able to wear a headset for a long time.

Edifier W800 BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Comfort and convenience

In addition, the headset is lightweight, and it will comfort the ears as well. You will love how the headphone will contour the ears, and you will have good clamping force. The headphone will not slip backward.

Audio quality

The headphone comes with large drivers to produce the best sound quality. Moreover, it provides a superior noise isolation feature. In fact, you will have clear vocals and the most natural treble with the headset.

What We Like
  • Best sound quality
  • Superior noise isolation
  • Good clamping force
What We Don’t like
  • The headband should have more padding.

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2. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Headphones – Most Comfortable Headphones

These Jabra headphones come with an amazing wireless connection, and they have a wide range of 100 feet as well. Not only that, you will have a call listening time of 14 hours with the device. Plus, it has a standby time of 15 days.

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Headphones

In addition, you will have a passive noise cancelation feature. Also, the headphone will be effectively removing the background noise for an immersive listening experience. As well, you will have an active-standby BlueTooth connection.

This headphone is quite amazing because of the dual connectivity option with the pc and phone. Moreover, you will have the best handsfree calling option with the headset. Besides, the playing time of the headset is 120 minutes.


This wireless headset will provide a passive integration, and you can easily turn on the headphone to listen to calls. Best of all, it comes with the over-ear design to contour the ears and provide the most immersive listening experience.

Comfort and convenience

This headphone is comfortable, but you should not wear it for a longer time because there is no padding on the headband. However, the headphone is lightweight.

Audio quality

This is the best wireless headphone with passive noise integration. Not only that, you will have a quick start guide and great sound quality drivers.

What We Like
  • Dual connectivity option
  • Passive integration
  • Noise cancelation feature
What We Don’t like
  • Not much comfortable for longer usage.

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3. Soundbound Wireless Over Ear Headphones – Best Loud Sound

Next up, we have the soundbound wireless headphone that has 40mm drivers. Moreover, you will have a battery of 1200 mAh and great talk-time with it. As well, the headphones have a standby time of 15 hours.

Soundbound Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Not only that, it comes with the quick play and pause option. If you have connected the headphone with the phone, it will stop the music while the incoming call. And that’s not all, this headset has a connection with the aux cable and can easily attend to the calls.

Other than that, the headphone requires an aux cable to be charged fully. You will have the simplest way of controlling the tracks. The connection with other devices will be simplest.


This headphone comes with soft cushions, and the padding on the earcups is extremely breathable. You will have a headphone that is ideal for listening for a long time. You will have a micro USB charging cable too.

Comfort and convenience

You might feel that the headphone is quite bulky, but it is highly comfortable to wear. However, the headphone doesn’t have padding on the top part. Also, the adjustable fitting makes it the best headphones for teenage girls.

Audio quality

This headphone comes with large drivers, and you will have Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Not only that, you will have the most convenient access to connecting with the other devices. Also, you will have super simple access to playing your favorite connections.

What We like
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Large drivers
What We Don’t like
  • It doesn’t come with the voice control

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4. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 – Best Built-In Mic

The bose headphone comes with the most powerful noise canceling technology. Best of all, it comes with 11 levels of noise canceling technology. In fact, you will have a headphone for listening the voice calls comfortably as well.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

Not only that, it comes with crisp and most clear details. Additionally, you will have deep bass, and it is providing an option for providing easy volume controls. Best of all, it comes with handsfree controls due to the Alexa voice control.

Furthermore, you will have weather and the most intuitive controls.  You can connect the headphone with the phone easily. In fact, you will have a connection with the iOS devices as well.


This headphone will provide the best listening time and easy controls. You just have to click on the headset for once, and it will start playing the song.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 Review

Comfort and convenience

This headphone comes with a stainless steel headband, and you will have padded earcups with a tilted design. Not only that, you will have a headphone that is comfortable to wear for a long time.

Audio quality

This bose noise canceling headphones 700 for small head comes with 20 hours battery on a single charge. As well, you will have the quickest charging of fewer than 60 minutes with the headset.

What We Like
  • 20 hours battery
  • stainless steel headband
  • easy controls
What We Don’t like
  • Expensive

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5. Taotronics Hybrid ANC Headphones – Best Self-Adjusting Headband

We have the taotronics headphones that come with the most impressive noise cancelation feature. Best of all, you will have a switch for turning on the ANC feature.

Taotronics Hybrid ANC Headphones

This headset is excellent for those who have small heads. Besides, the headphone will provide the best listening experience in the noisy area.

Besides, it comes with 40mm drivers, and it has deep bass for the best listening time. The headphone has Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and you will have the most crystal clear audio. Likewise, this headphone has 35 hours battery life.


In terms of design, this headset is quite comfortable, and it will contour the ears. However, it is not suitable for larger heads.

Comfort and convenience

The headphone comes with the softest padding, and it has superior fitting with the adjustable headband. Furthermore, you will have memory foam ear padding with the headset. As well, it comes with a leather cover and the most uninterrupted listening experience.

Audio quality

This headphone provides the hybrid active noise cancelation feature, and you will have the most immersive music listening experience. Best of all, it comes with the 30 decibels ambient noise reduction feature. In fact, you will enjoy listening to music with this headphone in noisy environments as well.

What We Like
  • hybrid active noise cancelation
  • most soft padding
  • Long battery life
What We Don’t like
  • No padding on the headband.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

How To Make The Headphones Tighter For Better Fitting?

If your headphones do not fit well, then you can tighten them with this hack:

You have to keep the headphone on the books’ stack, but they should not be bigger than the headphone. Also, you have to wrap the headphones with a wire and then squeeze them but not too harshly. In this way, you can make the headphone size bit smaller.

Which Is The Most Worth Buying Headphone For The Small Head?

Surely, there are several headphones that are worth buying for the small heads. You have the five most amazing options in our guide. Therefore, you can rely on any of the headphones if you have a small head.

Is It Possible To Make The Headphones Sound Louder?

Yes, there is a way to make the sound of headphones louder. You can connect them with any smartphone and go to the settings. Now you have to use the sound button and scroll it to check if there were some changes in the sound level.

How To Adjust The Headphones For Having Comfortable Fitting?

You can adjust the headphones for having a more comfortable fitting. For instance, you have to adjust the headphones from the headband. If the headphone is not still adjusting according to your head size, you need to choose a tighter fitting headset that doesn’t slip over the head.

Why Does My Head Hurt After Using Any Headphones?

This is a common question of several people that their head hurts after wearing a headphone. The most common reason is that they are using a headphone of the wrong size. The headphone of the right size will never cause headaches. Another possible reason for the headphones causing headaches is because you would be using the headphone for a long time continuously. Also, the people who wear glasses complain that their head hurts.

To Sum Up

No doubt, all humans have different head sizes; however, today, we have focused on the headphones that are ideal for smaller head sizes. Most of the over and on ear headphones in the market are available for larger heads, so we have solved the problem of those who were suffering from having the best fitting.

Besides, the headphones in our list have wired and wireless technology. Therefore, you can choose a headphone that is ideal for your needs. In fact, we chose the affordable headphone options too for the budget buyers.

Our most favorite headphone on this list was the Edifier W800 BT Bluetooth Headphones. This headphone comes with premium material, lightweight, and comfortable fitting. As well, you will have the best sound quality with the noise cancelation to enjoy the music to the fullest.

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