How To Clean Headphone? [Simple Tricks & Guide]

Are you wondering about how to clean headphones? In our guide, we’ll tell you a simple method to clean the headphones. Most of us will decide to change the headphones instead of cleaning them. However, it would help if you didn’t buy a new headphones until the wires break and padding damages. So you have to clean the headphone to have the best audio quality.

Moreover, if you have good-quality headphones, they will last for several months. Still, it is important to clean the headphone after a certain time. You might not believe us but cleaning the headphones is a simple way to have the best audio. Below is our guide; you will know how to clean headphones at home. Keep on reading!

How To Clean Headphone Easily?

Do you feel that your headphones don’t have the best audio quality like before? So that means it needs cleaning. Other than that, the headphones padding will have debris and dust after using it for several months.

How To Clean Headphone

Besides, you will need to check the wire mesh of the earbuds. Sometimes the wires get damaged, Some of the headphone’s paddings have debris stuck in it. Usually, we keep on using the headphone until it doesn’t break. You will not have the same audio quality after using them for months.

Why Is The Cleaning Needed?

No doubt, taking care of the headphones makes them last longer. It would be best if you cleaned the headphones after a few months. Additionally, the headphones will have oil and bacteria inside them after prolonged usage.

All the headphones have a certain type of crevice that gets clogged with dirt and debris. Most of us ignore the debris inside the headphone, and it is not hygienic at all. You must clean the headphones after a few months to take all the debris out of them.

What Things Do You Need To Clean The Headphones?

Before we dig into the headphone’s cleaning part, gather some essentials that you need to clean a headphone. There are some things that you need to clean a headphone or earbud. It is great to clean the headphones but with the right material.

  • Get paper towels or a simple towel
  • A toothbrush
  • Tweezer
  • Q-Tips
  • Bleach and bleach
  • Hand soap
  • Gloves
  • Glasses
  • Cotton balls

These are the essential things that you must have before cleaning any headphones. Use the tools carefully, and you need to use the liquid cleaning stuff in a minimal amount. Only use liquid cleaning stuff when the headphones are too old or very dirty.

In addition, you must be careful while cleaning the headphone’s inner part. It is a must to wear gloves when you are using alcohol or bleach.

Now that you have gathered all the cleaning tools let’s start the cleaning process of headphones.

Ways To Clean On-Ear And Over-Ear Headphone

The headphones should be cleaned according to their shape and design. You need to clean the headphone from its headband. Cleaning a headphone means there should not be any dirt inside at the place of the headphone.

You must clean the headphones by grabbing a brush and slowly grime it. Do not exert much pressure on the inside part of the headphones while cleaning them with the brush. It is recommended to clean the headphones by removing the ear pads. You must brush the headphones to remove all the dirt and debris inside the headphones.

While cleaning the headphones, you don’t need to exert much force because the audio drivers are sensitive. You might found small hairs inside the headphone that you can clean with the tweezers easily.

Now that you have cleaned the headphone without using any liquid, we’ll tell how to disinfect the headphones below.

How To Disinfect The Headphones From Bacteria Or Viruses?

To disinfect the headphones from bacteria or viruses, you need to clean them with liquid and a towel. We recommend using hydrogen peroxide to clean the headphones. However, it is good to dilute the hydrogen peroxide with bleach, so it doesn’t damage the drivers.

Cleaning the headphones with liquid will kill all the viruses at 65 percent. Do not use alcohol to clean it because headphones cushioning can’t absorb that liquid. You can dip the towel or tissue in diluted cleaning liquid so you can clean it easily.

Most importantly, you need to clean the ear cups with more care because that is the sensitive part. If the headphones have removable padding, then remove them before cleaning. Also, you can start cleaning the headphone from the headband.

You need to apply some pressure on the headphones to remove the dirt spots. Honest Headphones Reviews of the New latest Models Here. In addition, you need to clean eartips of headphones with the right technique of 90 degrees angle, so it doesn’t get damaged.

Are Liquid Cleaning Products Good For Cleaning Headphones?

The headphones will damage the liquid cleaners. You need to be careful while cleaning the headphone with liquid products. Also, your headphone will not work if the liquid goes inside the drivers of the headphone.

You need to keep the angle of the headphone at 90 degrees while cleaning it. Sometimes the headphone cleaning liquid can fall on the ground. Furthermore, you must clean the tips of the headphone with the liquid to have new headphones. Thus, when you have cleaned the headphones, pat them with a dry cloth or towel.

To Sum Up

Congrats! Now you can clean the headphones without any hassle. There is no need to buy a new headset if it just needs cleaning. So, you will have better sound quality after cleaning any headphones properly. Do not clean the audio devices with too many liquids to prevent the drivers from damaging.

Just enjoy your favorite track, or any podcast show that you love to watch.

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