Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming in 2022 – Reviews

Do you want to stay aware of your surrounding while gaming but want your headphones to produce the game sounds clear? You need to choose the best open back headphones for gaming. Now you will wonder why open back type only?

The open-back headphones are more comfortable for the gamers because it allows the air to pass through. Therefore, you will not have any issues while wearing these headphones for a more extended gaming session. Even you do not need to take off the headphone because the ears will not heat up.

These headphones will not offer the top-notch bass because it does not put pressure on the ears. Besides, you will have the most natural sound tones and striking additional echoes. This kind of headphone will also be perfect for those who have to listen to music in a quiet environment.

Another thing that you must know is open back headphones will provide a natural voice reception without any noise canceling effect. Let’s now hop onto our top picks!

Expert Picks of Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming Lover’s

Product NameImageRatingPrice
EPOS I Gaming HeadphoneEPOS I Gaming Headphone4.8 Check Price
Audio Technica ATH Open Air HeadphonesAudio Technica ATH Open Air Headphones4.7 Check Price
Mass Drop Sennheiser Headphones X Mass Drop Sennheiser Headphones X4.5 Check Price
Razer Kraken Tournament Headphones Razer Kraken Tournament Headphones4.6 Check Price
Astro Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headphones Astro Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headphones4.6 Check Price

1. EPOS I Gaming Headphone – Best Choice Among Open Back Headphones

EPOS I Gaming Headphone

The Sennheiser has the best soundstage headphones for gaming, and EPOS I is one of them. With this headset, you will have the signature sound quality and stunningly accurate dynamics. Moreover, it contains the hi-fi sound and a great speaker system that will be delivering the high bass extensive sound with great clarity.

And the good news? It has a noise-canceling feature in the mic. You have to adjust the mic while communicating. Also, you will have an excellent voice pick-up and spectacular mic design with outstanding voice clarity.

And the best thing? It comes with an extremely great yet natural sound. You will have the HiFi audio and superior dynamic realism, and great audio performance as well. Not only this, you can easily adjust the sound with the headphone, and it has spectacular specs for gaming.

On the other side, it has the integrated volume controlling option, and you can make the adjustments easily too. In addition, you will have a lightweight headphone that comes with plush velour earcups to comfort the ears. The velour padding will make your ears breathe no matter how long your wear it.

Above all, it has the most versatile compatibility to use with any device with a jack of 3.5 mm. Plus, the design will be classic, and you will have luxurious material that will provide the utmost comfort to the earpads. All in all, it is a robust headphone that will be great for gamers to use.

  • Most versatile compatibility
  • Plush velour earcups
  • Stunningly accurate sound dynamics
  • Integrated volume controlling option
  • Not for large heads
  • Volume cannot be turned to zero

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2. Audio Technica ATH Open-Air Headphones – Best Sound Drivers

Audio Technica ATH Open-Air Headphones

Audio Technica is quite famous for making headphones that have durable quality. Plus, the headphone of this company will offer a plethora of amazing features. And the best thing? You will have wired connectivity technology and great sound quality.

The best part of this headphone is that it contains 53mm sound drivers and remarkable treble. On the other side, it comes with the bobbin wound CCAQ voice coils, and it has the best power handling mechanism. The impedance level is 38 ohms.

And that is not all; it has a sensitivity level of 100 mW. It has an open air headphone structure that does not put much pressure on the natural sensation of the sound. On top of that, you will have a lightweight headphone honeycomb design and superior acoustics.

Audio Technica ATH Open-Air Headphones Features

We liked these headphones because of the self-adjusting 3D wing support and right ear fit structure. It has a frequency response of 20 to 20 k hertz, and the connector type is 3.5 mm.

Overall, you will have an open-backed headphone that has amazing sound acoustics. Even the design of this headphone is much better than other headphones on our list.

  • Self-adjusting 3D wing support
  • The sensitivity level of 100 mW
  • Honeycomb design
  • The natural sensation of the sound
  • The cable cannot be detached.

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3. Mass Drop Sennheiser Headphones X – Best Detachable Cable Headphone

Mass Drop Sennheiser Headphones X

Another headphone with the open back structure for gaming by Sennheiser is added to this list after careful consideration. This headphone has top tier gaming features and exceptional audio quality. In addition, it comes with superb mic quality to have the most evident conversation while talking to others.

What else? It boasts the angled drivers that have superior positioning and great tweaks of natural tones. You will find these headphones superior to others. Plus, you will have the clearest reproduction of sound tones in the games.

And the good news? You will have super locational accuracy. You can easily hear your enemies, and it will provide you the clearest sound reproduction. Even you will get the open back structure and good locational accuracy, and stereo imaging.

On the other side, it has the audiophile drivers that are from the family of Sennheiser. You will have a good amount of clarity of sound. It boasts spectacularly clear audio from the other end.

All in all, you will have a headphone that is designed for perfectly gamers. Plus, you will get the high-volume recording features, and it does not let the sound be unpleasant at any instance. Even you can use these headphones for chatting with others. It will be best for the calls on skype due to the excellent mic.

  • Audiophile drivers
  • Super locational accuracy
  • Perfectly designed for gamers
  • Spectacularly clear audio
  • The bass is not good enough.

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4. Razer Kraken Tournament Headphones – Best Surround Sound

Razer Kraken Tournament Headphones

Razer Kraken headphones are most selling among gamers who prefer the open-back style. These headphones have a superior form factor and fantastic design. In fact, the company razer has several gadgets, including the mouse, gaming headsets, laptops, etc.

Moreover, you will have the perfect surround sound capability in these headphones, and it contains the superb industry-leading stereo audio. And the best thing? You will have the best spatial audio with the headphone, and it has 7.7 surround sound.

Furthermore, it has to surround sound with directional cues. On the other side, it has the best sound quality and amazing custom-fitted tuned drivers of 50mm. Likewise, you will have oval gel-infused cushions that can easily prevent over-heating.

And that is not all; it boasts the retractable noise-canceling mic. Plus, you will have a cardioid mic that can easily reduce the background noise to have the most crystal clear communication.

All in all, the headphones have excellent inline audio controls, and it has an analog volume control with a mute mic switch as well. Above all, you will get a headphone with a digital to analog audio converter. You have to buy the USB connector with the headphone separately.

  • Retractable noise-canceling mic
  • Excellent inline audio controls
  • 7.7 surround sound
  • Most crystal clear communication
  • The bass reproduction is low
  • The detachable cable is not user-friendly

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5. Astro Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headphones – Best Premium Material And Superior Finishing

Astro Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headphones

we have the ASTRO audio gaming headphone that comes with superb engineering and amazing gaming specs. You will love to use this headphone for gaming, and it has an open-backed style. You will have to completely adjust headphones, and it is lightweight as well.

Moreover, this headphone is adjustable completely, so the user does not have any issue wearing it for a longer duration. On the other side, the finishing of the headphone is superb, and it has premium material. Above all, you will have comfortable earcups, and it has better construction than other headphones.

And the best thing? You will get the mod kit-ready headphone, and it has an open yet closed-back style connection. In addition, the headphone is easily swappable, but you have to buy it separately.

And that’s not all; it comes with speaker tags that are entirely customizable. It comes with the speaker tag mechanism and the best mini-phone host interface.

Overall, the headphone has an absolute sensitivity omnidirectional mic. Even you can easily focus on the voice of another person while wearing these headphones, and it will be minimizing the background noise too. You will have the best-positioned headphone with a natural sound.

  • Mod kit ready headphone
  • Adjustable completely
  • Entirely customizable
  • Sensitivity omnidirectional mic
  • Adjustment is a bit tricky
  • The modification does not come in the package.

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Buying Guide – Best Open Back Headphones

Open Back Gaming Headphones Buying Guide

If you are not a new gamer, then you will have a clear picture of what specs an open-back headphone can offer. But this guide will tell the importance of the open-back headphones and why it is great for gamers, so if you are going to make a new purchase keep these three essential points in mind to make a successful purchase.

  • They Are Not Noise-Canceling Headphones

The open-back headphones should not offer a noise-canceling feature. These headphones are made to let the external sound in, yet they will be producing the most natural sound tones. Above all, you will have natural tones without any ambient noise dampening from the back.

On the other side, you will have headphones that are great to use in a quiet environment. Plus, the headphones will be good to use in a calm space rather than in a crowd. You will have the most transparent sound if you use them while gaming on closed doors.

  • Amazing Acoustic Quality

Another noticeable feature of the open-back headphone is the acoustic sound quality. You will have the headphones with the most crystal clear sound, and they will provide superior audio space as well.

You will have open back headphones with the best directional sound, making the gaming experience quite realistic. This feature of the open-back headphones makes them highly realistic and superior for gamers.

  • Best For Long Listening Sessions

The open-back headphones are perfect for those who have to wear the headphone for more than a few hours. You will have comfortable fitting yet the best airy feel. The headphones will not warm up the ears. Therefore, you do not have to take them off after an hour or two.

Are you an expert gamer who plays games for many hours then you will be happy with open-backed headphones? On the other side, you will not have sweaty ears because the ear cups will stay on the ears, not over them.

You must be thinking about the fantastic technology of open-back headphones. It will let the ears breathe, and you will not have sore ears. Plus, the gaming experience will be spectacular. Trust us that open back style of headphones is most comfy.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What Is Meant By Sound Quality In A Headphone?

The sound quality of any headphone is the most crucial aspect. You have to consider headphones that have good sound quality to have phenomenal usage. In fact, the headphone’s audio quality depends on the drivers, impedance, frequency, SNR, and volume. The headphones will have good sound quality if it has good and significant drivers.

Does Impedance Of A Headphone Affect The Sound Quality?

Yes, the impedance of a headphone will be affecting the sound quality. You will have great impedance and excellent audio signals with the headphone that have exceptional sound. More than that, you will have headphones with a higher impedance to have sound amplification. The headphones which are made for use with the phones have higher impedance levels.

Should I Consider Buying Wired Or Wireless Headphones?

You can consider the wired headphones if you need more clarity and better sound production. On the other side, the headphones with Bluetooth connectivity will be a good option for gamers who want freedom of movement while gaming. The headphones with wired connectivity will surely offer better sound quality.

Should I Consider Gaming Headphones For Every Day Usage?

Yes, there is no issue if you can consider gaming headphones that are good for everyday use. However, the gaming headphones have a bulky structure and boom mic. But if you do not have to commute while using the gaming headphones, then it is surely a good option. On the other side, the open-back headphones will not provide the best bass, and they will let the external noise inside your headphones which can sometimes ruin the music listening time.

What Type Of Headphones Are Ideal For Gaming?

Among the closed back and open back headphone types, you can choose the open back for gaming. It will be providing better bass and the most comfortable usage experience. In addition, you will be aware of the surrounding noises. You will have the most suitable option for using the open-back headphones when you want to stay indulged with the external noise and gaming sounds as well.

To Sum Up

That sums up our guide of the best open back headphones for gaming. Moreover, you will be clear about the headphones with the available back style for gaming. Also, it will surely accommodate those users who want to stay aware of the background noise while gaming.

Further, the headphones that are highly suitable for gaming will include all the features that gamers need. Even you are going to have the natural sound quality, and the sound direction will let you hear the footsteps of enemies with 100 percent clarity.

The headphones for gaming should be comfy. Thus, you need to make the final choice carefully before selecting the headphones for gaming to enjoy to the fullest.

We recommend you to go with EPOS I gaming headphone that features signature sound, amazing inline controls, lightweight material, modern design, versatile features, classic slim structure, and much more. However, it is a bit pricey but totally worth it.

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