Phaiser BHS-750 Review 2022- Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

The phaiser BHS-750 review will tell you all the features of it in detail. Also, this headphone by phaiser is ideal for those people who need to listen to music in high sound quality while you are at the gym. Plus, this headphone has modern features.

Phaiser BHS-750 Review – Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

And you might like the design of this headphone by phaiser. Also, it has basic features. Plus, you will have comfortable eartips.

Moreover, this phaiser BHS headphone comes with six additional ear tips. And you can use the headphone 750 comes with a carrying case.

Also, it has a USB charging cable. And you will get the user manual with the phaiser headphone as well. Also, this phaiser headphone has excellent features. And this headphone is ideal for listening to music for longer sessions because it has a lightweight design.

And this headphone has magnets only the earbud that will provide a secure connection. Also, the headphone has neodymium quality. Plus, you will have the magnets that will secure the headphone around your neck.

And this headphone with magnets will give a necklace design when it is around the ear. This phaiser headphone has a comfortable design. And you can keep the headphones in the pocket as well due to its small and lightweight construction. The magnets on the phaiser headphone will not allow the headphone wires to detangle.


Surprisingly, phaiser BHS-750 has fantastic features. Also, this headphone is comfortable for those people who want to listen to music while working out at the gym. And this modern headphone features that include the comfortable eartips.

Moreover, the eartips of this headphone have attractive features. And you will like the comfortable fitting of the phaiser BHS 750 headphones. Also, it has a durable quality that will make this headphone more useful. And the headphone has nanocoating of liquipel that will not let the sweat damage the ear tips. Plus, this headphone by phaiser has sweatproof technology.

More than that, this headphone by phaiser has a comfortable design, and you will be wearing the headphone for several hours. Plus, this headphone has ear tips in a winged shape. And the headphone by phaiser will never disappoint the user because they provide comfortable features and excellent sound quality.

Best of all, the sweatproof mechanism of this headphone will make it more durable. Also, this phaiser headphone is safe to use at the gym due to water-resistant technology. And the BHS headphone will not fall out of the ear even if you are doing an intense workout.

Due to its inline controller, you can attend calls or switch the music track. Best of all, this headphone will deliver a clear voice during voice calls. And the volume of the phaiser headphone is quite loud. Plus, you will have a Bluetooth range of 30 feet. And you will be using the headphone without any sound distortion in the range of 30 feet.


These phaiser BHS 750 headphones have a modern design. Also, the winged ear tips of this headphone are amazing. Plus, this headphone has excellent features with an attractive design. And the headphone comes in black.

You will have some silver lining on the earbuds that will make it more attractive. Plus, this headphone has Bluetooth 4.1 technology. You will be using the headphone for 8 hours. Also, the phaiser 750 headphones will last for some days, even if you don’t charge it. And this phaiser 750 headphone should not be overcharged because it will affect the overall battery life.

Audio Quality

These Phaiser headphones will properly fit inside the ears. Also, this headphone is ideal for gym freaks who can do intense workout with them. Plus, the phaiser headphone will not fall out of the ears.

And this headphone is the perfect option to buy if you need an over type of earphone. Plus, this phaiser BHS 750 headphone will never let down the expectations of consumers. Moreover, this headphone by phaiser has impressive sound quality that makes it worth buying.

Besides, the phaiser headphone has large speakers of 8mm. And this headphone by phaiser has A2DP technology. This A2DP technology will not distort any sound. Plus, the headphone has strong bass. Also, you will have a Hi-definition sound that will make your listening experience more enjoyable. The significant drivers of this headphone will produce the best sound.

And you will have accurate sound quality with more vibrant tones and bass. This phaiser headphone has all the features that will make it more reliable for workout sessions.

The phaiser 750 headphone has an inline mic controlling option. Also, this headphone by phaiser has a compact design. And you can control the volume with the headphone easily. Plus, this phaiser headphone will allow you to listen to calls with this headphone.

Surprisingly, this headphone will turn off the music if there is an incoming call. And the headphone will quickly resume the music after the call is ended. Moreover, you can attend the call by pressing one button only.

Comfort And Convenience

You can comfortably use this phaiser headphone in the gym because it has a noise isolation feature. This headphone by phaiser will cancel all the external noises. There are several loud machines in the gym that you will not hear while listening to music with phaiser headphones. Plus, this headphone has memory foam.

And you will have comfortable ear tips. Also, this headphone will provide fantastic sound. And this phaiser headphone will provide you an enhanced comfort level. Plus, it has a soft material of ear tips that has sweatproof technology.

Also, this headphone will provide proper fitting. And you can completely cover the ears with this headphone for a fantastic listening experience. Plus, you will be quickly focusing on the music because it will block all the external noises.

Battery Life

This headphone by phaiser has a battery timing between 5 to 7 hours. And it has rechargeable batteries.

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  • Carrying case
  • The battery timing is less

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