Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones? – 4 Reasons

In gaming tournaments, you must have witnessed gamers wearing earbuds and headsets. Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones? Why it is mandatory in some contests to wear both.

Let us know the significant reasons and benefits of wearing them.

4 Reasons For Wearing Both Earbuds And Headphones

Read on the given points to understand why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones.

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones

1. To Block Surrounding Noise

Some games have very high sounds like PUBG, valorant, etc., and there is also much noise in their surroundings. If you have not observed such scenes ever in your life, visit NFL.

Due to such a high volume level, gamers cannot maintain their concentration and lose the game. This is why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones. —First of all, they wear earbuds which transfer clear and crisp sound.

On them they wear, other headphones to block all surrounding noise.

2. To Maintain Privacy

E-sports are on-air live, and commentator gives their review about everything. They discuss what players are doing and what their position is right now. They often start talking about the strategies of players.

It is not fair because rivals can hear the strategy and then take action according to it. That’s why it is now a rule for them to wear outer headphones with high noise-canceling qualities.

Then they will not be able to listen to commentators; thus, there will be no leakage of secrets information.

3. To Avoid Technology Noise

Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones? For managing such big crowds of people and for entertaining them, different technologies are used. Moreover, many gaming instruments produce noise.

Although their noise level is not very high, in places where there is already chaos, these kinds of minor sounds also feel very bad. So to protect the gamers from bad experiences, noise-canceling headphones are used.

4. To Communicate With Teammates

There are two teams of players in many games, and for playing well, there must be good communication between teammates. If there is poor communication between them, your team can lose the game and become the victim of the competitor’s strategy.

So pro-gamers wear headphones on the earbuds to completely isolate themselves from the environment and listen to their teammate’s voices clearly to take immediate steps. This is why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones.

Is it Necessary To Wear Tow Headphones?

It is mandatory to wear headphones at some events because they have to take all precautionary measures to avoid cheating. If you are at home and there is no noise in the surroundings, do not wear double headphones.

Similarly, if there is no commentator, you do not have to wear bot devices. In such cases, it is recommended to avoid AirPods as they cause pain in the ears. So buy high-quality gaming headphones having comfortable and durable structures.

The Best Type of Headphones For Pro Gamers

Headphones have a wide range of designs and structures, so choosing the best one for gaming is challenging. Let us compare their all types to decide which one is better for gamers.

On-Ear Vs. Over-Ear Headphones

The main aim of gamers is blockage of surrounding noise, and over-ear headphones are best at it. Although their size is large and not easily portable, have a comfortable and durable structure.

On-ear, headphones block the sound partially. There are many chances that the game will not be fair because your competitors can listen to the details you are discussing with your teammate. Sometimes, there are clues for competitors in commentators’ commentary so avoid them.

Earbuds Vs. In-Ear Headphones

Earbuds Vs. In-Ear Headphones

Both Airbus and in-ear headphones are lightweight, portable, sweat, and waterproof; thus, you can use them while playing, but in-ear headphones often cause ear canal irritation.

Is it because they go deep into our ear, and your ears will not be comfortable when headphones further press earbuds

That’s why earbuds are recommended to pro gamers because they stay on the edge of the ear canal and have super comfortable tips. Thus there will be no comfort issues

However, in-ear headphones block the outside noise entirely, but you cannot stop it simply by wearing airpods. However, it is not an issue for gamers because they wear them to listen to clear sounds, and for noise canceling, they have worn headphones on them.

Wireless Vs. Wired Headphones

Wireless Vs. Wired Headphones

Wireless headphones have replaced wired headphones because they make us more comfortable as they have no wires. Wires of headphones tangle with our hands and cause distraction.

So it is better to buy a wireless headphones compatible with your game console, pair both devices and play the game by wearing them. There will be no mess of wires, and you will have complete freedom of movement.

Wired headphones need charging, so buy a headphone with long battery life and easy charging method. Most important, before playing the game, make sure you have charged it ultimately.

If you use them with a low battery, the battery will be utilized completely, and it will turn off in between the game resultantly you will lose the game after some time.

Best Headphones For Gamers

You must have got the answer for why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones, so choose them wisely and check if they meet your requirements. Following are few best headsets for gamers.

1. Hyper X Cloud II Wireless Headphones

Hyper X Cloud II Wireless Headphones

There are the best one for gaming, and you can use them even without earbuds. They have an inbuilt mic that is canceling; thus, it filters the surrounding noise and transfers your clear sound to other gamers.

Moreover, it’s closed-back; thus, there will be no sound leakage, and you will hear clear, loud volume without fear of losing privacy. Furthermore, it blocks all the surrounding noises

Its structure is made of durable aluminum, and pads are made of foam, thus having lightweight and comfortable construction.

2. Steel Series Artics 7P Wireless Headphones

Steel Series Artics 7P Wireless Headphones

It should be your priority if you have to buy headphones for gaming and do online streaming. Because it has a bi-directional clear cast mic, thus clear and crisp voice will be recorded, and all surrounding noise will be canceled.

Moreover, it has long battery life; you can consecutively use it for 24 hours and have a closed structure that retains the voices inside. But you cannot pair it with other devices by Bluetooth, so you need a USB type C port to develop its connection with other devices.

3. ASUS ROG Delta S


They go with all types of games and let you hear even the little voices of your competitors. Moreover, have a super comfortable structure and a detachable discord-certified clear cast mic.

They have a wired but comfortable structure, best of all, very affordable price. So if you do not have enough budget, consider them as they offer you all features at a reasonable price.

Best Earbuds For Pro Gamers

These are the best earbuds for gaming as they fulfill all demands of gamers. Let us have their brief review

1. EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds

They have a minimal, simple, and comfortable design means you can easily wear them under the headphones. They deliver high-quality sound having deep bass and rich mid-tones.

Moreover, they have a long battery life of 20 hours and a built-in microphone, which only works when you use it by Bluetooth with other devices. Best of all their price is reasonable.

2. Razor Hammerhead True Wireless

Razor Hammerhead True Wireless

They are highly comfortable due to their thin stem and angled tip, and the sound delivered by it has high level and deep bass. In other words, its sound quality is comparable with highly expensive apple airpods.

Moreover, the mic is worth praising as it develops a good connection with teammates and delivers the voice clearly and on time. They do not have noise cancellation so must wear noise-canceling headphone on them in crowded places.

You can use them with multiple devices due to their versatile connectivity option, but their battery life is only 4 hours, so you must keep a power bank with them.

3. Bose Quiet Comfort

Bose Quiet Comfort

You will not have to wear headphones on them unless you are at a place where it is the rule to wear earbuds and headphones because they are noise canceling. Moreover, they fit in the ears of all types and are comfortable to wear for a long time.

They have a long battery life of 20 hours and can be used with many different devices, but their price is not affordable for anyone.

Final Words

To block external noises, to prevent the leakage of important information, increase the concentration level and improve communication games wear both earbuds and headphones.

So choose them wisely, so you do not feel uncomfortable. Thank you for your visit!

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