How To Get Rid of Static Noise in Headphones? And Its Causes

Let us tell you how to get rid of static noise in headphones so you can listen to your favorite tracks without any inconvenience. We know it is frustrating when you can hear external noises while listening to music. Moreover, we will tell you the causes of the static noises. And the good news? There are several ways to fix the static noise issue.

4 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Static Noise in Headphones

Before we move on to the methods for preventing static noise, there are some causes that you need to know.

How To Get Rid of Static Noise in Headphones

1. Broken Headphones

You have to check if the headphones are not broken. The static noise always occurs when there is an issue with the headphone’s hardware. However, the main step is to check if you have faults in headphone wires or drivers. Even if the headphones are still causing static noise issues after repairing the hardware, you have to buy new headphones.

2. Wrong Audio Settings

The main reason for the static noise in headphones could be due to the fault in headphones settings. You have to choose the right audio settings for it. Check the sound settings to know if there is any change required in them or not. By changing the headphone settings, you can fix several issues with its drivers as well.

3. Issues With The Auxiliary Port

Due to the issues with the auxiliary port, you will have static noise in headphones. If the aux port has any dirt, you have to clean it to avoid sound quality issues. The headphones will not have a scratchy sound if you are plugging them in the right and clean port.

4. Disconnect Or Lose The Wires

It would help if you had loose wires of headphones, which is why it is causing the static noise. Furthermore, you might have a disconnection between the headphones and the other device. Ensure that you have plugged the headphones into the audio jack correctly. Some of the headphones come with low-quality wires, and they will not last long and starting causing a buzzing or static noise. Other than that, you can disconnect the headphones and plug them again.

5. Headsets Emitting Static Noise Because Of Wireless Technology

The headsets that emit the static noise because of wireless technology could be possible because of other electronic devices near them. Sometimes when you are around the metal items, then the headphones will cause static noises.

These are some possible causes of the headphones which cause static noises.

Solutions To Fix The Static Noise Coming From Your Headphones

Hearing static noises while listening to music is quite frustrating. You will know that your headphones have some issue if it is not delivering the exact sound. Above you have read the possible causes of static noise in headphones, and now we will provide four solutions. Read on!

Solution No.1: Check The Problems With Speakers And Headphones

The most accurate and straightforward way is to troubleshoot and check whether the issue is with headphones or speakers.

You can check the speakers with the other computer. Or you can plug the headphones with other headphone jack ports.  Now play any track to check if the static noises are gone or not. In this way, you will know that the static noise is occurring because of faulty speakers or headphones.

You have to check whether the problem is solvable with the repair or you need to replace them. Switching to headphones with better quality will make the listening experience better. We recommend you upgrade the headphones if you face any foreign sound.

Solution No. 2: Check The Port Of Aux

You have to check the aux port of your headphones for knowing the problems with the sound quality. Most of the users said that the faulty aux cable causes static noises. You can perform a few tests to check if the headphones are working correctly or not. The headphone should be connected with the port correctly to prevent additional noises.

Moreover, if the aux port has a sound card or dust inside it, you will hear the static noise and check your laptop’s sound card. Sometimes, the driver and other processors are running in the background, due to which you face the static noise issue.

Solution No.3: Choose Another Kind Of Connector

You can choose another connector with the speakers and headphones to prevent static noise.  The problem could be with the speakers as well. You have to check that the headphones’ sound is clear, and there is no issue with the port. When the sound drivers of headphones are fine, you will not have any static noises.

Other than that, you have to check the power supply of the headphones. When the electric supply is being provided to the other devices, you need to disconnect some of the plugs. Choosing a separate plug for your headphones and their speakers will provide clear sound quality. If you have two headphone jacks on your device, try using the other one.

Furthermore, you can buy noise-canceling headphones to prevent static noise issues and block other noises from the background. Choose the cowin E7 headphones because they have complete noise cancelation technology.

Solution No. 4: Check The External Headphone Jack

Are you using the headphones with an external headphone jack? You need to identify if the headphone jack is working fine or not. For instance, you can try another kind of headphone jack to avoid static noise. Moreover, you will be able to identify if the headphones are causing noise because of the faulty jack or not.

Besides, you will know if there is an issue with the wires or the jack of your headphone. Most of the headphones have built-in jacks that you can use with the external jack. After replacing the headphone jack, you can prevent static noise from the headphones. Sometimes a faulty headphone jack is causing static noises.

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