Best Vr Headset For Oneplus 3 in 2022 – [Reviews & Guide]

This guide will reveal the best VR headset for one plus 3 and other smartphones. Those who are struggling to find a VR gaming headset with wide compatibility should check our top suggestions.

Moreover, there are some features that you have to look upon while buying the VR headsets carefully. Therefore, we chose the headsets with an optional controller and headset button to make the mouse clicking easier and improved the VR experience.

Not only this, you will have the FOV featured headsets to use with smartphones. Plus, all the top-notch headsets in this guide will provide comfortable features. For instance, you will have built-in headphones, and some of them even come with a headphone jack.

Another feature that you should have in the VR headsets is the IPD adjustment. You will have the best lens focusing mechanism that will surely improve the VR gaming time. Indeed, you will have an immersive gaming experience.

Let’s have guise at the top 5 best VR headsets for smartphones to buy!

Top Picks On The Best Vr Headset For Oneplus 3

Product NameImageRatingPrice
BNEXT VR Gaming HeadsetBNEXT VR Gaming Headset4.8 Check Price
VR SHIENCON Original 6.0 VR HeadphoneVR SHIENCON Original 6.0 VR Headphone4.7 Check Price
VR Real Feel Car Racing Gaming HeadsetVR Real Feel Car Racing Gaming Headset4.8 Check Price
DESTEK 2021 VR Gaming HeadsetDESTEK 2021 VR Gaming Headset4.5 Check Price
LONGLU VR Gaming HeadsetLONGLU VR Gaming Headset4.4 Check Price

1. BNEXT VR Gaming Headset – Best Wide Compatible Headset

BNEXT VR Gaming Headset

If you are looking for a VR gaming headset to gift to the adults, then you prefer buying the BNEXT gaming headset. In fact, this headset comes with premium quality. In addition, it is the best option for those who want a headset for father’s day, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Further, you will have the compatibility of this headset with the VR glasses.

As well, it comes with wide smartphone compatibility. You will have a gyro sensor with this headset, and it will provide you a screen of 4 to 6.3 inches. No doubt, you will have headset compatibility with all iOS and other android software phones.

Additionally, you will get advanced gaming VR technology, and it has the best lens that will not damage the eyes. You will have the proper alignment, and it is providing FD and OD quick adjustments as well. It provides the perfect focal matching distance to reduce image distortion.

BNEXT VR Gaming Headset Overview

And the best thing? It is a highly comfortable headset that you can use with 3 D goggles. Further, it has an eyesight protection mechanism and the softest nose piece that does not pressurize noise.

Overall, you will have the most exclusive content with this headset. In fact, it is compatible with google cardboard and does not require any other console to work. It is the best and most reliable VR headset for oneplus 3. Buy it now!


  • Best gift for adults
  • Compatible with several smartphones
  • Most advanced gaming technology
  • Extended wear design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Most exclusive wear content
  • Advanced gaming VR technology
  • FD and OD quick adjustments
  • Wide smartphone compatibility
  • No controller

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2. VR SHIENCON Original 6.0 VR Headphone – Best 3 D Glasses Headset

BNEXT VR VR SHIENCON Original 6.0 VR Headphone Gaming Headset

VR shinecon is making the best VR headsets that are compatible with several devices. Similarly, you will have the most beautiful experience with this headset. It will be providing the best 3 D experience to watch movies. As well, it comes with a highly portable design, and lightweight material to hold is convenient.

And the best part? You will have a headset that does not require any console or special software to work. Apart from that, it comes with the best eye-protecting mechanism, and you will have a comfortable HD lens for the smoothest updates. Additionally, it comes with the best adjustable pupil distance.

Not only this, it comes with the 3D VR glasses compatibility, and the watching experience will be amazing too.

You will have a headset with the most ergonomic design, and it has an at-shaped shoulder strap too. You will have the best pressure-reducing effect on the eyes with this headset, so it is great for kids and adults.

All in all, it comes with a detachable front cover that will be dissipate the heat. You will definitely enjoy gaming in this virtual world. Besides, it comes with wide smartphones and application compatibility. This headset has smartphone compatibility with a 4.7 to 6.5 inches screen size.


  • Most wide Bluetooth compatibility
  • Eyes protecting display
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smartphones and App will fit comfortably with it
  • T-shape adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comfortable HD view
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide phones and apps compatibility
  • Not a cheap headset

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3. VR Real Feel Car Racing Gaming Headset – Best Stunning 3d Graphics

VR Real Feel Car Racing Gaming Headset

Next up, we have brought a headset that offers stunning 3 D high definition graphics. As well, it has compatibility with android all phones and iOS devices too.

Moreover, you will have a Bluetooth steering wheel. As well, it comes with the ultimate control, and there would not be any head tilting issue with this headset.

Best of all, you will have the most comfortable headset, and it has adjustable straps too. You will have a fantastic adjustable cradle to hold the phones.

Further, you can use the 4 different tracks for the care racing, and it has many amazing variations too. You will have wide compatibility with the VR apps with this headset.

All in all, you will have an easy setup with the headset, and it will require 3 AAA batteries. You can easily download the headset application from the play store or app store.


  • 4 different cars to choose from
  • Patented Bluetooth steering system
  • Easy setup
  • Adjustable straps and cradle
  • Comfortable foam face
  • Easily tilt your head
  • Eight tracks with different variations
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy setup
  • 4 different tracks
  • No controller

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4. DESTEK 2022 VR Gaming Headset – Best Protected VR Headset

DESTEK 2021 VR Gaming Headset

This headset will provide the best anti-blue light protection and HD lenses. You will have 94 percent light transmittance, and you will have an anti-blue light-coated high-quality screen. Plus, it will prevent eye strains, and still, the image quality will be incredible. As well, you will have the best support of wearing the glasses with this VR headset.

And the best thing? It comes with anti-distortion lenses to prevent eye strains. You will have the HD sharp image reflection, and it has the best pupil distance adjustment feature. Though if you still feel eye strain with this headset, then you should take a break after every hour.

And that’s not all, it comes with a trigger button, and you will have a Bluetooth remote controller as well. It will provide the best option to beat the enemies, and you will have a portable controller. As well, you will have a T-shaped headband that will be accommodating the head size of children and adults.

Best of all, it will be reducing the sound pressure as well. The nose area has silicone to comfort the user. Plus, you will have the best light-blocking mechanism, and you can accommodate all age customers with it.

Overall, it comes with wide compatibility to connect several mobile phones. This headset comes with a screen of 4.7 to 6.8 inches, and you will be able to use android phones, including the one plus models, Samsung phones, Huawei, and more.


  • Anti-blue light protected HD lenses
  • Bluetooth controller and trigger button
  • Portable and highly comfortable to use
  • Anti-distortion lens
  • Bluetooth connection to attach smartphones
  • Wide compatibility
  • Anti-distortion lenses
  • T-shaped headband
  • Bluetooth remote controller
  • Bit pricey

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5. LONGLU VR Gaming Headset – Best 3D Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

LONGLU VR Gaming Headset

If you need a VR headset that is ideal to use with the one plus 3, you should get the VR shinecon headset. It comes with the immersive 3D Imax cinematic experience. As well, you will have immersive VR gaming time. Plus, it comes with the shocking 3 D effect.

And the best thing? It is highly comfortable to wear, and you will have a lightweight structure overall. This headset will keep the phone free of pressure. Also, you will have a comfortable usage time. It will be the best visual effect experiment. It offers high quality and anti-sliding effect.

You will have the most shocking immersive 3D virtual reality gaming effects. Additionally, you will have a large capacity blue light and 2 lenses with it. Not only that, you will have excellent pupil distance, and it will be supporting the naked eye view of 0 to 600 degrees.

Apart from that, you will have a Bluetooth controller, and it will be best to use with iOS and Android smartphones. You need to add two batteries to this headset.

All in all, it is a reliable headset with 3 D VR glasses compatibility. You can use it with the oneplus 3, oneplus 5, oneplus 7, and iPhone 6 onwards devices. Other Android smartphones are also compatible with this VR shinecon headset.


  • Immersive 360 degrees panoramic broad view
  • Comfortable to use
  • Wide view
  • Large capacity with blue light
  • Bluetooth controller
  • 3D VR glasses compatibility
  • Sulfide shutter
  • 3 D VR glasses compatibility
  • Anti-sliding effect
  • Bluetooth controller
  • Pricey headset

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Buying Guide

Here is a list of all those features you should keep in mind before buying a mobile VR headset, and this buying guide will surely help you purchase a high-quality VR headset.

Heat Dissipation

When we use VR headsets for a long time with mobile mobiles, they heat up and often explode, or their inner parts stop working due to insufficient heat ventilation. So before buying a VR headset must check its ventilation.

If it is enabled to dissipate enough heat that you can play games for 4-5 hours non-stop and will not heat your mobile, buy it.


Its straps must be of durable, breathable material and easily adjustable. If they are too tight or loose, you will not feel comfortable wearing them. Tight straps do not let our hair breathe, and bends create in them.

Similarly, if the straps are loose, the headset hangs down. So must consider its straps, so you remain comfortable.


Weight is a significant factor, and before buying a VR headset for one plus must check it. Ideally, its weight should not be more than 350gm. If it is heavy and when you will attach your mobile with it, added the weight of the mobile, it becomes so heavy that you will feel much pressure on your nose.


All headsets do not have built-in headphones, so they use the volume generated by the mobile and travel through the audio jack. So if you are going to buy headset without headphone, must check whether its audio jack is compatible with your mobile or not.

If your mobile is not compatible with an audio jack, invest in high quality and affordable VR headset with built-in headphones.

Lens Focus

The image quality depends on the lens, so it must be of high quality. Nowadays, the worth of VR headsets is decided by their lens focus and for highly focused images, adjust the distance between your mobile and lens.

Field of View

After lens, which matters the most is field of view, and it must be 90 degrees if you want to feel that you are sitting in a theater.

Wireless Gamepad

For playing games on the mobile, you must have a wireless gamepad as it will further improve your experience, and you will not be bound to remain in one place; instead, you will have complete freedom of movement. So before buying any headset, you must check whether any high-quality gamepad is compatible with it or not.


Finally, your budget defines the headset you will own. Most VR headsets are pricey but are worth buying. So do not hesitate to pay a few more dollars to get a VR headset with a high-quality lens, wide compatibility range, adjustable straps, and super comfortable structure.

However, there are many models of VR headsets that are ergonomic, comfortable, have a full HD view and compatible with a large number of apps, and have a very reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Which Are The Best VR Headsets For Oneplus 3?

The best VR headsets for oneplus 3 include the following:

  • BNEXT VR Gaming Headset – Best Wide Compatible Headset
  • VR SHIENCON Original 6.0 VR Headphone – Best 3 D Glasses Headset
  • VR Real Feel Car Racing Gaming Headset – Best Stunning 3d Graphics
  • DESTEK 2022 VR Gaming Headset – Best Protected VR Headset
  • LONGLU VR Gaming Headset – Best 3D Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

What Is Meant By A VR Smartphone Headset?

The VR smartphone headset lets the users have the best VR gaming experience. Also, you can easily convert the gaming time into a cinematic #D mode. You will have a headset with high-quality resolution, and it will provide the best lens to enhance the sense of depth. It would be best if you use the headsets of VR with the latest smartphones.

What Is The Price Of VR Gaming Smartphone Price?

The good quality VR gaming headsets price will not be higher than 150 dollars. There are some cheaper headsets in the market as well. You will have the headsets with a price tag starting from 8 to 150 dollars. However, it is not not compulsory to buy a cheap quality and low-priced headset because it will not last for more than a few months.

Is VR Headset Compatible With iOS Phones?

The VR gaming headsets are compatible with android and iOS devices. Further, you will have the android device headsets more popular in the market because they provide access to higher content.

What Makes LONGLU VR Gaming Headset Worth Buying?

It comes with the immersive 3D Imax cinema display with an incredible panoramic display. Moreover, you will have the unique and most comfortable gaming headset to use. It comes with a large capacity and blue light display, an impressive Bluetooth controller, and it has the widest compatibility with android and iOS devices. All the other features of this headset make it worth buying.

To Sum Up

Now you are absolutely clear about which headsets you should choose for VR gaming. After all, the gaming headset’s quality and specs will define your gaming VR experience. Therefore, you have to make the final choice after a deep evaluation.

Plus, do not forget to choose a headset that has wide compatibility so you can comfortably use it with any headset. In fact, the headsets for a smartphone should use the camera of the phone for inside-out feasible tracking, and it is suspected to have in the upcoming gaming VR headsets.

Let us know which headset you are going to buy in the comment box. Thanks for visiting here!

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