BOHM B66 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review 2022

The BOHM B66 wireless Bluetooth headphones review will give you all details about this headphone. More than that, this headphone has leather finishing. And it has comfortable earcups. Also, this headphone by BOHM has attractive features. Besides that, this headphone has an affordable price but impressive sound quality. This headphone has a noise-cancellation feature.

Also, it has a USB charging point, as well. And you will have a comfortable headband with padding. Besides that, this headphone will not cause a headache. On top of that, this headphone by BOHM has a powerful sound with a fantastic frequency range. And the BOHM headphone is one of the most impressive quality headphones.

Furthermore, you will like the sound quality of BOHM headphones because it has the latest noise cancelation feature. Also, this headphone has better sound quality than the Sennheiser headphones.
This headphone is ideal for use at home or outside. And you can connect the headphone through the cord or Bluetooth connectivity.

Also, this headphone with Bluetooth connectivity has a long range. Besides that, this BOHM headphone has a range of 33 feet. Also, you can easily use the headphone for listening calls. And you can control the volume from the inline mic cord of the headphone. Also, the headphone will help you to listen to music without any disturbance.

BOHM B66 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

BOHM B66 review



There are several impressive features of BOHM. Besides that, You will have enhanced bass. And this headphone has 40mm, stereo drivers. Also, the headphone has an active noise cancelation feature. Plus, this headphone has microphone CSR technology.

Plus, the BOHM headphone has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity. The headphone has a remote. Also, the headphone by BOHM has an inline mic. Moreover, the frequency range of headphones is extensive, which lies between 20Hz to 20 kHz. Other than that, this headphone has a playtime of 16 hours. And you can use this headphone for 18 hours to talk.


Also, this headphone has an attractive look and design. Plus, you will like the color combination of this headphone. It has a silver and black color as well. But the gold and tan color are more stylish as well as attractive.

Audio Quality

The bass of BOHM headphone is deep. Also, you will enjoy listening to music with this headphone by BOHM. And the headphone has two drivers. Plus, the weight of the headphone is lightweight. And you will be comfortable wearing the headphone BOHM for a long time. Also, this headphone has powerful sound technology.

The BOHM headphone has zinc alloy construction. And this headphone has a stylish design.  More than that, this BOHM headphone has a noise cancelation feature.

And it will block the noises easily from the background. This headphone will block the noise crying baby, or the chatting of other people.

Comfort and Convenience

Plus, this BOHM headphone will block the external noises smoothly. And you will have a peaceful listening experience with this headphone by BOHM. Plus, this headphone has wireless technology that will make you listen to music comfortably.

Battery Life

This headphone by BOHM has 16 to 18 hours’ battery life. And BOHM will last longer if you don’t use the noise cancelation feature. So if you are looking for a headphone that has long battery life, than BOHM is the best option to get.

Also, this headphone will fully charge in just 4 hours. And you can easily use the headphone for a long time. Also, this headphone works longer if you turn off the noise cancelation feature.

  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Good bass and noise cancelation feature
  • Affordable headphone
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case

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